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Confessions of a CHA Convention-er (Part 2)

Posted by Catherine on January 24, 2009

…my CHA/California experience has started off to a POP ROCKIN’ awesome time!

So after my twelve hour travel adventure it was time to relax. I wish I had gotten a picture, but picture three girls ALL on their laptops blogging away. That is our definition of relaxing time I would say!

Couldn’t post up too much yesterday because Marti was hogging up all the bandwidth, but now that we’ve woken up (our bodies think it’s 8 am, but the alarm clock here says 5 am!) it looks like TravelLodge’s WiFi is willing to co-operate (note: we are staying at the Marriott – HAHAHAHA!).

After a little blog-hopping, craft gossip and bandwidth hogging, we were HUNGRY! My first dinner in California – Joe’s Crab Shack! I loooooved it – if I could have my way, we’d be having dinner here EVERY night of my stay!

No crafty-related things yet, but here’s some pictures:

Please excuse the 12-hour flight hair – I didn’t care, I was getting a crab/shrimp bucket!

*SQUEALS* Oh my goooosh – it’s treasure in a bucket! There was a random sausage in there, which we all thought was weird…

There is our DELICIOUS pomegranate margaritas – with POP ROCKS!

There we are! So there you have it, SillySkittles, Marti-Pezadoodles and Suzanne Dean! We were laughing here because we didn’t know that the pop rocks in the drink were going to attack us! Suzanne went to pour her pop rocks on and OH.MY.GOSH! pop rocks EVERYWHERE! We were still pulling them out of special places hours after we left the restaurant! LOL…

Anywho…to keep you nice and updated, this afternoon, we’ve got a class with TIM HOLTZ! w00t!!! Ranger King himself – and it’ll be ALL about alcohol ink! I will be such a pro after that class! After that class, we’re also registered for an acrylic album class.

…and THEN…the biggest news of all…we’re going to Splitcoast Stampers CUPCAKE reception tonight! That is right…Splitcoast and CUPCAKES – how does it get any better than that!?

Sorry my post is so scattered, we’re having a video conversation with Miss Pezzy from Polka-Dot-Pie herself and she’s the cutest thing EVER!

Stay tuned for more fun, news and updates!!!



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