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Window to Spring…

Posted by Catherine on May 6, 2009

…HAPPY PDD Wednesday, everyone! 

I am SO sorry I’ve been all over the place…it’s definitely hard to get command of that mojo again after being down and under! 

I missed the last of the release festivities from Marti’s last stamp series, but I still wanted to play with the last stamp set.  When this card was made, it was actually done using the digital stamp of the image as I hadn’t gotten my actual rubber stamp just yet (of course, it came the next day when the card was done!).

So I was going for a cottage-y feel for this card.  I used Crackle Paint and painted aaaall over the whole base of the card and my “window”.  I was thinking the inside of a cabin…with walls made of wood and old, peeling paint…that was the look I was going for anyway.  I helped my crackle paint along with my heat gun because I am that impatient, and once it was dry, I took my Paint Dabber and very lightly ran it over the “walls” for some kind of look that I’m looking for….maybe like a white washed look???

I coloured my image in with Copics and fell back on tne wonderfully easy, but awesome impact-giving cloud technique for the sky and mounted my image with the “window” using dimensional foam.

I tried to get a little creative with the “curtain” for my window, but as you can TOTALLY see, my sewing skills leave much to the imagination…

Of COURSE Pez-a-Blings had to make it into the mix somehow too!

Anywho, that’s it for me today!  If you haven’t had a chance, please make sure you head on over to Pez-a-Doodle Designs today or within the next few weeks, she’s released a bunch of new goodies already, but if you can believe it, there’s MORE coming! *giggles* It’s a seeeecret, but it’ll be a good one – and I’m not just saying that because I had a little hand in it….*LOL*

Thanks for dropping by, I’m planning on staging an all-out manhunt for my mojo, so I’m hoping that I’ll be back in full force ASAP!  Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

All hyperlinked products and materials are from Pez-a-Doodle Designs

Stamp(s): Pezzy’s Garden
Medium: Copic Markers
Ink: Brilliance Dew Drop (for my clouds!)
Embellishments/Tools: Crackle Paint, Paint Dabber, Pez-a-Bling



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Pez-a-Doodle Designs: Stamp Release #1 – BLOG HOP!

Posted by Catherine on April 16, 2009

…Hel-looooooo everyone!

Today is THE day!  I thought it would never get here, I guess the wait wasn’t too bad though because I was having so much fun reading everyone’s guesses on the hints!  There were some reeeeally good ones, so good job at your guessing skills, or good job on my hinting skills! HAHAHAHA…

So this is the FIRST stop on our FIRST PDD Playgroup Blog Hop!  Let me just tell you that I am having so much fun being a part of this Design Team, it’s crazy!  It doesn’t even feel like work or assignments or anything and I’m making SUCH good friends.  I’ve never been a part of such a great bunch of ladies.  Soooooo nice and encouraging! *hugs* Okay, that was a PDD group hug moment, now I’m getting on with it!  I know that’s what you’re thinking anyway, right?!

Oh, right, I just remembered a few things I want to touch on before I get on with the show (I’ll make it quick, I promise!)  So as the girls and I have already mentioned before, Marti is set to release THREE new SERIES of stamps.  So what that means is within the next few weeks the three stamps we are unveiling will be the first of each of the three series.  So this reveal here will be the FIRST stamp of the FIRST SERIES!  In short, what I mean to say is that there is SO MUCH MORE awesome stamps COMING! *squeals* I tooooold you Marti’s got so much fun things in store for us!

So without further ado, I give you:

Picnic Bug

Picnic Bug - Bee

If you’re in need of a quickie blog hoppity-hop, the next place you’ll want to hop on over to will be SANDIE’S BLOG.  You definitely won’t want to miss having a peek at her creation and take on the stamp release for today!  So if you’re on your way, thanks so much for stopping by and if you’re needing this little guy in a big way, he is available as a DIGITAL STAMP for $2.50 for THREE DAYS only, or if digital just isn’t your “thang” he is of course available in good ol’ rubber over at Pez-a-Doodle Designs.  If you’ve got a bit more time to hang out with me, please don’t let me stop you and keep on reading!


So many of your guesses were so close, weren’t they?!  I loved how there were insect cook-out guesses, picnics and so forth!  So TA-DAAAA!  There he is – at least I think it’s a he.  He’s a he to me!  The beauty of stamps like this is a regular ol’ stamp can change in so many different ways depending on your mood.  For right now, he’s a bee…on a different day he can be a she with the right embellishments or a change of colour in the kerchief….he can be blue, purple, green, mulitcolored, he can be sitting inside, outside, it can be sunny, raining…I LOOOOVE the versatility of stamps and I LOVE the versatility of THESE stamps!

Available as a DIGITAL STAMP for $2.50 (THREE DAYS ONLY!)

Available as a DIGITAL STAMP for $2.50 (THREE DAYS ONLY!)

Here’s a bit of a closer look at things and I’ll give you a lowdown…

Starting today, if you must, must, must have this little guy NOW (I’m a NOW kinda girl, so I would definitely understand – and besides, he’s so CUTE he is a NOW kinda thing to have!), Marti is offering him up for those who are digitally inclined.  Starting today, for THREE days only, he will be available on as a Digital Stamp for $2.50 as a release special!  After three days, he comes off the www and it’s rubber only.  I’ve got him in both forms and there are so many advantages to BOTH!  Digitally means he can be ANY size you so choose, he can be flipped and rotated and he can be “stamped” in whatever ink colour you are feeling as well and like I said before, you can have him NOOOOW! 

I know there are some people out there that still love to have that RUBBAH in their hands and he is also FABULOUS in good, ol’ fashioned red rubber.  He comes beautifully packaged and he inks up so NICE and CLEAN and I’m tellin’ ya, to stamp him, I didn’t need anything fancy or extra in terms of foam under my paper, etc., etc.  Just threw on a bit of Aileen’s tack it over on him and just stamped away.  In terms of stamping, less work is more for me, ya know?  Along with the rubber, he also comes with three accessories.  If you look closely at the yellow background panel, you’ll see a smaller size watermelon and a teeny tiny leaf.  He actually comes with a leaf BORDER (I was bad and cut ONE one leaf off of the border so I could have a single teeny tiny stamp to use for my gackground) and he also comes with a larger size watermelon.  I used those extras to stamp all over my plain yellow cardstock to make a random background paper.

As you can OBVIOUSLY see, I can go on about these stamps until kingdom come, but I’m going to stop myself right there as I’m sure you’re itching to get hopping!  The next stop on your PDD BLOG HOP is SANDIE’S BLOG to have a look at her take on the wonderful stamp!  Once you’ve completed your blog hop and you STILL haven’t gotten enough and have caught the Pez-a-Doodle ‘bug’ please be sure to stop on over to the rest of the Playgroup’s blogs to see their creations.  We were all very excited for the start of the new releases, and I guarantee you the excitement for each of the releases coming is just going to get bigger and better!

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget abou the next two releases coming up next week!  You’ll definitely want to check JULIA’S BLOG today for the FIRST of the three hints going on for the NEXT series!  Again, if you guess at each of the three hints over the next few days, you’ll qualify for a chance to win a digital copy of the upcoming release!  If you fell in love with this series, I even MORE than guarantee that you’re going to positively *SQUEAL* over the next series!

All hyperlinked products and materials are from Pez-a-Doodle Designs

Stamp: Bug Picnic – Bee – Exlusively from Pez-a-Doodle Designs
Ink: Memento Ink, Brilliance Dew Drop Ink
Medium: Copic Markers
Paper: DCWV Blossoms & Butterflies, Creative Memories Pastel Cardstock
Embellishments: *New* Pez-a-Bling Embellies, Stickles, Perfect Pearls
Tools: Versamark, Clear Embossing Powder, Heat Gun, Embossing Puff


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In Remembrance…

Posted by Catherine on April 9, 2009

…of all the brave chocolate bunnies who sacrificed themselves so that we may enter into chocolate-induced comas this Easter…

BWAHAHAHAHA…that picture still cracks me up each and every time I get it – and I pretty much get it every year!  Poor little wabbits…they are used to make children believe that they can lay colourful chocolate eggs, they are forever imprisoned in an endless energetic pace to the beat of their drum just to prove that they can keep going and going and going, but they can never have the Trix because it’s for kids.  It seems to be that although rabbits sure are popular, they seem to have gotten the short end of the stick.  Sorry, bunnies…

Anywho, I’m back with my treat card update!  Drumroll please, Mr. Energizer Bunny…

Ta-Daaaaaa…oh I like this picture much better, you can really see the shimmery yumminess of the entire card!  Just fabulous!  So there is my little chocolate bunny surrounded by his chocolate bunny circle buddies.  Because I had made a double fold in the center, the card sits nice even with the chocolates in there and can even fit into a box-envelope should I feel inclined to make one.  My husband was already eyeing the chocolate as I stuck them in the card (using double-sided tape) so I don’t think that I want to put too much more obstacles between him and his beloved chocolate. *LOL*

So that’s it for me and my Easter projects – I have a few more cards to make but I won’t put too much effort into them because I’ll actually be giving them away.  BWAHAHAHAHA…you’ve made cards, you know what I mean…you get it!  Apparently, Easter will be at my house this year so I’ve got a TON of cleaning to do and I’ll be putting my crock pot to work so that I’ll have more time cleaning up after myself and throwing everything that I don’t want seen behind rooms with doors that can close and making sure I tell all the kids that they can NOT go into those rooms! *LOL*  My mom said I’d have an easier time and feel less stressed about hosting if I would just keep the house clean on a regular basis.  Is she kidding me?  I’m an artist, you can’t expect me to be neat too!  Seriously…

..but before I hippity hop away to mass, just reminding you of Pez-a-Doodle Design’s BRAND NEW STAMP RELEASES coming up in the next couple of weeks!  The whole big announcement to announce all the shenanigans will go up on the 12th, so once you’ve hunted all the eggs, eaten all the turkey and before you pass out, please check back here again to get the 411 and the low-down on what’s shakin’.  HAHAHAHA…I so can’t pull that talk off in real life…I’m well into having all my projects ready for the releases so I am in an awesome position to be able to tell you that these stamps are aaaaawesome!!!  You’ll want them.  Trust me.  They are a necessity.  If I didn’t already have them, I’d want them…*LOL* Alright!  I’m off…if I don’t see you back here this weekend, please have a WONDERFUL Easter long-weekend!


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Hippity hop…

Posted by Catherine on April 8, 2009

…I hear the bunny hoppin’ ever closer with every day that passes!!!

…and he’ll be bringing this for my HUBBY!

*LOL* I swear I tried not to make this too girly, but I am very bad at masculine like things, so I just finished it off whichever way I wanted.  Bart will be looking at what’s inside anyway! 

I will post an updated picture of what this will look like when it’s finished, but basically, this isn’t your normal kind of card.  Instead of making on single fold in the middle to make the usual card, I put two score lines down the middle about an inch apart from each other and folded those down so that it leaves some space inside the card when folded.  You can’t see if but if you look up at the top of the card, the top is actually flat.

I was planning on putting a sentiment on the inside of the card to be seen when the card is closed, but instead I found a cute, sort of flat chocolate bunny that I will be sticking to the inside of the card to “peek” out of the window.  (Marti thought I was just Nestability crazy and couldn’t resist putting an oval cut-out in the card! HAHAHAHA, partly true!)  So I will post that up tonight as I wasn’t able to really put it all together because Bart was unusually hanging over my shoulder.  I swear, I think that man could smell the chocolate I was hiding! *LOL*

Anywho, I just used my plain ol’ cardstock and randomly stamped my little swirly Sprinkled background lightly in Rich Cocoa Memento ink.  I pop-dotted my awning up and also glued on my grungeboard flourish and went crazy with Perfect Pearl mist (which we will be talking about in tomorrow’s April Spotlight!).  I just LOOOVE how Perfect Pearls can make a plain white cardstock card MORE in two seconds flat!  I used two mini misters for this and mixed in Gold Perfect Pearls and water in one and Pink Perfect Pearls and water in the other and just took turns spritzing.  Thank goodness the pink is very sheer and subtle.  I’m not sure how Bart would really like a pink chocolate holder card no matter how much chocolate is in it! *LOL* Metrosexual, he aint, so no pink for that man!

I coloured my Chocolate Treat in with Copics (of course!) and took my Versamark PEN (AWWWWESOME THING that you will get to meet during Spotlight) and coloured in the entire “cake” part and sprinkled Distress Embossing powder and heat set for that gritty textured  kind of cake look…I used my Stickles for a fabulous sparkly filling and my Glossy Accents to make my candy topping shiny and sumptuous!  Heck, talking about this is making me want to EAT! HAHAHAHA…

That’s it for me today!  I kept the card pretty simple and added the bow near the end, right before I took the picture.  The simple stamping and the Perfect Pearl misting was very easy to get together and does NOT require much cleanup (if at all, you can store your solution of Perfect Pearls and water in the mister for a while!) and it still gives a look of more even though not a lot of products were used!

Please check back with me tomorrow for a continuation of our introduction to Perfect Pearls and some basic tutorials to get you started!  In the meantime, happy PDD Wednesday and happy hump day – long weekend, I’m comin’!

All hyperlinked products and materials are from Pez-a-Doodle Designs

Stamps: Polkadot Pie Chocolate Treats 2, Polkadot Pie Sprinkled Background
Ink: Memento Ink in Rich Cocoa
Embellishment: Perfect Pearls in Interference Red and Heirloom Gold, Flourish Grungeboard, Stickles, Glossy Accents, Distress Embossing Powder
Tools: MS Punch, Foam ink blending tool, Versamark Pen, Mini Misters


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Lamb of God…

Posted by Catherine on April 3, 2009

…a shorter post than usual for me today!  I totally overdid it at dinner last night and I think I’m in a semi-state of carb coma.  I am having the hardest time keeping my eyes open.  I think I might even have to re-do the card for today because my eyes were all wonky and it may not even be aligned properly.  *LOL*

I’m going to share a little secret with you.  I’m not sure how noticeable it is, but did you wonder about the flowers?  I don’t usually just go around sticking flowers just everywhere.  Well, I do, but that wasn’t really my intention this time.  I made the stamping beginners’ all-time-high mistake.  I was inking up a sentiment stamp and I dropped the stamp onto my work.  *CRIES* Yeah, I did!  So a big, inky, blobby mess is under one of those flowers.  I’m not going to point out which one…*sighs* Too bad I wasn’t working on a distress kind of project, I could have worked around it.  But I was going for a nice, clean look today and wasn’t really wanting the flowers, but what’s a girl to do?  Start all over again when The Mister is already in the next room making harumphing noises?  I’d still like a little stamping/shopping freedom…no need to get the significant other too irritated with my hobby, right?

So, moving right along!  I was very sad that I didn’t have a lot more quality time with my High Hopes stamps that came in.  I pretty much stamped on the fly and just ran with it – hence the stamping disasted.  A stamper should never have to feel rushed, I think!  I pulled out this stamp first because of the proximity to Easter and because it’s just so lovely!

I coloured the image with my Copics – really working the fake-it-’til-you-make-it colouring technique! *LOL* (This was NOT taught at the Certification Class!) and I took my aquapen and perfect pearled the garment over the cross.  I would definitely say that Jesus’ robes deserve the shimmer.  Plus, I really think it helps add to the whole look of it being HOLY and kind of calls to mind the transfiguration, etc.  Yes, Perfect Pearls can DO that, but I digress…

I Stickled the wonderful, grassy null that my beautiful little lamb is sitting on and I used my wonderfully creamy Versamagic ink to make the cloudy background.  This required a little masking.  I haven’t done quite so much masking in this way, but it was actually pretty easy.  I had already stamped the original image onto my oval and I just took one of my test stamps and cut it out pretty roughly and temporarily taped it on top so I was free to go crazy with the cloud-makin’!  Once I lifted off the mask, I had a nice cloudy background backlighting my main focal point.  I was very happy with it – and then I dropped my inked stamp on top of it.  *SCREECH*  Since I already had my aquapen and Perfect Pearls out, I proceeded to paint Perfect Pearl all over the raised parts of the embossed background paper.  Some non-Kaiser flat-backed pearls helped finish off the image.  I didn’t include the sentiment because I was harboring some resentment against it for it’s part in ruining my work and forcing me to succumb to the use of flowers.  I’m sure I will forgive it eventually…

That’s it for me today.  I’ve got an ALL DAY scrap day planned out tomorrow with a CM consultant but it’s kind of boring so I usually end up bringing all my contraband stuff and doing my own ‘thang’ at the retreat.  She never really specifically says it’s not allowed and she can hardly NOT let me because I always seem to come away with a ton of CM stuff anyway!  But I’m hoping that the mandatory all-dayness of the event will force me to get a TON of advance things done (RELEASE DAY IS COMING!!!) and I won’t have to worry about suffering from anymore carb comas.  If you’ve got a moment, please let me know what you think of today’s project and my first Perfect Pearl tutorial will be going up this MONDAY for the very start of the first week of my April Spotlight!  If you just NEED to know about Perfect Pearls ASAP, please check out Marti’s blog for the introduction and product comparison! 

Thank you SO much for stopping by, I hope that you’re having a wonderful Friday and let’s get our weekend OOOON!

(Will be back to post the products and materials)


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