Confessions of a CHA Convention-er (Part 2)

Posted by Catherine on January 24, 2009

…my CHA/California experience has started off to a POP ROCKIN’ awesome time!

So after my twelve hour travel adventure it was time to relax. I wish I had gotten a picture, but picture three girls ALL on their laptops blogging away. That is our definition of relaxing time I would say!

Couldn’t post up too much yesterday because Marti was hogging up all the bandwidth, but now that we’ve woken up (our bodies think it’s 8 am, but the alarm clock here says 5 am!) it looks like TravelLodge’s WiFi is willing to co-operate (note: we are staying at the Marriott – HAHAHAHA!).

After a little blog-hopping, craft gossip and bandwidth hogging, we were HUNGRY! My first dinner in California – Joe’s Crab Shack! I loooooved it – if I could have my way, we’d be having dinner here EVERY night of my stay!

No crafty-related things yet, but here’s some pictures:

Please excuse the 12-hour flight hair – I didn’t care, I was getting a crab/shrimp bucket!

*SQUEALS* Oh my goooosh – it’s treasure in a bucket! There was a random sausage in there, which we all thought was weird…

There is our DELICIOUS pomegranate margaritas – with POP ROCKS!

There we are! So there you have it, SillySkittles, Marti-Pezadoodles and Suzanne Dean! We were laughing here because we didn’t know that the pop rocks in the drink were going to attack us! Suzanne went to pour her pop rocks on and OH.MY.GOSH! pop rocks EVERYWHERE! We were still pulling them out of special places hours after we left the restaurant! LOL…

Anywho…to keep you nice and updated, this afternoon, we’ve got a class with TIM HOLTZ! w00t!!! Ranger King himself – and it’ll be ALL about alcohol ink! I will be such a pro after that class! After that class, we’re also registered for an acrylic album class.

…and THEN…the biggest news of all…we’re going to Splitcoast Stampers CUPCAKE reception tonight! That is right…Splitcoast and CUPCAKES – how does it get any better than that!?

Sorry my post is so scattered, we’re having a video conversation with Miss Pezzy from Polka-Dot-Pie herself and she’s the cutest thing EVER!

Stay tuned for more fun, news and updates!!!



35 Responses to “Confessions of a CHA Convention-er (Part 2)”

  1. Bethany said

    I totally don’t eat crustation, but those crabs look yummy! LOL How was the cupcake reception (which is a brilliant idea!) Can’t wait to see more pics!

  2. Sharon said

    Tim Holtz has terrific alchohol ink techniques on his blog. Can’t wait for the new colours.You gals look like you are having just so much fun!

  3. SequoiaLynn said

    Looks like you gals are having a great time! Sorry about your walk in the rain…ugggg
    Enjoy the T!m Class!

  4. KC5AUG said

    How fun!!! Pop Rocks in Margaritas?!?

  5. mommyfink said

    It looks like you girls have some fun classes and parties to go to! Can’t wait for more updates! Eat a cupcake for me 🙂

  6. Justy said

    Things can only get better! Can’t wait to see your class projects.

    Enjoy the show.

  7. Debby said

    Goodness what fun. Can’t wait to hear more!

  8. Swimmom said

    Yummy! Looks like you’ll be eating well on this trip! And learning lots of new techniques!

  9. Anonymous said

    Well girls I laughed so hard with you (not at you) I almost pee’d my pants but didn’t thank goodness, there is enough pull-ups around here for grandma to change. LOL I don’t know if I dare try the candy with the kids poor grandpa has enough to clean around here. But wowser a cupcake party! I would kill for cuppy cake right now. I don’t have anything Tim Holz but some older stamp pads and if you are giving something away I would be glad to open my mailbox for it. Giggle
    Big hugs from Snowy Ohio [Alesia]

  10. Shirley said

    I admit, I am envious of you for having a class with Tim. I cannot wait to see your pictures.

  11. Michelle (mla1111) said

    How fun! I hope you have a great time…poprock margaritas sound awesome!

  12. ~Jenn said

    Yup, definatly sounds like a rockin’ good time! Oh man, too funny you gals would be awesome to hang out with!

    A class with Tim! *drool* you lucky lucky ladies….ENJOY!


  13. Laura said

    The crabs look fantastic and the cupcakes well the only thing better is more SB supples LOL! Have a great time and keep us informed!

  14. AShu93 said

    Your comment about the sausage made me laugh so hard! We just saw the Joe's Crab Shack commercial & I had to rewind it to make sure I heard it right – that there was a sausage in with the crab & shrimp & then I see your comment on the blog. Too funny, but it looks like you're having a great time!

  15. -Amanda & Tom B. said

    A random sausage? That just sounds weird! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

  16. Mary Jean said

    hmmmmm those drinks look WONDERFUL! Can’t wait to see what you show us next!

  17. Rene said

    You girls look like you’re having a ball! Hope CHA is just great! I want some of those crab legs too!

    Rene’ Mewes

  18. Anita said

    Wow! I would never of thought of pop rocks in a drink. Looks like you are having a blast!

  19. byondbzr said

    I LOVE Joe’s Crab Shack, it’s been awhile since I’ve been there though! The drink looks FABULICIOUS!!

  20. Kathy Eddy said

    i love seafood! It looks like you gals are having the times of your lives! Would love to be part of all this! Kathy Eddy

  21. StarlightScrapper said

    oh the fun begins! but pop rocks on margaritas?!!

  22. Anonymous said

    Joe’s Crab Shack? Are you kidding? My mouth is so watering! Looks like you 3 are having the time of your life. I can’t imagine the fun you must be having … and just think … with tomorrow’s classes … it can only get better!!! Ü ♥Carol♥ (from the Cricut MB)

  23. 4paws said

    We go to Joe's here in Houston when my hubby comes home from Afghanistan on his R & R's. What a fun place! I'll have to try the pop rocks.

  24. Nicole said

    Yummo! Can’t wait to read more!


  25. Janice Anello said

    Cant beat an exploding margarita!

  26. Anonymous said

    You ladies will be having so much fun…thank you for sharing it w us. Pop rocks…in your drinks? I tried those once…my kiddos used to love them.


  27. buglady said

    Poprocks and crab????? Love your photos.

  28. Margaret from NY said

    The crab and shrimp look great. It’s good to stay hydrated with all that’s in store for you!

  29. Renee said

    Gotta try one of those drinks…looks like a blast!

  30. julie z said

    I can’t even think when the last time I had fresh crab might have been. So glad you were able to enjoy it.

  31. Laurinda said

    I’m so jealous…I would love to have a class with Tim. What fun there is to be had.

    Laurinda (Cricut MB)

  32. stacky4204 said

    yum those margaritas look good

  33. Maria A said

    yum…a cupcake reception?? I do’t do crab but I could have waited for cupcakes….no fair

  34. kolling143 said

    I love Margaritas but pop rocks??? Might have to try this!! Alcohol inks…yippee!!

  35. Erin Glee said

    The crab does look yummy~but they put a sausage in there? I see a corn on the cob…
    How funny about the Pop-Rocks!

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