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Have Your Cake…

Posted by Catherine on February 10, 2009

…oh how I can’t wait for the long weekend coming up! Thank you to all who decided that there should be a statutory “Family Day!” I will most likely ignore mine and lock myself up in my scraproom to play! *LOL* But again, just like Valentine’s Day, I don’t think that we should have called this extra day off “Family Day” anyways. It just makes it seem like that’s the day that families should be getting together to do things, and I think that should be done on a waaaay more regular basis than when someone up there says we should. To me, Sundays are family days. Maybe they should call it “EXTRA Family Day” so that people don’t get confused! Hahaha, okay I’m off my soapbox! We all know that the extra day off was just to give people a break from the Winter Blues and the looong days – so I really shouldn’t be look a gift horse in the mouth, now should I? I’m just sayin’…

Anywho! I have broken through the strong hold that PINK has on me! Today’s card is NOT PINK! I don’t think there’s even any pink at all (albeit, a teeny, tiny bit in the patterned paper – which is not my fault!). I also took a break from babies (there was actually a reason why i was doing ‘baby’ kind of cards. My cousin’s baby shower is coming up next month and I had a couple requests to make some cards for the occasion) and came up with this birthday card!

Can you believe I’ve had this stamp for almost a year now and haven’t used it on ANYTHING!? It’s already been inked because I think I tried everything out once I got it, but I haven’t put it on a project at all! WOW! And here I am thinking I need more things! (Well, I still do…that doesn’t change anything…LOL).

So that’s my birthday card! I don’t know exactly who I’ll be giving it to, but at least for any birthdays that sneak up on me, I know I’ll be prepared! So like I said before, the photograph came up a bit more saturated than it really is. The yellows aren’t really that dark…it’s more of a bright sunshine yellow, but I didn’t really have time to go in and edit it (okay, I didn’t feel like it!). But it’s nice and cheery – which is how the weather has been looking for the past couple of days! Goodbye winter blues, hel-LOOOO COLOUR!

All products and materials are from Pez-a-Doodle Designs (hyperlinked) unless otherwise stated

Stamp: It’s My Party by House-Mouse (HM Stamps)
Paper: DP – Bo Bunny (Pezzy’s Picks), cardstock package (Michaels)
Tools: Watercolor pencils (Michaels), Aquapen (Michaels), Chalk (coming soon)
Embellishments: Stickles, Dimensional Pearls, ribbon (Wal-Mart), stickers (Dollarama)



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It’s Spring, Baby…

Posted by Catherine on February 9, 2009

…no, it’s really not, but it sure feels like it outside! Since yesterday, our temperatures were in the +6 (C) area…sorry, I don’t know what the faranheit conversion of that would be, but let’s just say it’s very warm! It continued like that today and I hear it’ll feel like this for the next couple of days! It would be cruel of Mother Nature to tease me so and let me feel such nice balmy weather and then take it all back and give me snow…just cruel, I tell you…

I’ve been looking at my latests posts and can I tell you that I’m seeing a lot of PINK. WOW! Blame it all on Marti for giving me such DELICIOUS, YUMMALICIOUS Bo Bunny paper for my birthday! I hadn’t actually ever used Bo Bunny until now, but it’s so nice and I *LOVE* how they’re double-sided! Double the options, double the fun!

I was recently on SCS the other day and you know how easily enabled I am. They were talking about cheaper alternatives to COPICs (so this would be at the time when I hadn’t gone crazy and ordered them yet)…actually, on a COMPLETELY different track, I just realized that I was sitting here typing in complete DARKNESS. It wasn’t dark when I started, but now I can barely see anything but this screen! *giggles*

Okay, where was I? Oh right, the enableness of me. They were talking about using watercolor pencils and from the tips and techniques they were sharing and from the examples they were showing, it was like a complete mind-takeover. I NEEDED them. I think I actually zipped on over to Michaels with my wrinkled 40% coupon right after work that same day.

So even though my COPICs are coming (hopefully tomorrow – keep your fingers crossed…and your toes too, for added luck!) I have found that I am loving using watercolours! It takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s so much fun and having a paintbrush in hand definitely makes me feel more artsy fartsy. The card I did for today was coloured using watercolor pencils and my brush pen!

Please excuse the picture…I know my photography leaves something to be desired, but hopefully that will change soon – one money-consuming hobby at a time, my friends…

So I didn’t upload a very large picture, but if you looked closely, you can kind of see the sparkly-ness of my little hedgy baby and her hammock. Again, being pre-COPIC-era, I also don’t have Spica pens, so I used my Sakura glitter gel pens and they seemed to work pretty great too! They were a bit strong, but I took my aqua pen and blended them into the colouring and it turned out fabulous! A little extra shading and SHIMMER! I tried really hard not to go overboard on the shimmer…I stopped myself before I shimmered the baby itself.

All products and materials are from Pez-a-Doodle Designs (hyperlinked) unless otherwise stated

Stamp: Penny Black (Scribe’s Nook)
DP: Bo Bunny
Ink: Ranger Archival Ink
Embellishments/Tools: Reeves Watercolor Pencil set (Michaels), Aquapen (Michael), Sakura Glitter Gel Pen (Scribe’s Nook), Scor-Pal, CM Oval Cutter (CM), pink flat-backed pearls (Dollarama), ribbon (Dollarama), Sticker (Dollarama), dimensional foam (Dollarama)
Techniques: Coloring with watercolor pencils, painting with Sakura glitter gel pen and aquapen


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