New Year, New Book…

Posted by Catherine on January 4, 2009

…so a new year for me means trying something NEW!

When I try something new, it’s always on the good advice of Marti from and what’s more new and scary for me than something from Tim’s line??? GRUUUUNGEBOARD book!

So I’ve only just started dabbling into grungeboard…tackling a whole book made with it is still a bit confusing for me…I’m not even sure I’m using it right! But here is the cover and the first couple of pages…I’m starting easy and I’m hoping to really bust out the grunge techniques and distress inks and stickles and EVERYTHING!

I’ll be leaving the pictures out though, because it’s a present for my mom who’s also just starting to get into stamping and fun things like that!

So far I am loving it though! I stopped to take a couple of pictures, but already I want to get back into my scraproom to get back to work, so short and sweet, here it is so far!

Thanks for looking! I’m off to PLAY!



3 Responses to “New Year, New Book…”

  1. Marti - Pez-A-Doodle Design Studios said

    oh i likey!! so good to see you getting some play time in!!!!! just wait until we take that class with tim in a couple weeks!!

  2. 4paws said

    I so so soooo love this1 Awesome job!

  3. AShu93 said

    That cover is great! You’re doing great with the grungeboard. I’m almost inspired enough to try using mine.

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