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Confession #9

Posted by Catherine on April 30, 2008

…so, it’s funny how when I first started making cards, I just *HAD* to have a Cricut so that it would bring up the level of my cardmaking and scrapbooking. Once I had discovered the Cricut via the infomercial, I couldn’t make anything until I got the Cricut. Anything I tried to make didn’t look good but I just knew that once I got the Cricut, everything would look better.

I joined The Board while waiting for my Cricut to arrive and discovered that I was SO far behind in what I “needed” for cardmaking/scrapbooking that I wasn’t even part of the race. So I had to quickly catch up so that I had most of those things too by the time my Cricut arrived.

Then I had to make sure I had LOTS of carts. I was CONVINCED I needed all the carts.

The all-day CM crop was April 19 and I haven’t even taken my little baby bug out of it’s bag that I packed it in. It’s been sitting underneath my craft table since that day. What’s worse is I got JOTS and SYI from AnnaBlack April 21…and I haven’t even taken them out of their plastic packaging. I haven’t even taken them out of the box they came in. *whistles*


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Attack of the "skittles"…

Posted by Catherine on April 29, 2008

…just wanted to let you know that I’m still here! I have been buried under mounds of beads (and no, I am NOT the “Skittles” hoarded everyone on The Board is flaming, thank you very much!). I have managed to pull myself out from the mounds and update as I noticed that it’s been quite a while. I had no idea that these little tiny beads would take up so much of my time! But I looooves them!

I’ve been in and out of The Boards and here, but not TOTALLY monopolized by beads, although they have certainly opened up a lot more options and techniques and ideas! I’ve met some FABULOUS friends along the way and I’m pretty much just having so much FUN with everything.

Etsy is doing well, but of course, I’m comparing that to no sales at all, so I might have a skewed idea of what doing well means. Whatevs, I wasn’t out to take over the world one Skittle at a time, although……….

HAHAHAHA…so I HAVE been creating other things besides the beads, but UNFORTUNATELY, I won’t be able to post them until after approximately May 4. *giggles* I am in the middle of sending out my most faaaavourite alcohol ink guru’s birthday present and I’ve been trying VERY hard to keep everything that’s in the box a SECRET! For me that’s a big deal because I am the WORST secret keeper ever! I hate them, I always have to know what’s going to happen in a movie before I go to watch it. I have no idea what’s wrong with me…I know…patience is NOT a virtue that I encapsulate!

But the THINGS I made are FABULOUS even if I do say so myself and I can’t wait to post pictures of them after Ms. Marti opens her present!

So anywho…last Friday I was off from work (always a PLUS) and my mom and I went to the Creativfestival (a craft expo) an hour out of town. Is anyone else bothered that word Creativ is missing the ‘e’? It’s killing me I tell you…everytime I looked at my little brochure, it irked me until I took a pen and inserted a little tiny ‘e’. Creativeness is NOT an excuse for poor spelling. I’ll BET YOU the people who printed them FORGOT the ‘e’ and just tried to pass it off and were all like, ‘oh yeah, we MEANT to do that!’ Well, I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!

So when I was writing my quirks down yesterday, I should have said that correct spelling is a quirk for me. I try not to read my past blogs too often because all the little typos I made bug the living daylights out of me. Even my phone texts are spelled properly, $0.10 a message be damned, you will NOT get: c u l8r from me! The absolute worst is when people actually spell the words wrong on PURPOSE! My teenaged cousin always sends me E-Mails talking about boOoOoyz and saying whut and I try VERY hard not to notice. But seriously, honey, it’s boys and it’s what. Oh well, I don’t know what my problem is…I mean, maybe she wants me to know that she’s pronouncing what like WHUT because I know I like to spell out my words exactly like I’m actually saying them.

ANYWAYS, I COMPLETELY DIGRESS! I had a large iced coffee with breakfast today and I’m probably caffeine buzzing just a little bit. What was I talking about before I hopped up on my soapbox?

Right, the expo. I had a FABULOUS time and totally glossed over all the knitting and sewing booths, leaving my mother behind. Anything that looked like stamping or scrapbooking, I was there though. I just realized I can’t talk too much about the expo as the things that I used and sent to Marti are also in there. HAHAHAHAHA….but I found my most FAVOURITE place to order and buy stamps from (of COURSE except for Studio G stamps) and I’m LOVING the way it makes my work look! Learned some new techniques and also discovered a new product I am LO-O-OVING! Which I also cannot tell you about.

I say blame it all on Marti.


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Tagged #1

Posted by Catherine on April 28, 2008

…well, well, well…it looks like I’ve been tagged! My very first one and by Tania at The Scrapbook House! I’m so excited…here we go!

  • These are the rules:

    Link the person who tagged you – Tania (two links! Her blog is fabulous!)
  • Mention the rules on your blog
  • Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
  • Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them
  • Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers blogs letting them know they have been tagged.

Hmmm…six quirks? This is a lot harder than I thought! I am ONE BIG quirk, I think…

  1. I can watch a movie over and over again…same goes with books. I have read my Harry Potter books so much that some of the pages are falling out.
  2. I hate drinking hot drinks – any kind, coffee, tea, cappuccino – whatever, but I can drink those same drinks cold. I think I’m too impatient to wait for the hot drink to cool down enough for me to drink. I’m not that patient.

    I’ve been trying to write some kind of book for the longest time, but everytime I start, I wonder who will want to read it so I lose interest.

    I looooove having TV DVD marathons – CSI, CSI: Miami, Buffy, Angel, FRIENDS, I don’t really watch series on TV anymore, just wait for them to come out on DVD and watch them all at once – it’s that whole impatience thing…

    I always seem to be running late – no matter what. Especially when I wake up early to be early on time for something, I feel like I have more time, so I dilly-dally and voila! I’m late again!

    I love Buckleys.

Now I tag…







Thanks everyone!


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True colours…

Posted by Catherine on April 24, 2008

…I see your true colours shining through..they’re beautiful…like a rainbow…

So I’m sure you’re reaching the end of your limit staring at the beads I keep posting, but I LOVES them so you’re gonna look at a couple more.

Besides, The Mister went and did something spectacular, I have to write about it! When I woke up this morning there was a plastic bag on his pillow and to be honest, I really didn’t even notice it – not the BEST morning person EVER, let me tell you. So he comes in while I’m about to haul the laptop up onto the bed and he’s like, did you see your present? And I look up all bleary-eyed and was like, ‘wha?’ and he points at the bag and only then does the red lettering on the plastic bag register and I’m like, I KNOW THAT BAG! So I tear it open and there staring up at me are the pretty little faces of Perfect Pearls and a pack of alcohol inks. For me. JUST for MEEEE!

I had recently placed two orders for Perfect Pearls and alcohol inks at, but I didn’t think that moment was the BEST time to tell him that (and also that they were a LOT cheaper there) but I taught The Mister well, he knew to ask for a 40% off coupon and everything! So he said that since he was with me the last time and I had stood in that aisle and stared at all the inks and powders and debated on which one I would get, he thought I would have more fun and be able to make more variety if he got me the other package. SWEET MAN!

So he came into the scraproom with me (I’m wide awake by now, of course) and I showed him how I was using his wonderful presents!

Heads up though, there’s quite a few pictures. Ta-daaaaa:

Under the Sea

Sands of Time

Blue Lagoon

Shamrock Central

Lavender Dreams

Pucker Up Pink


Ooooo-wee!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

Eventually, they’ll be going up on my Etsy but first I need input from my Alcoholic Ink Yoda…hope you’re not TOO wrinkly-faced!


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Posted by Catherine on April 20, 2008

…mad scientist at work in the Skittles lab – proceed at your own risk!

Jade Dragon

Tom Thumb’s Plums

Blueberry Bubbas

Red Hot Tamales

Princess Pixie Pink

Princess Yolanda Yellow

Princess Penelope Purple

Princess Tammy Teal

Princess Brigitte Blue

Princess Pansy Pink

Princess Geneveive Green

Princess Nala Navy


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