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Confessions of a CHA Convention-er (Part 5 – Cupcakes)

Posted by Catherine on January 24, 2009

…today has been JAM packed with so many things going on, I feel like I’m getting whiplash just trying to take everything all in – and the actual convention hasn’t even STARTED yet!

After the classes that we took today, I am just sitting here wishing there was more time in the day just so I could take more! As great as the classes that I took were today, it’s got me thinking that there was probably a LOT more classes that were just as good (maybe even better – but could there be a better class than Tim’s?) that I missed out on! I need a special little cloning machine invented, so I could clone myself about 5 times and I just might be able to see everything that’s going on!

As a first-timer, the convention looks HUGE to me, but apparently a lot of vendors cancelled, so the convention was compressed a bit and smaller than other years – yes, even with Paris Hilton coming to unveil her scrap line….I will let you insert whatever you would like to think into those ….’s about Paris Hilton scrapbooking.

Forward and onward then…hel-looo Splitcoast cupcake reception! It was so nice and fancy with really YUMMY-looking cupcakes! I don’t even know why I said ‘looking’ they were DELICIOUS! I have never been to anything like this before, so it was definitely an eye-opener. Some people that we recognize and have heard of, it’s bigger than that…besides being just fun, scrapbooking, being on Design Teams, etc., etc., – it’s a very big deal!

There are some very serious aspects about the business end of things from licensing, to things called MAP; and all the fabulous ideas and sneak peeks and thoughts and plans and productions flying around all around me…it’s enough to make a girl’s head turn every-which-way let me tell you! I wanted about five more pairs of eyes and ears to get it all in!

It was fun to put some faces to names – even though some people have their pictures up, it’s still different to actually see them right in front of you! Half the time, I still can’t even believe I’m HERE! From just one conversation with Marti and it was so spontaneous when she said, ‘hey, let’s go to CHA,’ and my answer was, ‘sure thing’ and now we’re sitting here getting down to scrappin’/stampin’ business! Mind boggling!

Anywho, here’s a little bit of eye candy for you! I know you’re just waiting to see the cupcakes anyway! *LoL*

Oh so yummy delicious cupcakes! I didn’t know what I wanted to do more, eat cupcakes or go back to the room and STAMP cupcakes!

Well, hel-looo there! Katie Rentz from MY PAPER HAVEN!

Diana Crick – Scor-Pal.

Did I even TELL you guys what happened with Diana and I? I don’t even remember and I’m too lazy to look back and see if I did, so if you’ve already read it, skip this part! Suzanne, Marti and I went to meet up with Diana as Suzanne is one of her designers, so of course we all got to talking and Diana asks me if I’ve got a Scor-Pal and – okay, you have GOT to excuse my brainiac moment due to extreme exhaustion due to travel and drama…LOL – so I was like, I sure do, but it’s the little one! And Diana’s like, we don’t have the little one, that’s a Scor-it and she’s like…that’s my competitor! *EMBARASSING* So anywho, she’s like, well you better come by my booth tomorrow and I will give you a Scor-Pal and you can tell me what you think of the new metric system Scor-Pal we are releasing (yes, Canadians – METRIC!). So anyway, after smarting about that, Diana went off and I said I couldn’t believe that I told a representative of Scor-Pal that I used their competitors product (and to be fair I am not really a giant fan of my Scor-it since I chose to get the tiny one and a lot of my projects never actually fit – so there!). Anyway, Suzanne’s like, oh well she’s not really just a rep, she’s the one who invented it! *DOUBLE EMBARASSING* But I’m going home with a Scor-Pal and we will never speak of Scor-it again, okay?

More announcements and news tomorrow!


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