Going back in time…

Posted by Catherine on May 12, 2009

…honestly, walking into Michael’s after more than a MONTH of not having been, feels like going back in time.  NOTHING HAS CHANGED.  For crying out loud, I was SO excited to go in because I’m thinking that after all this time of not having been in, there would be a BUNCH of new things for me to see!  I was anticipating seeing new DCWV paper stacks (for the last 3 or 4 months, my M’s has only had Nana’s Kitchen and Garden Party) and guess what I see?  Nana’s Kitchen and Garden Party!  *screech*

I walked and walked around and I’m seeing same ol’, same ol’!  Nothing new! Nothing different!  Nothing inspiring at ALL!  For someone who’s mojo has run away and is hiding in a very good hiding spot, I need to see new products to entice my mojo to come back home and play!  UGH!

If you can believe it, I had to force myself just to buy something since I made the drive over there. *LOL*  So I grabbed an two SEI paper pads: Mimosa (oooh lala!) and Lovebirds.

I had also stopped off at the dollar store last night to see if I could pick up a few things that I might be able to play around with an alter:


The photo isn’t that great because I’m having all kinds of technological problems this week!  The power cord to my laptop is busted so it will not charge my laptop battery.  I am stuck using the yucky, SLOOOOOW desktop at home and it has NO image editing features or software at all.  So in the meantime, you’ll be stuck with poorly lighted/edited pictures.  At work, our network is completely malfunctioning and it’s totally affected my printer.  Meaning whenever I need to print something (which is a bajillion times a day since my receipts print out from my printer) I have to walk to the next desk over to grab it and then back to my desk.  Slows a girl down, I tell ya!

This past weekend, I was also at a friend’s bridal shower and I really just wanted to show off what I made for her.  For those of you who are looking for a low-budget gift that doesn’t LOOK low budget, you have GOT to try making a TOWEL CAKE!

There it is all done up with the embellishments I added.  This is after the bride and groom to be had already handled it and tilted it over and stuff so it doesn’t look quite as pretty as when I first brought it in!  But it was SO cool to make!  I will DEFINITELY be doing more of those for any other upcoming bridal showers or even for baby showers (using baby clothes, blankets, etc. or a diaper cake!)

Anywho, I don’t alter things too often, so that’s my first shot at it.  I grabbed a few other things so I’ll be working on those and trying to get things coordinated.  I just wanted to post to assure Michelle that I have not gotten stuck in the ceiling or had a disaster with my trampoline! *LOL* 

Yeah, the trampoline one is a little bit of a long story, you’ll have to check out the diet blog for the rest of that story! *LOL*

That’s it for me, we’ll see you back here tomorrow for PDD Wednesday!  Thanks so much for dropping by!

All hyperlinked products and materials are from Pez-a-Doodle Designs

Stamps: Studio G sentiment
Paper: Mimosa by SEI
Tools/Embellishments: Alcohol Ink, Pez-a-Blings, Glossy Accents



3 Responses to “Going back in time…”

  1. Anita said

    Wow! What a cute way to gift towels. I agree about Michael’s. Mine doesn’t have any new papers.

  2. Oh that towel cake – what a great idea! you can go even cheaper and do it with paper towels and toilet paper rolls, no? LOL
    And yes, Michael’s is like a freakin’ soap opera…you can stop watching for MONTHS and it’s still the same tired storyline!

  3. Jules said

    Such cute projects and I LOVE that towel cake!!

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