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Memoirs of a(n Anya) Geisha…

Posted by Catherine on March 11, 2009

…am I the only person that whenever a book or movie has been touted the most artistic, wonderful, fabulous piece of literature in the whole entire universe, has to go out and read/see it and I think it stinks?  So after all the hubbub of the poignantly masterful work in literary fiction/non-fiction, I went and got the book, Memoirs of a Geisha.  I mean, it was an okay book and everything, but I just could not really get too into it.  Meh…that was the same thing The Wrestler (apparently it won a bunch of awards and stuff and I completely hated it) and She’s Come Undone which I got because it was on Oprah’s book club.  I hate succumbing to celebrity endorsement and whatever it is you would call it when a celebrity schleps for stuff, but I figured, hey a book club liked it and it got a bunch of awards and stuff…but Wally Lamb and I…our literary minds are definitely *not* on the same wavelength.  Anywho…with all of that, I present to you my Anya Geisha for today’s Wednesday Pez-a-Doodle Designs post!

I actually started this Anya a couple days ago but was having a little creative mental block when trying to put the rest of her together.  I worked backwards from how I normally start a project – instead choosing colours and colouring her in first before checking to see if I would have any papers to match.  I was loving how the pale pink and green looked so striking against the black of her kimono!  Thank goodness I had the basic colours of papers and to help tie it all together, I got out my glossy cardstock and alcohol inked a coordinating background for her using my felt ink applicator tool and the three main colours of my Anya in alochol ink. 

As myscaproom is already a battlezone anyway, I wasn’t afraid to pull out all the stops and get REALLY messy!  After the alcohol inky-ness of it all, I took my smallest rectangles and ran BOTH sides of them through my Xyron (the little one that looks like an X and wastes a WHOLE lot of the sticker making stuff0.  One of the sticky sides, I covered entirely in my custom coloured glitter (you can’t get any more matchy than that!) and then stuck it onto my card using the other stick side.  It is soooo prettifully glittered IRL, I’m trying not to swoon or sound like I love myself too much right now, but it’s so SPARKLY!  I didn’t use a sketch for the card, but I’m sure there’s probably one out there that looks just like it…for the fans (digital download from Squigglefly) I covered the ENTIRE fan in Studio G black glitter glue (SO FREAKING FABULOUS, I definitely need to pull these out more – comes out with a different finish than Stickles but totally cool in its own way – nice and fine and smooth!)  After it dried out, you could still see the apple blossom branch outlines so I coloured the blossoms in using Stickles. 

All the main elements are pop-dotted for that pop-dotted effect and I used a little more of my yummily scruffy and fuzzy fibre – in pink this time instead of the green.  I was thinking of tying both pink and green on, but decided on the less is more idea since everything was already so sparkly anyway!  It is non-sentimental and therefore can be used for multiple occasions!

If you’re thinking of starting up some play time with alcohol inks (what can you NOT colour or re-colour with these must-have little bottles?!?!?) this is just a reminder that Marti’s got ALL the alchol ink on SALE – and that’s including the NEW Lights & Brights line that will be in and available for shipping whenever the magical, Ranger fairy gets up off her slow behind and gets them shipped out to retailers already!  On that note, the magical Ranger fairy did see to it that the new 2009 CHA releases have gone out!  Marti’s got those AVAILABLE now and ready to be shipped!  YES, RENEE, my wonderful 2009 CHA prize winner!  It looks like your prize is ready to come home to you!

Also, don’t forget that the PDD DT call is still ONGOING!  If you are planning to submit an application, the due date for all submissions is March 15!   In just a couple weeks I can TOTALLY start giving out REAL hints as to why you do NOT want to miss out on being a part of this FABULOUS team!  *SQUEALS* Eek, I get so excited just thinking about what’s coming!

Looks like that’s it for me today!  Thanks so much for dropping by and seeing what I’m up to.  Please let me know you were here or what you thought of today’s project if you have a moment!

All hyperlinked products and materials can be found at Pez-a-Doodle Designs

Stamp: Geisha Anya (Digital Image) by The Greeting Farm, Oriental fans (Digital Image) by Squigglefly
Ink(s): Alcohol Ink  – Lettuce, Pitch Black and Pink Sherbert from the new Lights & Brights line (for polished stone background and for custom colouring glitter)
Medium: Copic Markers
Tools/Embellishments: Stickles, Glossy paper, Studio G glitter glue, Felt ink applicator, rhinestones, loose glitter for custom colouring, fibre


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A year of -isms III

Posted by Catherine on February 23, 2009

“Just now, I asked The Mister if there was any holidays or special occasions coming up where people have to buy me stuff. He said our anniversary and I “Psssssh-ed” it because that’s in September. He said the only thing coming up is Mother’s Day and is it kind of bad that I half-wished I was pregnant so I could demand him to buy me a cart? I would choose New Arrivals of course…”

Hel-looo! Only one more week until my blogaversary! I’m very excited about it…too excited probably by the looks of how the giveaway is growing. I’ve been gathering here and there – some more K&Co. stuff which I am loving and also a couple hand-made kind of things from yours truly! Like this:


I’m all googly-eyed! Okay, so I didn’t actually MAKE the glitter – I have no idea how that magic happens, but I did make them into all these prettiful colours! I took my jar of plain ol’ white glitter and dyed them a bunch of colours and put them in jars just like that! So in with my giveaways, this set of sugary glitter just for my blogaversary winner!

I hope everyone had a good weekend – we got a lot more snow *makes face* and I’m all bitter now at the cruelness of Mother Nature and how she teases us with nice, warm, spring-like weather only to snatch it back give us more snow instead! BAH! But I did have a little bit of playtime in my scraproom and I got to play with more Flower Soft and to colour my very first Lockhart stamp!

Another plain and simple card so as not to take away from the main focal point of my image! Even though I’ve been all COPIC-crazed right now, I coloured in my image with my watercolor pencils and trimmed the stamped image out (*waves* Thanks fairy craftmother!). I used my oh-so-pretty Flower Soft for the hydrangea’s and a generous sprinkling of fine glitter – yes, I am ALL ABOUT the glitter lately! I used my little bottle of Glossy Accents and randomly dabbed at the berries before sprinkling with the glitter!

Next I used my BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW Oval Nestabilities (*waves* Thanks, Terri!) and used that as my focal image mat. For the rest of the card I just used my Scor-Pal to add detail and some yummily lumpy SugarPops!

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll still be adding a little bit more to my blogaversary giveaway so don’t forget to stop by on March 1st to play!

All hyperlinked products and materials are from Pez-a-Doodle Designs

Stamp: Karen Lockhart
Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black
Paper: Bo Bunny and plain white cardstock
Tools: Glossy Accents, Watercolor Pencils, Aquapen, Scor-Pal, Oval Nestabilities
Embellishments: Flower Soft, SugarPops, Ribbon

“Sorry the pictures are so far away and blurry, I couldn’t bring myself to care enough to get closer. BWAHAHAHAHAHA…” (Paris Hilton at CHA)


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All that SPARKLES…

Posted by Catherine on February 16, 2009

…is glitter, Glitter and more GLITTER!

And me thinks that this silly girl went completely OVERBOARD with it! It’s hard for me to deal with crafter’s block. I get so frustrated and irritated with myself when I sit down to make something and I come up with ABSOLUTELY nothing! Then I get more frustrated and then of course it doesn’t help me come up with anything…

Anyway, today was one of those days…I sat down and looked around and…nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Blah.

So I reached for a big, huge jar of not-so-fine glitter that I’ve had for over a year and I decided to play!

I started with this…

And with a little tweak, a couple light bulbs going off and my good ol’ friends ALCOHOL INKS, came up with this:

Red Pepper



Wasn’t really sure what to do with them separately, so I took a little bit of each and ended up with this:

…and from there, I ended up with THIS:

So is there such a thing as glitter overboard? What on this card did I not glitter? *LOL* Another question would be, is there anything that Alcohol Ink can not re-colour? I love, Love, LOVE this stuff! From being so scared to try it out to colouring everything I can get my hands on using it! *LOL*

The card is also a very loose interpretation of Mojo Monday’s sketch:

There was already a lot going on with all the glitter, so I decided that I would omit a few of the extra embelly-like things and just stuck to the basics of the sketch. Hope it hasn’t deviated too far from the original sketch to not actually COUNT as a Mojo Monday sketch…LOL…when I get started in the scraproom, it’s hard for me to go back to the other room to look at the other details I’m missing. I usually only remember a few distinct details of the sketch and go from there anyway…but thanks for looking!

All hyperlinked products and materials are from Pez-a-Doodle Designs

Stamp: Fairybella (okay, I just made that one up, I can’t actually remember the ACTUAL name right now, but I know for sure it’s by) Stamping Bella
Ink: Adirondack Dye Ink
Medium: Copic Markers and Sakura Glitter Gel Pens, Alcohol Ink
Paper: Plain white cardstock (100 lb)
Embellishments: GLITTER


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