Heart Hugs

Posted by Catherine on March 11, 2010


Can I just say (hopefully without jinxing anything) how much I am *LOVING* this weather?!

Nothing like getting inspired by the warm weather and the sunshine!  Enough to pull out some brighter colours and see what I can come up with!

Breaking all records, this project today is again going to be given away.  I think I’m definitely excelling under pressure.  I can’t make something just because, it turns out yucky (ie. previous post project!), but as soon as I decide it’s for a reason, BAM!  I come up with something I like! 

Although, I am starting to feel like my cards are beginning to look too much alike…must be a phase!  Just a vintage, shabby chic kinda crush, I’ll get over it soon enough!  But I pulled out my prayer stamp because once again, it’ll be going to someone in my prayer group! Me thinks I need to invest in more prayer stamps!  They all might notice a pattern – but then again, when I do make a card for them, I am praying for them as well right? So it still fits!

Anywho, I’m supposed to actually be at choir practice in about 12 minutes, but I’m still sitting here typing this up (I’m not even rushing, Filipino time means that the rest of the members are going to be late, no matter what time practice is supposed to start!) But here we go:


How MUCH am I loving her?!  I coloured her to match the papers I wanted to use today (Home by My Mind’s Eye) and I only had TWO teal-looking markers so we made do with what we had – and by ‘we’, I mean myself and all the nagging voices in my head! *LOL*

Here’s the inside and then I’ve got to skidaddle!


Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll be back later on to post materials and supplies!

One Response to “Heart Hugs”

  1. pezadoodle said

    your coloring is FANTASTIC! what an adorable card!

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