Retreating from Retreats

Posted by Catherine on March 16, 2010


Bart and I took our youth group to a retreat a couple hours out of town and…I don’t even know what to say! *LOL*  Let’s just say that I felt like a stressed out mother to six teenaged girls (*wince*) and five teenaged boys (*more wince*) and that was just our group.  When we got there, the hosting group had over 100 more youth and my kids went ca-RAY-zeeeee!  They haven’t seen their friends for more than four months so it was definitely hard to keep them all in line *sighs*  The place that we were staying was stil 40 minutes from the actual venue so we were getting up at 5 and 5:30 am just to get ready and be at the venue on time…add daylight savings time’s spring forward to the mix and *screams*  Anyway, besides my complaining and some other hard to endure moments, the weekend was a wonderful success!  Still…Bart and I won’t be lining up to go to another one of those any time soon!!!

But I did get some things made today!  Oh first, here’s the rest of the gift that I made for the couple who played host to us for the evenings!


The card is the one I showed here in a previous post and that’s the matching gift bag that I went to house my Bath & Body hand soaps.  I know it seems a little…lacking, but I made that in less than an hour right after I got home and before I started packing and somewhere around the time that I was stressing out trying to get everything done.

But I digress….

Today I volunteered to make a card and gift packaging for a friend of mine at work.  You’re definitely going to think that it’s pretty much the same as the cards I’ve been making.  Please forgive me, I haven’t cleaned my scrap table since I started crafting again so these were the supplies that were right in front of me so that’s what I used…I PROMISE I’ll try something new next time! *LOL*

A sliding gift box and a sorta matching card to go with it. 

If you’re curious, the inside contains a Nintendo DS game! *LOL*

 So can you guess what I was trying out for the first time while doing this project? VIVA DECOR!  And it is DEFINITELY as fabulous as Marti has been swooning about!  I couldn’t stop myself from pearling everything I could possibly pearl.

Anyway, hubby’s running around after Chewy who seems to be dry heaving and thinking the new couch just might be the BEST place to hang out…*squeal*

Thanks for visiting!  Hope to see you again soon!


One Response to “Retreating from Retreats”

  1. pezadoodle said

    love love love it!! annd i don’t think they look the same t all! the pearling is FAB too!!!!!

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