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I believe…

Posted by Catherine on April 1, 2009

…the children are our future, I believe in God the Father Almighty, I believe in angels, I believe that Trix are for kids, I believe that nobody knows how they really get the caramel in the Caramilk bar…

I also believe…

...that fairies live here...

...that fairies live here...

Now obviously I believe in some of those certain things more than I believe in others!

Keeping in line with my try at ‘scene’ looking kind of cards, I took another shot at it – this time with my wonderful Studio G stamps!  All of the stamps are from the fairy set, I believe that’s Series…27? 

I don’t know what it is with the fairy stamps and alcohol inks.  I think the whimsical-ness, fantasy-like feeling of it just calls alcohol inks to mind for me.  I just don’t feel like any kind of patterned paper would do the wishy-washy, magical feel that I want to create that alcohol inks can!  This time I tried out another technique that I learned at the Tim Holtz class that I took with Marti, the queen of alcohol inks herself.  I took a scrap piece of plastic and trickled a few drops of alcohol ink, blending solution and metallic mixative.  Next, I took a piece of glossy cardstock and placed it glossy-side-down onto the kaleidescope of ink and metallic mixative.  Sliding the paper and lifting produced a certain kind of effect and I enhanced it even more by ‘dribbling’ a few more droplets of belinding solution.  Like always, photos can’t capture how shimmery the metallic mixative makes the whole background.

Can one individual project be over-shimmered and over-glittered? Naaaaah!

…for each of the mushroom houses and the fairy princess and the flower, I added Diamond Stickles.  *sighs* Can’t get enough glitter I tell you!

For the flowery grass and the mushroom houses, I also got out my aquapen and pearl white Perfect Pearl and painted over the entire image.  The white Perfect Pearl is completely sheen so that all the Copic colouring I did shows through, but it adds even MORE shimmer.  In the first picture, anywhere you can see the glare of the flash, that’s all shimmered or glittered.  I mounted my scene onto plain white cardstock and couldn’t resist Stickle-ing that as well! *LOL*  Overboard?  I THINK NOT!

You know what kind of fairies are living in those cute little mushroom houses?  PDD Playgroup Playmates!!!

HAHAHAHA, did I just make my DT sisters sound like centerfolds?  Yikes!  Hope they don’t mind!  But GUESS WHAT?!?!?!

IT’S APRIL 1st!!!

…and that means that the Pezzy’s Playgroup is OFFICIALLY in action!  So won’t you come out and play?  They certainly are!  Please drop by each of their blogs to give them a warm welcome and to see what they’re playing around with!  Today will be their first official PDD Wednesday and I’m sure they are ready to BLOW YOU AWAY!

Just a little tid-bit of information to help add to the fun and excitement of today, Marti’s told me that some certain things have arrived and will be SOOOOOOO ready to be available to everyone soon!  I know that’s a sucky tid-bit but I’m trying REALLY hard not to blab it all out right now!  I am so, So, SO excited for the things to come over at Pez-a-Doodle Designs and I am SO happy to be a part of it all – not just that I get the inside scoop, but that I’ve been able to actually be a part of the process! *squeals* Oooooh, I promise you, you need to stick nice and close so you won’t miss the fun!!!

…and THAT’S my PDD Wednesday project for you!  Thank you SO (wow, how many times can I say ‘so’ in one post??? So, so, suck my toe!!!) much for dropping by and visiting me!  I truly appreciate everyone who mosey’s on over this way!  You all are what makes this already fun hobby, FUNNER!  Please let me know what you think of the blinged-out project today and don’t forget to visit the Playgroup and you can always join in on the fun and play along with us!  Just a reminder that the Studio G treat holder challenge is still ongoing over on PCP!

All hyperlinked products and materials are from Pez-a-Doodle Designs

Stamps: Studio G
Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black, Alcohol Ink, Metallic Mixative
Medium: Copic Markers
Tools/Embellishments: Perfect Pearls, Aquapen, pop-dots, Blending Solution, STICKLES!



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Enchanted fairies…

Posted by Catherine on March 25, 2009

…for a fairy happy birthday!

Hi everyone!  I’m back and I’m CER-TI-FIED! Copic Certified that is! 

Yesterday was the Copic Certification course and I made the two hour trek over to Brampton to play with markers!  It was so funny, when I booked the day off and my co-workers were asking me where I was going or what I’d be doing, I was like…oooh you know…*coughs* colouring *coughs* HAHAHAHA…some people just don’t get it.

Anywho, I was a teeny, tiny bit late getting into the class due to the insane amount of traffic I had to weave through…*sighs* if you were on the 401 yesterday and saw a black Honda with a crazy little asian driver at the wheel looking slightly deranged, that might have been me!  If the crazy little asian driver looking slightly deranged had ink stains on the fingers that were gripping the wheel in a death grip, that really WAS me! HAHAHAHA…

So the class went very well!  It was so informative and really got to the background of Copics and the nitty gritty of the right papers and inks and techniques!  You can’t get any better than having Marianne Walker walk around to each of your tables to demonstrate each individual technique!  I definitely have a lot to practice, but after the class, I’m definitely not as intimidated by the markers as I once was!  Now where’s MY COPIC BLINKIE!? *LOL*

The other day was a very bad day for me too.  I was baaaad!

Studio G Series 28

Wood Mounted


Studio G Series 27

*SQUEALS* They are so.freaking.CUTE!  I’d roll all over them and throw them up in the air à la Demi Moore in that one movie, however, like my Stickles, my Studio G’s like to be un-rolled on – I imagine the wouldn’t stamp as well…

So before my hubby could get bent out of shape about the purchase (he still doesn’t really know about it actually…what’s a marriage without a little mystery in it to keep it exciting!? *LOL) I turned around and USED them! ALREADY! I know!!!  Avid Studio G collector I am no more! I am a Studio G USER!  Join me, won’t you?

Inside of the card says: "Have a fairy happy birthday!"

Close up view

Oh I *LOVE* those fairies!  I love the WHOLE set!  I LOVE Studio G’s! *hyperventillating*  HAHAHAHA…you just can NOT go wrong with this set…it’s so whimsical and fancy free, plus there are also some cute images in it for a more cutesy look!

I used SCS sketch challenge SC220 for the basic idea for the card idea – twisted it around a little bit, but the spiritof the sketch is there!  To add to the woodsy, foresty, fairy feel, I pulled out my glossy cardstock and alcohol inked my background.  I ran out of the felt for my ink applicator tool, so I used the foam and it worked just as well.  Using Lettuce and Eggplant on my foam applicator, I randomly stomped on my glossy carstock until the entire cardstock was inked.  I turned to my wonderful blending solution and soaked my foam blending tool and dabbed that all over my inked carstock to create some wonderful effects with the ink that was already laid down.  But I wasn’t done yet!  Next, I squirted Stickles and Glitz Stickles in Patina and another colour I can’t remember and I blended that wonderful glitterlicious goodness ALL OVER to create an awesome glittered, alcohol inked background.  It’s GOOOOOR-JUS! 

Next, I stamped my Enchanted stamp into versamark and then covered it with wonderfully smooth, rich, creamy Versamagic ink and heat embossed for the raised look on my oval nestability shape.  I left the die on the shape while I chalked around the perimeter.

Lastly, my wonderful fairies got a little treat of what I learned from my Copic class and the blending techniques.  They’re so tiny you can’t really see it, but I also heat embossed them too to make them REALLY stand out and I shimmered them up with some shimmer from my Sakura glitter pens.  A little pop-dots and they were soaring all over my card!

That’s pretty much the basics of how I got my card together!  Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting me!

All hyperlinked products and materials are from Pez-a-Doodle Designs

Stamps: Studio G (Series 27)
Ink: Alcohol Ink (Lettuce, Eggplant), Versamark Watermark Pad, Versamagic
Medium: Copic Markers
Embellishments: Stickles/Glitz Stickles, Rhinestones, Sakura Glitter Gel Pens
Tools: Foam ink applicator, Blending Solution, pop-dots, embossing puff


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