The Cat Came Back…

Posted by Catherine on February 21, 2010

…unfortunately, unlike the song, it wasn’t the very next day!  Try months, and months later!

But alas, here I am!  It took me a long time to get this post going…I sat here for a while thinking how I would start, what I should say, but I’m figuring, I’m just going to close my eyes (not literally) and just jump right in!  If I keep talking like I was never gone, would anyone notice that I left? *LOL*

At least my BFFO/PIC Miss Marti Pezadoodles is happy I’m straggling my way back to the crafty world.  You know what’s sad?  I tried to get on the Cricut Messageboard and first, I had to get my username and password reset because I couldn’t remember either (like how I couldn’t remember my username to log into my blog!) and once I was finally in, I was so lost I just logged off.  I’m WAY off my game!

But anywho, jumping right in, Marti issued me a challenge PRONTO to get the mojo moves and grooves going and I have to say that I had a lot of fun with it!  There’s nothing like getting back into crafting than to get your fingers inky and your face covered in glitter – actually, shimmer is more like it.  I didn’t see that the nozzle of my mini mister was facing the wrong way and I spritzed myself in the face.  Honestly, crafting n00bs around? *raises hand* Over here!  But without further ado…after more than six months of craft-less-ness, I give you:


If I’m lucky enough to have you reading this, you’ll have to excuse everything about this blog post – including the photo!  I couldn’t find my camera (any of them, which is bad, considering I have three…I change cameras like I change underwear, apparently!) so I took this photo with my BlackBerry *winces* In CardMaker this ain’t going!  But still – TADA! There it is!

Marti sent me a FABULOUS sketch she did herself (can be seen on her blog because she sent it via MSN and I had it saved on my BB, so unavailable for me to post at the moment – but I’ll get it up here soon) and challenged me to MAKE my background paper using some alcohol ink techniques that we leared from last year’s CHA at Tim Holtz’s class (which STILL makes me sad to say that I didn’t get to go to CHA this year!)

Lemme see if I remember how this all goes…

(Pretty much everything I used was from Marti’s store, if I don’t say so otherwise!)

Stamp: House Mouse (?) Right?
Stamping Ink: Memento in Tuxedo Black (Pezadoodle)
Coloring Medium: Copics
Paper: Baby Girl by K&Co.
Other: Glossy paper (Pezadoodle), Alcohol Inks (Sunshine Yellow, Purple, Stream – I probably made some of these colours up because I can’t remember just at this moment, Pezadoodle of course!), Tim Holtz distressing tool, perfect pearl mist (in pearl in a mini mister mixed with water), ribbon (stash), chipboard sticker (dollar store)

I’m going to start my posting and re-entry into the glittery, sparkly, crafty world a little bit slow…I’ll be back with some more explanations and chit-chat about what in the world I’ve been up to since I dropped off the face of the earth, but in the meantime, I hope I get some crafty time in my spiffy new scraproom tomorrow!


3 Responses to “The Cat Came Back…”

  1. Connie said

    Catherine!!! Yes!!!!Welcome back !!!!!!!!!
    Gorgeous cards! Love em!
    Wonderful to see your post. I noticed, and yes – I missed ya!
    Looks like your mojo is in fine working condition just waiting to be released (once again)….Way to go Matri, thanks for giving Catherine the challenge.
    Forgot your user name? Well!! I am just not going there….:)!!
    Looking forward to your wonderful creations and reading your great uplifting blog!! Here’s to slowly but *surely*..
    Warm wishes, and hugs, Connie out West.

  2. Terri said

    Catherine it looks great!!
    I’ve missed seeing you around and really missed you at CHA this year!!
    Keep it up and you’ll never know the mojo was gone!!


  3. Ann said

    Welcome back! I think that’s a great baby card & I love the colors.

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