Prayer-full of cards!

Posted by Catherine on March 4, 2010

The funny thing was that I didn’t even think I was going to come up with anything when I went down to tinker around in the craft room.  I was chit-chatting with Marti *gasp* I KNOW, it was in the EVENING since she’s trying to see if she can turn herself into a night owl!  SO I was online trying to keep her awake and I wondered aloud if I should go down and play and she was pretty much, “get your butt down there, young lady!” (even though that’s not what she said).  So I brought my laptop down and kind of just sat around talking to her and I got one of those feelings again.  The bad, expensive feeling that you get where you feel you can’t really create anything until you go out and get: (insert whatever item here).  Last night, I felt I just couldn’t really make anything unless I go out and get more cream cardstock because I ran out.  So off I went to print a coupon and mosey-ed on over to Michaels!

It was bad.  I came home with more than cream cardstock.  In fact, with all the things I got fascinated with, I almost FORGOT the cream cardstock which is such an epic fail considering that’s what I went there for in the first place!  But I came home with that and DCWV’s At Home stack, My Mind’s Eye Home glitter stack in 6×6, some new Cuttlebug folders (my M’s having them is a MIRACLE just like broccolli, so I couldn’t pass it up!) and some other nicks and nacks.  Good thing (because it definitely wasn’t the spending!), I was able to actually come up with a little project that I quite *love*!

*swoons* Is it bad to be this into your own projects?!  AH WELL, I TOTALLY AM!

So anywho, yes, I re-used my prayer stamp.  I can’t help it, it’s my favourite sentiment stamp right now!  Do you know how you get hooked on a particular stamp for a while? Don’t worry, I’ll get over it soon, PLUS, this one has a purpose!  This card is actually going to be given away! I knooow, I’m giving away a card!  But I did make it specifically for my aunt who’s birthday is today and we’ve been invited over for dinner!

So tada!  Here’s another peek at it from an angle:

The inside will be finished tonight when I get home.  I had to cut the crafting time short as I had already been down playing for waaay longer than I promised I would be!

I just wanted to point out my fancy matching crocheted ribbon.  It was originally stark white which didn’t match the look I was going for, so instead of trying to find cream ribbon (since I REALLY wanted to use this ribbon) I grabbed my trusty ol’ mini mister, filled it with water and gold perfect pearls and added a TINY little drop of alcohol ink and voila!  Spritzed and sprayed to my heart’s content and dried the ribbon with my heat gun and it looks FAB-U-LOUSLY shimmery IRL!

Oh! AND I used my Cricut! w00t!

Anywho, that’s it for me for today!  Thanks for stopping by!

Cardstock: Cream and Navy Blue (from Michaels)
Patterned Paper: At Home by DCWV
Stamps: Stamp from a grab bag (ebay), Sentiment (I forget…check below! *LOL*)
Other: Crocheted ribbon, mini mister, perfect pearls, alcohol ink, paper piercer, Cricut, half-back pearls (dollar store)


One Response to “Prayer-full of cards!”

  1. pezadoodle said

    SOOO love this and SO love having you back!!!! FAB job my friend!

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