Posted by Catherine on April 6, 2010

Just a quick post today! 

I was having the WORST time making Easter cards this past weekend.  I was very happy to think that I had all day Friday and Saturday to make cards to give out to my family on Sunday and Monday, but sadly that was SO not the case!  My mojo was fizzled, I tell ya!  In the end, I ended up making and giving out ones that I weren’t pleased with – in fact, I didn’t even take pictures of them!

Yesterday, I decided I would also make my mother-in-law a card for when we went over to have Easter dinner and I literally threw this card together in less than 20 minutes!


I was so happy that I’d finally gotten my old printer to work (thank you for having printer drivers available for download!) since my old laptop where the printer was installed was no longer working!  But anywho, printer working = me being able to print stuff!  I picked out a favourite Easter scripture/passage/quote and typed it up, embellishing some of the words that I thought were special, printed it out and Nestied it out!  I got out my DCWV At Home stack (I can’t really remember what it’s called, but I’m sure it had the word HOME in it) and just picked out two sheets!  I made a little booboo on the Nestie cut-out while I was chalking the edges so I covered it with a BRIDE flower and used a couple more to add a little bit of je ne sais pas to the card!  Made sure to remember to use one of my edge punches (ever feel like you have so much stuff sometimes that you forget to use half of it?) and turned to my fabulous crocheted ribbon and voila!

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be back later with my supply list!


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Retreating from Retreats

Posted by Catherine on March 16, 2010


Bart and I took our youth group to a retreat a couple hours out of town and…I don’t even know what to say! *LOL*  Let’s just say that I felt like a stressed out mother to six teenaged girls (*wince*) and five teenaged boys (*more wince*) and that was just our group.  When we got there, the hosting group had over 100 more youth and my kids went ca-RAY-zeeeee!  They haven’t seen their friends for more than four months so it was definitely hard to keep them all in line *sighs*  The place that we were staying was stil 40 minutes from the actual venue so we were getting up at 5 and 5:30 am just to get ready and be at the venue on time…add daylight savings time’s spring forward to the mix and *screams*  Anyway, besides my complaining and some other hard to endure moments, the weekend was a wonderful success!  Still…Bart and I won’t be lining up to go to another one of those any time soon!!!

But I did get some things made today!  Oh first, here’s the rest of the gift that I made for the couple who played host to us for the evenings!


The card is the one I showed here in a previous post and that’s the matching gift bag that I went to house my Bath & Body hand soaps.  I know it seems a little…lacking, but I made that in less than an hour right after I got home and before I started packing and somewhere around the time that I was stressing out trying to get everything done.

But I digress….

Today I volunteered to make a card and gift packaging for a friend of mine at work.  You’re definitely going to think that it’s pretty much the same as the cards I’ve been making.  Please forgive me, I haven’t cleaned my scrap table since I started crafting again so these were the supplies that were right in front of me so that’s what I used…I PROMISE I’ll try something new next time! *LOL*

A sliding gift box and a sorta matching card to go with it. 

If you’re curious, the inside contains a Nintendo DS game! *LOL*

 So can you guess what I was trying out for the first time while doing this project? VIVA DECOR!  And it is DEFINITELY as fabulous as Marti has been swooning about!  I couldn’t stop myself from pearling everything I could possibly pearl.

Anyway, hubby’s running around after Chewy who seems to be dry heaving and thinking the new couch just might be the BEST place to hang out…*squeal*

Thanks for visiting!  Hope to see you again soon!

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Heart Hugs

Posted by Catherine on March 11, 2010


Can I just say (hopefully without jinxing anything) how much I am *LOVING* this weather?!

Nothing like getting inspired by the warm weather and the sunshine!  Enough to pull out some brighter colours and see what I can come up with!

Breaking all records, this project today is again going to be given away.  I think I’m definitely excelling under pressure.  I can’t make something just because, it turns out yucky (ie. previous post project!), but as soon as I decide it’s for a reason, BAM!  I come up with something I like! 

Although, I am starting to feel like my cards are beginning to look too much alike…must be a phase!  Just a vintage, shabby chic kinda crush, I’ll get over it soon enough!  But I pulled out my prayer stamp because once again, it’ll be going to someone in my prayer group! Me thinks I need to invest in more prayer stamps!  They all might notice a pattern – but then again, when I do make a card for them, I am praying for them as well right? So it still fits!

Anywho, I’m supposed to actually be at choir practice in about 12 minutes, but I’m still sitting here typing this up (I’m not even rushing, Filipino time means that the rest of the members are going to be late, no matter what time practice is supposed to start!) But here we go:


How MUCH am I loving her?!  I coloured her to match the papers I wanted to use today (Home by My Mind’s Eye) and I only had TWO teal-looking markers so we made do with what we had – and by ‘we’, I mean myself and all the nagging voices in my head! *LOL*

Here’s the inside and then I’ve got to skidaddle!


Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll be back later on to post materials and supplies!

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Pucker Up!

Posted by Catherine on March 9, 2010

It’s only Tuesday and it already feels like it’s been a LONG week!  How is that possible? *sighs*  Low on the mojo this week, so I’m not at all impressed with today’s project, but I finished it so it’s going up on the blog.  Who said I have to post everything that I like? *LOL*

I don’t know what it is specifically that I don’t like about this project – besides everything.  I don’t know, I think with the amount of work that I put into the central image, I guess I’m just disappointed in how the rest of it turned out.  As I type this, I’m noticing that a rhinestone fell out in the bottom flourish…*shrugs* Meh, not every project is a knock-their-socks-off kinda moment, I’d say.  Consider this a blooper…

I was looking through my box of unused, unmounted rubber stamps and remembered that before I succumbed to insanity and had to put crafting on the back burner, I ordered a bunch of stamps from High Hopes and I found these cuties in the pile!  I used Copics to colour in the image and when the blending and shading wasn’t turning out so peachy keen on the Princess’ dress, I just paper pieced it with a scrap piece from DCWV Luxury stack.  Froggie prince turned out much better!  I cut out the image and separated the two by cutting each out and put them back together as I pop-dotted them off of their Nestability background.  I drew a thin line to make it look like they’re at least standing on the ground and not floating around randomly.

Here’s the inside of the card:

*wrinkles nose* Anywho, I think I’ll just leave it at that without much more chit chat.  That little froggy there on the inside is my faaavourite.  I think I’d crack up laughing if I ever saw a little frog waiting for a kiss looking just like that.  I hand-wrote the sentiment in my best slanted writing ever. *LOL*  So I’m off to bed…just got back from eating at my favourite Thai restaurant and it’s all I can do to keep my eyes open…hopefully I’ll have something more fun to share tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Posted by Catherine on March 6, 2010

I’ve been a busy bee this morning!  If I’d had my way, I’d probably just be getting out of bed right about now, but unfortunately, Chewy is worse than an alarm clock!  When my alarm clock goes off, I can just hit the snooze button or turn it off and roll over and go snuggle back under the covers.  When Chewy decides it’s time for me to wake up, I have a big ball of fur bound on top of me, licking and pawing at my face.  And he does NOT like it when you roll over and ignore him, nor does he appreciate getting bundled up and cuddled under the covers! But I *LOVES* him!  In case it didn’t seem obvious enough and you’re all wondering why I married a man named Chewy who jumps and licks and paws my face, Chewy is my puppy.  I can’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned Chewy on here, although I’m sure I have, but I’m too lazy to look back on my posts to check…ah well!

Moving right along…where was I?  Oh right, so Chewy woke me up and I got a phone call from my uncle!  We are going away with our youth group next weekend and he was letting me know that he FINALLY found a place for our group to stay! *YAY* The couple who has agreed to house six loud and giggling girls, plus a louder and probably more rambunctious chaperone and her husband are a life-saver and I thought I would make them a thank you card for their bravery!  I think I’m going to include a little gift set of some sort to go with the card, but in the mean time, here’s the card!


I’m not ENTIRELY sure how I feel about this card yet, but you can go ahead and say it out loud, my cards are starting to look the same, aren’t they?  But I can’t heeelp it!  I am sooo feeling the neutral, shabby chic vintage colours – plus, I needed to get my hands into my new My Mind’s Eye Home glitter paper stack.  It had to be done. *LOL* Anywho…

I’ve been slowly getting into all the things I’ve bought since my hiatus and pretty much everything I used for this card is brand new – which I TOTALLY have to get out of the habit of doing.  Next thing you know, I really won’t be able to make anything with what I already own and I can hear my wallet let out a little sob right about now…especially considering the FANTABULOUS trip that I’ll be leaving for in May, my wallet is saying I can’t afford any more shopping until then, but my debit card and my swiping hand are NOT listening *wince*

Here’s a peek at the inside:


And again, this card will actually be given away! I know!  My mom is already hinting that since I’ve been giving cards away, she needs a new batch of cards for her stash. *LOL*  I’ll get right on that, Mom. 🙂

Well, that’s it for me today.  My super fluffy alarm clock is going absolutely be-zonkers upstairs in front of the sliding glass door (say it with me folks *SQUIRREL*) so I best be getting going so I can let him out to fulfill his squirrel quest.

Thank you for stopping by!  We’re expected to get into the warm double digits (if the weather people are AT all to be trusted) and right now there’s sunshine flooding my craftroom, so I’m feeling nice and cheery and ready for some fun adventure, here’s hoping you’re feeling the same and you have a WONDERFUL weekend!  If time will allow, I’m also hoping to go and see ALICE in WONDERLAND too!  Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Cardstock: Cream and Brown (cardstock packs from Michaels)
Patterned Paper: Home – My Mind’s Eye Glittered Paper 6×6 stack
Stamp: Inkadinkado thanks for everything set
Ink: Memento in Rich Cocoa
Other: Versamark and clear embossing powder, mini mister, alcohol ink (in taupe), perfect pearl (in gold), heatgun, ivory flowers from BRIDES wedding collection, Nestabilities (from Terri @ Stamps Alive!), Martha Stewart border punches, crocheted ribbon

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