Prayer-full of cards!

Posted by Catherine on March 4, 2010

The funny thing was that I didn’t even think I was going to come up with anything when I went down to tinker around in the craft room.  I was chit-chatting with Marti *gasp* I KNOW, it was in the EVENING since she’s trying to see if she can turn herself into a night owl!  SO I was online trying to keep her awake and I wondered aloud if I should go down and play and she was pretty much, “get your butt down there, young lady!” (even though that’s not what she said).  So I brought my laptop down and kind of just sat around talking to her and I got one of those feelings again.  The bad, expensive feeling that you get where you feel you can’t really create anything until you go out and get: (insert whatever item here).  Last night, I felt I just couldn’t really make anything unless I go out and get more cream cardstock because I ran out.  So off I went to print a coupon and mosey-ed on over to Michaels!

It was bad.  I came home with more than cream cardstock.  In fact, with all the things I got fascinated with, I almost FORGOT the cream cardstock which is such an epic fail considering that’s what I went there for in the first place!  But I came home with that and DCWV’s At Home stack, My Mind’s Eye Home glitter stack in 6×6, some new Cuttlebug folders (my M’s having them is a MIRACLE just like broccolli, so I couldn’t pass it up!) and some other nicks and nacks.  Good thing (because it definitely wasn’t the spending!), I was able to actually come up with a little project that I quite *love*!

*swoons* Is it bad to be this into your own projects?!  AH WELL, I TOTALLY AM!

So anywho, yes, I re-used my prayer stamp.  I can’t help it, it’s my favourite sentiment stamp right now!  Do you know how you get hooked on a particular stamp for a while? Don’t worry, I’ll get over it soon, PLUS, this one has a purpose!  This card is actually going to be given away! I knooow, I’m giving away a card!  But I did make it specifically for my aunt who’s birthday is today and we’ve been invited over for dinner!

So tada!  Here’s another peek at it from an angle:

The inside will be finished tonight when I get home.  I had to cut the crafting time short as I had already been down playing for waaay longer than I promised I would be!

I just wanted to point out my fancy matching crocheted ribbon.  It was originally stark white which didn’t match the look I was going for, so instead of trying to find cream ribbon (since I REALLY wanted to use this ribbon) I grabbed my trusty ol’ mini mister, filled it with water and gold perfect pearls and added a TINY little drop of alcohol ink and voila!  Spritzed and sprayed to my heart’s content and dried the ribbon with my heat gun and it looks FAB-U-LOUSLY shimmery IRL!

Oh! AND I used my Cricut! w00t!

Anywho, that’s it for me for today!  Thanks for stopping by!

Cardstock: Cream and Navy Blue (from Michaels)
Patterned Paper: At Home by DCWV
Stamps: Stamp from a grab bag (ebay), Sentiment (I forget…check below! *LOL*)
Other: Crocheted ribbon, mini mister, perfect pearls, alcohol ink, paper piercer, Cricut, half-back pearls (dollar store)


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Say a little prayer for you…

Posted by Catherine on March 1, 2010

“From the moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup
I say a little prayer for you…
While combing my hair, while wonderin’ what dress to wear now
I say a little prayer for you…”

Aaaalrighty, nothing like a little Dionne Warwick (or Aretha Franklin – whichever version you prefer) to get your craft on!  You’ll have to excuse me for a moment, I’ve got it right at the good part, so don’t mind if I shake my groove thang before I share my project with you today! 

Okay!  I’ll just try to type while my shoulders do little shimmy shake-shakes!  The weekend was not the most productive weekend ever, in terms of crafting – actually, in terms of anything, considering I didn’t do much. If it’s still visible there on my sidebar, you’ll see that my fingers were quite twitter-y yesterday!  It you can still see it, you’ll have to pardon my “french” in one post…after all, one of Canada’s languages IS french, but unfortunately, not the en francais that I mean *clears throat* I think you’ll find that I did have good reason – I was planted in the  most comfiest spot of my uncle’s house for the BIG Canada vs. USA hockey game.  We went for GOLD and we did it!  Although, I am big enough to admit that it didn’t look that way in the last thirty seconds of the third period.  I couldn’t believe that Canada was about to not only HAND the gold medal over to the US, but they practically GIFT WRAPPED IT!  It was INTENSE, y’all!  This was pretty much the only thing I caught of the whole, entire Olympics (yeeeah, Olympics…wasn’t my thing, I guess!), but did it look like the medallists were being handed bunches of brocolli at the awarding ceremonies?  I was like, well, there’s pretty much every other sponsor under the sun, maybe brocolli is the OFFICIAL vegetable of the 2010 winter games – after all, brocolli has TWELVE essential nutrients and minerals all packed into little, tiny trees…now THAT’S a miracle!

But I digress!  Actually, I almost forgot why I was posting *insert small gasp here* I have a project to share! And even better, I am COMPLETELY, irrevocably (a la Bella and Edward if you noticed my choice of wording and you’re a big Twilight geek like me) in *LOVE* with it!  I think this is one of those cards that I won’t EVER be able to part with…not even to give to my MOTHER! *gasp* I know…

But anyhow, before I get myself all in a tither about my own project, here it is:

*swoons* Don’t you just love her? I do!  You’ll have to forgive the ugly photo editing.  I blurred out the background because you can totally, and I mean TOTALLY see the dust on the cabinet that I placed the card on.  BWAHAHAHAHA…who said creativity and…cleanliness go hand in hand?  Not I!  So instead of dusting and re-taking the shot, I just blurred it out…you can still tell where it is, but meh…LOOK AT THE CARD!

I don’t mean to toot my own horn so much, but this is the first project in a very long time that I have really ended up liking.  And it’s so funny how it came about from being really bored and mojo-less, to THIS!  I just wandered down to my scraproom on Saturday and sat here for HOURS looking around at my stuff and coming up with nothing.  I went online and ordered stuff (*giggles* I AM still the same ol’ me, after all!  I have some awesome Viva Decor pens – in glass, glitter and pearl and a BOW EASY coming!) but I still wasn’t inspired to make anything with what I had in front of me.  So I looked around some more, arranged my Copic markers and wondered which appendages or organs I don’t really need so I could sell them and use the money to buy more markers, but still…sadly, nothing!  So away I went and on Sunday, I was back to give it another go.

At least this time, I had SOMETHING in mind.  A colour scheme!  Sunday (besides being the most tinkle-inducing hockey game day) was also my grandmother’s death anniversary so we were getting together before the game to say a little prayer (inspiration #1) for her.  Before we got there, I stopped by the grocery store and picked up this sweetest, little daisy arrangement.  The daisies and flowers were all white and the tall vase that held them was this really nice creamy/ivory colour with a darker band of ivory/tan colour around the belly of it.  So I knew I wanted to make a prayer card with a stamp (I had just recently picked up a new stamp from my LSS at a ridiculous inflated price *shrugs* I’m supporting them, but I can still complain, can’t I?) I just got and I knew what colour theme I wanted it to be.  I also knew which stamp I wanted to use, but that was about it.  I had no idea in my mind what I wanted my card to look like, so to pass the time while my brain got creative, I decided I would stamp out some flowers.  I stamped out my first set of flowers three times and cut them out.  Staring at them, I thought I would layer them for a more 3D look to them, so I got out my mini mister, filled it with water and a little bit of gold Perfect Pearls and started spritzing my flowers.  I crinkled and crumpled and then dried them off with my heat gun.  I did the same for the other two flowers and once I was done, the idea was starting to take shape in my mind and voila, my card!

Since I was using a pretty basic colour scheme, I thought I would lively things up by adding more SHIMMER, but I didn’t want to use glitter because I still wanted to keep things pretty subtled.  After layering my little angel, I got out my pearl coloured Perfect Pearl and my water brush and brushed over her wings and her dress, and then I decided the flowers should get a quick coat as well.  I made her blonde with gold Perfect Pearls and pretty much over-shimmered everything else I could. I still couldn’t figure out how I wanted to lay the card out, so I left it and came back to it again this evening! WOW, is this blog post getting long or WHAT?!  I’m not even done!

Aaanywho, came back it it again tonight and it all pretty much just came together! YAY mojo!  Here’s a little close-up of the detail and shimmer:


Aaanyway, I guess that’s long winded enough!  See you all in a couple days, thanks for visiting!

Stamp(s): Whisper Angel – High Hopes Stamps, Flowers: Inkadinkado and Autumn Leaves, Sentiment: Verses Rubber Stamp
Ink: Memento in Rich Cocoa
Paper: Cardstock in cream and kraft, blue cardstock from DCWV Old World stack
Other: Cuttlebug system/embossing folder, Nestabilities, Perfect Pearls in pearl and gold, aqua brush, Sakura metallic glitter pen in gold, crocheted ribbon (dollar store), Fiskars border punch, half-back pearls

P.S. I would LOOOOVE to E-Mail my subscribers (are there any left?!?!) to let them know that I’m blogging again and that I’ve got a couple new blog posts up, but unfortuantely *screech* I’ve forgotten my FeedBlitz login and I’ll have to figure it out before I can get in touch with anybody – even myself, since I subscribed to my blog so I can make sure the subscriptions work, but I can’t send anything! *sighs*

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It’s Vintage, Baby…

Posted by Catherine on February 24, 2010

I’m trying to see if I can upload a photo and post using a WordPress app for my BB. I can’t get the picture to rotate, so it looks like I’ll habe to edit that manually when I get to my computer tomorrow…but, nonetheless, here’s a little product of playtime that I got this evening!

Stamp: Victorian Carriage – forgot again, I’ll get it for you later!
Ink: Versamark, Memento
Medium: Copic Markers
Paper: Good question…
Other: Foam blending tool, distress inks in tea, rose, and vintage photo, TH distressing tool, crocheted ribbon, FlowerSoft

Thanks for visiting!

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*insert clever title here*

Posted by Catherine on February 23, 2010

Hello!  Well, look at me go!  Multiple blog posts in one week…I’d say I was getting back on track if I didn’t feel like such a headless chicken!

Trying to get back into the whole groove of everything is taking quite a bit of time and I think I’m confusing myself by trying to get back into everything all at once!  My wallet has definitely taken quite a hit when I tried to BUY everything that I missed while I was gone! *LOL*  The sad thing is, even though my craftroom doesn’t look it, I’ve bought quite a bit of things and I still feel like I NEED more – but then again, I don’t think I’m the ONLY one to feel that way, long-time crafter or newbie alike, riiiight?  I can just never shake off the feeling that to be an AWESOME crafter, I just need: _______ (insert whatever into that blank) and there never seems to be a time where I can fill in that I don’t need anything into that blank.

Just now as I type this, Marti’s telling me in her most enthusiastic, enabler typbing, how FAAABULOUS the new Nestabilities are, and the new Cuttlebug folders, etc., etc.! Aaaargh!  Ah, but I digress…

I was able to get a tiny bit of crafting/me/non-dog-slave time in last night.  Over the weekend, I had read a tutorial about making pretty, glittery butterflies for an explosion box.  I’m not a big explosion box kind of person, but I did like the butterflies, so I decided to make those and use it for a different project.  I just wanted to make something and didn’t have too much direction,  so I kind of just puttered around and grabbed things and this is what came of it:

Again, you’ll have to forgive my photos…I’ve recently just found the charger to one of my cameras, so I’ll be in semi-non-ugly photo business soon! 

The butterfly stamp I used came from a grab-bag that I’d gotten off of ebay a while back – if you know who it’s by, please let me know because it is definitely NOT coming to me.  But, I stamped the butterfly out and coloured and trimmed and because I knew I would be folding up the wings, I also inked the stamp and laid out the cutout of the butterfly (blank side stamp down) and inked the back as well.  So it actually looks like a butterfly front and back.  Turned to some Martha Stewart glitter just to give the butterflies some more pizzazz!

Paper: Solid-coloured cardstock
Stamp: Unknown
Ink: Versafine, embossed with ultra fine embossing powder and a heat gun
Medium: Copic Markers
Other: Martha Stewart glitter, Creative Memories oval cutter, Birds ‘n’ Swirls Cuttlebug embossing folder, adhesive jewels in black (dollar store), border punch

Thanks for visit!  See you back here in a few!

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While the Iron is Hot…

Posted by Catherine on February 21, 2010

Well, since I was already in the scraproom playing around…here’s a few more:



I forgot to take a picture of the other card that you can kind of see in the background of that last photo.  *shrugs* I’m working my way back, what can I say?! *LOL*

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