Posted by Catherine on April 6, 2010

Just a quick post today! 

I was having the WORST time making Easter cards this past weekend.  I was very happy to think that I had all day Friday and Saturday to make cards to give out to my family on Sunday and Monday, but sadly that was SO not the case!  My mojo was fizzled, I tell ya!  In the end, I ended up making and giving out ones that I weren’t pleased with – in fact, I didn’t even take pictures of them!

Yesterday, I decided I would also make my mother-in-law a card for when we went over to have Easter dinner and I literally threw this card together in less than 20 minutes!


I was so happy that I’d finally gotten my old printer to work (thank you for having printer drivers available for download!) since my old laptop where the printer was installed was no longer working!  But anywho, printer working = me being able to print stuff!  I picked out a favourite Easter scripture/passage/quote and typed it up, embellishing some of the words that I thought were special, printed it out and Nestied it out!  I got out my DCWV At Home stack (I can’t really remember what it’s called, but I’m sure it had the word HOME in it) and just picked out two sheets!  I made a little booboo on the Nestie cut-out while I was chalking the edges so I covered it with a BRIDE flower and used a couple more to add a little bit of je ne sais pas to the card!  Made sure to remember to use one of my edge punches (ever feel like you have so much stuff sometimes that you forget to use half of it?) and turned to my fabulous crocheted ribbon and voila!

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be back later with my supply list!

2 Responses to “Easter…”

  1. Nice blog…is it a customized theme?

  2. Sharon H said

    Love the card, especially the sentiment!

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