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Blog Candy!

Posted by Catherine on May 27, 2009

Hello, hello everyone!

Long time no see, huh?  I will NOT even get started on the technological difficulties I have been encountering lately!  But it looks like I’m close to being up and running and I’ll be back with PICTURES and projects ASAP!

Just wanted to let y’all know that there’s some BLOG CANDY up for grabs this PDD Wednesday.  Do ya want it?  Head on over to Marti’s blog and see what’s what?  Did you enjoy the brand new, new and improved Skittles that I showed you last week?  There’s more coming!  More Glittles and more skittle images are coming with MORE COLOURS!  How’s that for exciting!?

Good luck with the blog candy and we’ll see you back here for PDD Fridyay!



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Thanks a Melon Picnic…

Posted by Catherine on May 20, 2009’s a thanks a melon picnic and all critters are invited!

Happy PDD Wednesday everyone!  It’s a bee-yoo-tiful day out, let’s go picnic it up with the SKITTLE BUGS ‘because they’re BACK and BETTER THAN EVAH! *happy dance*

Here’s my cutie patootie little watermelon girlie from High Hopes picnicin’ it up with our Pez-a-Doodle bee!  All those who eat watermelon stick with each other, I guess – or maybe great minds just think alike! 

These two think that picnics are better when they’re more the merrier, so they’ve invited their critter friends to hang out!  Bees and dragonflies, caterpillars and lady bugs…unfortunately, bats, spiders and snails were unable to make it this time around but nevertheless, Marti’s got ’em if you’re wantin’ ’em!

Here’s some close ups of these cuties:

If you look closely you’ll see one of the ways that these little babies are new and improved…they’re GLITTERY!  Not only do the Skittle Bugs come with their own doodle-y stamp set, they’re pretty and sparkly to boot!  Want to see what else is cookin’ up over in the Pez-a-Doodle Designs Skittles Lab?

Coloured glittery skittles on their own.  Hey….glitter and skittles = GLITTLES?? Huh…huh…whaddaya think? *LOL*  Anywho, these babies will be coming in SO many more colours and in TWO different sizes!  I’m swooning, I tell you!  And do you SEE the second set?!  There are WATERMELONS in there!  More designed Skittles coming SOON!!!  They’ll go awesome on their own, or they’ll match your favourite new Pez-a-Doodle new stamp releases too!  How’s THAT for ver-sa-til-i-ty!  Say it with me now…w00t!  So if you’re preferring your fingertipsies stay less alcohol ink-y, than these already beautifully coloured and glittered Skittles are for YOU!!!

Make sure to check out Marti’s blog and the Pez-a-Doodle Designs website to see when you can get these little babies home!

Now how’s THAT for a HAPPY Pez-a-Doodle Wednesday!?

All hyperlinked products and materials are from Pez-a-Doodle Designs

Stamp(s): High Hopes & Pez-a-Doodle Designs Picnicin’ Bee
Ink: Memento Ink
Paper: Blossoms & Butterflies (DCWV) & Mimosa (SEI)
Medium: Copic Markers
Embellishments/Tools: Brilliance Dew Drop ink, Stickles, sponge,


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Sweet tweenies…

Posted by Catherine on May 13, 2009

…bonjour et bienvenue à la designs de Pez-a-Doodle à Mecredi!

Ooooh la la, fancy no?  Probably about a year after I quit taking French, I got this weird desire to want to speak mutliple languages.  I’ve got My French Coach and My Spanish Coach on my Nintendo DS, and before my laptop’s AC power cord went craptastically unchargeable, I had a learning Japanese CD in it.  All of this has absolutely nothing to do with my post today…but I was feeling bilingual today.  Despite living in Canada, that sentence above there is pretty much all I know – oh and “ou est la salle de bains?” because I believe that EVERYONE should know how to ask for where the washrooms are in multiple languages! *LOL*

Anywho, getting on with it…HAPPY PDD Wednesday, everyone!  Thanks so much for dropping by to see what this lately-inconsistent crafter has been up to!  I’m starting to wonder if maybe my mojo is directly correlated to my hunger.  With the diet that Marti and I have started lately, I’ve noticed that the hungrier that I am, the less mojo I have…hmmm…

Before I get to my project for today I wanted to give Marti a HUUUUGE SHOUT OUT!  Girlfriend has been rockin’ the crafting world lately and everyone’s been NOTICING – especially those craft magazines!  Ms. Pez-a-Doodle herself has been picked up for ANOTHER magazine publication for her fabulous projects!  So if you see a few things disappearing from her blog, you’ll know it’s because you’ll soon see it in ink and glossy magazine paper!  To top all that sweetness off, she’s just set up a CLEARANCE section on the Pez-a-Doodle Designs website!  You can NOT skip it, there are some AWESOME goodies in there and they are not just on sale, they’re priced for CLEARANCE!  How many times do I have to type CLEARANCE before you’ll scoot and click on over?!  Well, hang on a minute…lemme finish my post first and then you can go!  Or at least promise to come back after you’ve finished shopping! *LOL*

So as you may already know, I’ve been trying to get into the altering state of things and went crazy at the dollar store trying to find things that I might be able to alter.  Here is Try #2, now don’t be too harsh or critical, it’s only my second time! *winces*

First, please forgive the craptastic pictures that will ensue.  Like I said, my laptop is RIP at the moment, so I don’t really have very much means to edit my photos.  *le sigh*  But there it is…I used to LOVE coordinating things when I was younger…cute little tiny things – especially cute pads of paper and little pens and pencils so I thought I’d put one together for a cute little girl I know who’s around the age I was when I was ga-ga over these!  I had the items all nicely arranged, but that picture didn’t turn out…but from top to bottom there is a little notecard, a pot of glittery lip gloss and a tube of chapstick, an Aero chocolate bar and a post-it notepad and pen booklet.  Here’s some individual shots of each item:



Post-It notepad and pen

Again, sorry about the poor quality of pictures.  I usually do try to make them look nicer.  Ah well!  That’s it for me today…if you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to check out the CLEARANCE section over at!  Have a fabulous day and we’ll see you back here for PDD Friday!

All hyperlinked products and materials can be found at Pez-a-Doodle Designs

Stamps: Studio G, Chocolate Treats: Pez-a-Doodle Designs Exclusive
Ink: Adirondack Dye Ink *ON CLEARANCE!* 
Paper: Lovebirds – SEI
Embellishments: Stickles, Glossy Accents, flat-back adhesive pearls


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Going back in time…

Posted by Catherine on May 12, 2009

…honestly, walking into Michael’s after more than a MONTH of not having been, feels like going back in time.  NOTHING HAS CHANGED.  For crying out loud, I was SO excited to go in because I’m thinking that after all this time of not having been in, there would be a BUNCH of new things for me to see!  I was anticipating seeing new DCWV paper stacks (for the last 3 or 4 months, my M’s has only had Nana’s Kitchen and Garden Party) and guess what I see?  Nana’s Kitchen and Garden Party!  *screech*

I walked and walked around and I’m seeing same ol’, same ol’!  Nothing new! Nothing different!  Nothing inspiring at ALL!  For someone who’s mojo has run away and is hiding in a very good hiding spot, I need to see new products to entice my mojo to come back home and play!  UGH!

If you can believe it, I had to force myself just to buy something since I made the drive over there. *LOL*  So I grabbed an two SEI paper pads: Mimosa (oooh lala!) and Lovebirds.

I had also stopped off at the dollar store last night to see if I could pick up a few things that I might be able to play around with an alter:


The photo isn’t that great because I’m having all kinds of technological problems this week!  The power cord to my laptop is busted so it will not charge my laptop battery.  I am stuck using the yucky, SLOOOOOW desktop at home and it has NO image editing features or software at all.  So in the meantime, you’ll be stuck with poorly lighted/edited pictures.  At work, our network is completely malfunctioning and it’s totally affected my printer.  Meaning whenever I need to print something (which is a bajillion times a day since my receipts print out from my printer) I have to walk to the next desk over to grab it and then back to my desk.  Slows a girl down, I tell ya!

This past weekend, I was also at a friend’s bridal shower and I really just wanted to show off what I made for her.  For those of you who are looking for a low-budget gift that doesn’t LOOK low budget, you have GOT to try making a TOWEL CAKE!

There it is all done up with the embellishments I added.  This is after the bride and groom to be had already handled it and tilted it over and stuff so it doesn’t look quite as pretty as when I first brought it in!  But it was SO cool to make!  I will DEFINITELY be doing more of those for any other upcoming bridal showers or even for baby showers (using baby clothes, blankets, etc. or a diaper cake!)

Anywho, I don’t alter things too often, so that’s my first shot at it.  I grabbed a few other things so I’ll be working on those and trying to get things coordinated.  I just wanted to post to assure Michelle that I have not gotten stuck in the ceiling or had a disaster with my trampoline! *LOL* 

Yeah, the trampoline one is a little bit of a long story, you’ll have to check out the diet blog for the rest of that story! *LOL*

That’s it for me, we’ll see you back here tomorrow for PDD Wednesday!  Thanks so much for dropping by!

All hyperlinked products and materials are from Pez-a-Doodle Designs

Stamps: Studio G sentiment
Paper: Mimosa by SEI
Tools/Embellishments: Alcohol Ink, Pez-a-Blings, Glossy Accents


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Window to Spring…

Posted by Catherine on May 6, 2009

…HAPPY PDD Wednesday, everyone! 

I am SO sorry I’ve been all over the place…it’s definitely hard to get command of that mojo again after being down and under! 

I missed the last of the release festivities from Marti’s last stamp series, but I still wanted to play with the last stamp set.  When this card was made, it was actually done using the digital stamp of the image as I hadn’t gotten my actual rubber stamp just yet (of course, it came the next day when the card was done!).

So I was going for a cottage-y feel for this card.  I used Crackle Paint and painted aaaall over the whole base of the card and my “window”.  I was thinking the inside of a cabin…with walls made of wood and old, peeling paint…that was the look I was going for anyway.  I helped my crackle paint along with my heat gun because I am that impatient, and once it was dry, I took my Paint Dabber and very lightly ran it over the “walls” for some kind of look that I’m looking for….maybe like a white washed look???

I coloured my image in with Copics and fell back on tne wonderfully easy, but awesome impact-giving cloud technique for the sky and mounted my image with the “window” using dimensional foam.

I tried to get a little creative with the “curtain” for my window, but as you can TOTALLY see, my sewing skills leave much to the imagination…

Of COURSE Pez-a-Blings had to make it into the mix somehow too!

Anywho, that’s it for me today!  If you haven’t had a chance, please make sure you head on over to Pez-a-Doodle Designs today or within the next few weeks, she’s released a bunch of new goodies already, but if you can believe it, there’s MORE coming! *giggles* It’s a seeeecret, but it’ll be a good one – and I’m not just saying that because I had a little hand in it….*LOL*

Thanks for dropping by, I’m planning on staging an all-out manhunt for my mojo, so I’m hoping that I’ll be back in full force ASAP!  Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

All hyperlinked products and materials are from Pez-a-Doodle Designs

Stamp(s): Pezzy’s Garden
Medium: Copic Markers
Ink: Brilliance Dew Drop (for my clouds!)
Embellishments/Tools: Crackle Paint, Paint Dabber, Pez-a-Bling


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