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Fly Butterfly…

Posted by Catherine on March 6, 2009

…TGIF indeed!  I don’t really feel like getting into it too much right now, but this week could not have taken any longer to end!  Although the beautiful weather and the nice warm temperature did make up for it a little, this week has been exhausting!

So with a TGIF also comes a Pez-a-Doodle project!  Today our Super Momma DT leader has taken it upon herself to help us out of our style ruts and to reach a little bit higher for some grunge-y, inky, crackle-y stars!  The Ranger Queen has asked that we look to Tim Holtz’s 12 Tags of Christmas for a little inspiration and inspired I was!  For today’s project (sadly I did another card – I had really meant to do something totally different, but like I said, this week was conspiring against me!) I used the 2008 12 Tags of Christmas Tag #1 for my inspiration, but changed it up a tiny bit!  If you haven’t yet entered for Marti’s DT call, have a quick look at his tags for a little hit of inky inspiration and get inky with it!

Ooooh, I don’t mean to sound like I’m tooting my own horn, but *toot, toot*!!!  I can’t help but love this as I was definitely having some mojo problems getting it together!  Well not this particular project as it came together pretty easily, but sometimes it really is hard to work outside of your own style.

Anywho, I took the mask technique from Tag #1, but instead of using Distress Ink, I turned to my beautifully chalk-y Studio G ink.  I really wanted a lighter, softer look for my card and thought the chalky pigment of the ink would blend nice and easy!  I used grungeboard butterfly wings as the mask and inked around it using a sponge.  I moved it to a different area and masked and inked there as well.  Then, taking that grungeboard that I used as a mask, I painted it entirely with crackle paint and then dropped a bit of brass crackle paint onto my worksheet and kind of smooshed the wings onto that for a nice splotchy kind of look for my wings.  While the crackle paint was still wet, I got out my finest fine glitter and sprinkled a light pink and green onto the wings and then heat set everything.  I have glitter EVERYWHERE let me tell you.  That’s okay, I’ll be nice and sparkly for this evening! 

I folded up my wings and attached them to my card with brads so that they would look like they were flying.  I didn’t want to just glue them on as I was afraid that the glue wouldn’t hold my wings up.  I covered the brads with the same brass crackle paint.    I also crackle painted different areas of my card for a more distressed kind of looked and completed the look using my new fuzzy fibre!

I’ll be back later on for a break down of materials….right now Bart is looking at me and glancing at the clock, so I’d better skidaddle!  Thanks for dropping by today!


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New Year, New Book…

Posted by Catherine on January 4, 2009

…so a new year for me means trying something NEW!

When I try something new, it’s always on the good advice of Marti from and what’s more new and scary for me than something from Tim’s line??? GRUUUUNGEBOARD book!

So I’ve only just started dabbling into grungeboard…tackling a whole book made with it is still a bit confusing for me…I’m not even sure I’m using it right! But here is the cover and the first couple of pages…I’m starting easy and I’m hoping to really bust out the grunge techniques and distress inks and stickles and EVERYTHING!

I’ll be leaving the pictures out though, because it’s a present for my mom who’s also just starting to get into stamping and fun things like that!

So far I am loving it though! I stopped to take a couple of pictures, but already I want to get back into my scraproom to get back to work, so short and sweet, here it is so far!

Thanks for looking! I’m off to PLAY!


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