Hello Crafty World…

Posted by Catherine on July 2, 2009


You love me! You REALLY looooove me! *SCREECH* 

I’m getting PUBLISHED! *pants*

Okay…so, I can see now that I handled that in the mostly completely UNCOOL-est way imaginable, but who cares!  *happy dance* YAAAAAAAY!

I got the E-Mail from a rep at CardMaker Magazine at work and one of my co-workers almost dropped their pile of files after I screeched so loud!  Even my boss came out to see what all the hub-bub was about!

*breathes* Okay…I got excited all over again.  I almost deleted the E-Mail too because I hadn’t sent anything out for publication in a really long time so I was just thinking it was another rejection letter.  Whew!

This was EXACTLY the thing that I needed to really get my mojo jump-started!  I am just itching to get back in my craft room and clean the living daylights out of it and get some magic happening again!  Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get published enough that they’ll want to interview me and come and take pictures of me at work in my craft room…can’t have it being all messy, now can I?! *LOL*  See how carried away I get?  A girl can dream though, right? 

Speaking of exciting news…lookie what I’ve got for you!

STUDIO G CHRISTMAS!  Hey don’t be shocked…you’re all tanning and sippin’ on ice cold drinks, but before you know it, you’ll be all nice and bundled up in scarves and boots and sippin’ on hot chocolate! The times they are zoomin’ by – I can’t believe it’s already JULY!

No matter how many series come out, Studio G can always hook, line and sinker me!  I’m such a sucker for them!  They’re so cute and AWESOME!  Granted I have more still in their packages than I’ve actually used, but Marti is slowly changing that in many a Studio G collector!  Once I get back up on my crafty little feet and get the mojo roarin’ I definitely want to dive back into those Studio G projects (don’t forget that contests being sponsored by Studio G is still ongoing over at PaperCraft Planet! So if you’re more of a collector than a user and are looking to change that around, get on those SG challenges and win something while you’re at it!)

That’s it from me today!  Thanks so much for dropping by to visit!  Don’t forget to check out the new things going on over at and Marti’s blog for all her latest and greatest projects!  Have a wonderful Thursday and if I don’t get around to it before then, all you Americans out there, have a FABULOUS 4th of July!



6 Responses to “Hello Crafty World…”

  1. Catherine you are tooo cute!!LOL I would be doing the happy dance tooo, and I know I would be jumping for joy, and everyone would have been looking…LOL tooo funny huh!!! Well I have to say Congratulations you lucky gal!!!!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful 4th!!!!


  2. christina said

    CONGRATS on being published!!!

  3. pezadoodle said

    lord you are too funny! did you get that mess cleaned up yet???? lolol

  4. Renee said

    Congrats on being published!!!!!

  5. Terri said

    Congrats! Let us know when it comes out!
    Hope your boss wasn’t upset with you… nah, how could he be.

  6. Nice theme…

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