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A Kinkade Kind of Christmas…

Posted by Catherine on October 22, 2008

…while doing some “blurfing” (as what RobynStamps likes to refer to it as), I came across a blogger who made a couple Christmas cards using Thomas Kinkade paper.

Thomas Kinkade. Has. Scrapbooking. Paper.

*mouth slightly ajar*

Well of COURSE I had to get some and oh boy, are these papers FAAABULOUS!

These days, I only have time to shop and not so much time to actually play with the fun things I buy, so I kept the cards pretty simple – it’s Thomas Kinkade! you hardly need to dress it up anymore!

The paper is from Cornish Heritage Farms and the only thing this needed was STICKLES (

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


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Think ink – part two…

Posted by Catherine on October 21, 2008

…so I posted that birthday card I recently made on the Cricut board and a few people mentioned that they were a little bit intimidated of inks.

My only thought was, “Don’t be!” I used to be, too – but you just have to be willing to play around and get dirty (your desk, your papers, your projects, your fingers…LOL…and in my case, the floor and what you’re wearing) and you’ll come up with some pretty fabulous things!

I thought I would put together a few things to show what fun things can be done with ink pads!

Inks pictured: Kaleidacolor, Studio G, Brilliance Dew Drops, Adirondack
Other materials: Glossy cardstock, Rubber Brayer

As always, supplies (unless otherwise stated) are from Marti over at Pez-a-Doodle! (Actually, I’m looking at the picture now and ALL materials are from Pez-a-Doodle! What are you waiting for? Get over there!)

First I just started by playing around with background stamps and glossy cardstock (I heart glossy cardstock!) Take your background stamp and pick a few random ink pad colours. Mix them up, they don’t really need to be all one brand! The only thing to remember though is stamp light colours before stamping on the darker colours – less likely to contaminate a darker coloured ink pad with light colours than it would be the other way around! And voila, you get something like this:

Background Stamp a Pez-a-Doodle exclusive!

Pretty! Just an easy, simple way to dress up a background stamp – rather than have it being one solid colour!

Another way to get some colour on that glossy cardstock:

You can NOT go wrong with multicolour inkpads! I used Kaleidacolor in Fruit Cake and Cappuccino Delight and using a brayer, applied all the bright pretty colour onto my cardstock! The whole technique was so laid back, I didn’t even worry about where the colour was going, I just brayered the whole piece like crazy until I was satisfied with the colour. Decorate to your heart’s desire!

Did these sound easy to do? Well then what are you waiting for? Get out your inks and play!


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Think ink…

Posted by Catherine on October 20, 2008

…and the rest will fall into place!

I had exactly half an hour to get a card together before I got back in my car with The Mister and headed over to Red Lobster! I have no idea how long my cousin and I have had this tradition going, but every year on her birthday we always go to Red Lobster – and for some funny reason, we always end up in the same section of the restaurant, at pretty much the same table. The people seem to change too, the only people who are in all the pictures throughout the years are her and I. *smiles* Okay, can you tell she’s my most favourite cousin, and one of the most favourite people ever?

So anywho, when I went to the States for my shopping trip we went to a Guess Accessory outlet store and HOLY MOLY, look what shimmied and said, “Yoo-hoo, look at ME!”

…and I said, “Well hel-loooo BEAUTIFUL!”

Can I tell you how much my cousin ADORES all things Guess? So I admired and coveted and thought this would be the perfect gift for her, and “guess” what? it was 50% off! 50 FREAKING percent OFF! Guess how fast these were in my hot little hands, paid for and in the trunk of the car? HAHAHA…I actually bought a second pair in pink for another girlfriend of mine.

Anywho, I’m so digressing. I needed a fabulous card to go along with my FABULOUS gift! Weeeell, imagine how buckling all the pressure was!

I get into my scraproom and wade through all the fun stuff and I stumble across tons and tons of Studio G inks! I figure now is definitely the time to use them and taaaa-daaaa!

Pretty colours! And the perfect way to accent pretty Studio G ink colors was a piece of paper from the Glitter Stack!

Fun little tip – the inks weren’t expensive anyways and I wanted a more colorful approach for the sentiment, so I stamped a bunch of ink colors all over the stamp and voila!

All Studio G inks can be found at


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Oh to be American…

Posted by Catherine on October 19, 2008

…if only to have daily access to all your fantastically FABULOUS craft stores!

I crossed the border this past weekend my friends, and let me just say, I was *SO* jealous of you Americans!

I mean, you have a Michael’s which is fine because I do too, but you have a Michael’s with STUFF! And more than that, you have a Jo-Ann’s, a Hobby Lobby and I didn’t even get a chance to find a…crap, I forget the name of the other craft store I was jealous of you for. Plus your Wal-Mart’s have TONS of scrapping stuff. *sighs wistfully*

Anywho, a little peek-a-boo at my trip:

Well, who can say no to 50% off? *giggles* They were Christmas presents though, I was a good girl!

The Queen is *SO* jealous of me right now…

I seriously sat down on the ground and stared…

Okay, I was a good girl up until this point!

Oh, how I love thee…

*whew* That last picture there…HOLY MOLY! If we had one of these in Canada…


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Clearly Stickle-licious…

Posted by Catherine on October 15, 2008

…well look at me go! I am so happy that I seem to be back into the groove of things! I feel like scrapping and playing and I have TIME to do it! And I’m back to my regular ol’ shopping ways, which is kind of bad right now because I’m trying to lower my debt! HAHAHA…

Anywho, there’s nothing like getting back into the swing of things than by getting out your STICKLES!

I snuck a peek at Marti’s blog ( while I was at work to see what she’s been up to and my eyes were wonderfully assaulted by fabulously GLITTERY and SPARKLY YUMMINESS! So with the instructions already there, I couldn’t NOT try it out!

Here’s my take!

Look out! Picture-heavy because I am LOVING all over this card if I do say so myself!

Here we go: I cut down a piece of acetate (transparency paper, overhead paper – whatever you like to call it) and Cuttlebugged it with my choice of folder (the designs with bigger embossed “wells” work the best for this type of project. I had to add a thin piece of paper in between the plates to really get the sheet embossed. Next I just chose my stickles and filled in the wells. I had to do two sessions of Stickle-ing and drying until I had the right amount of glitter in my wells.

‘Nuff said, get your Stickle on!


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