All around the world…

Posted by Catherine on April 19, 2009

She sails on the waters of The Nile, she has palaces and pyramids and she walks like an Egyptian because she IS an Egyptian!  I would like you all to meet PRINCESS CLEO!

I was originally going to call this post "A Peek in Cleo's Room" but it kind of sounded creepy and voyeuristic, so I just left that part out. But essentially, the idea I was going for was to see Cleo through some sheer, shimmery-like curtains inside her palace! While I was heat-setting my Distress Embossing powder, I took my heat gun to my ribbon and actually ended up liking the results, the curtains look more...wind-blown-like that way...

I’ve seriously got Walk Like an Egyptian stuck in my head now because of Hint #1! *LOL* But ooooh my goodness, don’t you LOOOOOVE her?!  Spoiled and sassy, this Princess is just lounging around knowing how FABULOUS she is!  So the BEST part???  Princess Cleo is the FIRST of the series of INTERNATIONAL PRINCESSES! *SCREAMS*

yes, Yes and YES!  Marti has OUTDONE herself to the max on this one!  I mean, we love the regular ol’ Cinderella fairy tale princess and everything, but with the INTERNATIONAL PRINCESS series, we’re goin’ around the world people!  I wonder where in the world we’ll find our next princess! *giggles*

Okay, so if you MUST have Princess Cleo NOW, Marti’s got you covered.  She understands that NEED and NOW always go hand-in-hand, so if you’re wanting to take a walk on the Egyptian side this weekend, head on over to to get Princess Cleo as a digi stamp for $2.50 US!  She’s available to the now, Now, NOW generation for the next three days only, and then after that, she will rule over all in RUBBER!  Got it?

Alright, for the next stop on our bloggity hop, you will definitely want to head down the Nile and stop on over at JULIA’S BLOG!

*** UPDATE ***

*SCREEEEEECH* OH MY GOODNESS!  I am SOOOO SORRY EVERYONE!  For the blog hop, all posts were supposed to be published at 12:01 AM, well guess what stupid me did!?!?  For some reason, I had scheduled it to go up in the PM! *embarrassed*  Eeeek, hopefully the PDD Playgroup girls will forgive me….!!!!  Okay, on with it because no matter what happened, I can assure you, this royal princess is ALWAYS worth the wait!



14 Responses to “All around the world…”

  1. Anita said

    No problem with waiting! Your card is amazing! I love how sparkly your card is. What a great way to use Pez A Bling!

  2. memellie said

    Wow, great colors and textures on your card!

  3. Ashley said

    I love this Catherine! You did a great job coloring her and giving her that awesome background!

  4. StampinCathy said

    OMGosh Catherine! It was so worth the wait. This is just beautiful and love all the details.

  5. cherylw said

    Catherine your card turned out soooo very pretty!!!! Love the Pez-A-Bling along the bottom tooo!!! great job on the coloring as well !!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!


  6. Julia said

    So shimmery and sparkly! Love what you did with the blings, too!

  7. She’s be-u-tiful Catherine! Love all the shimmer on her & of course your embellies ROCK–great curtain effect too!


  8. Michelle said

    LOL – I started singing that song and then scrolled down and then you said you had it in your head too – LOL Just one of those things that you don’t come across every day, I guess. I LOVE the Pez-A-Bling borders and what is that little like meshy tulle fiber thing at the top? – that’s neat-o!

  9. StampinCathy said

    Sorry you are not feeling good. Hope you get feeling better really soon.

  10. Renee said

    Hey there….read that you are sick….sure hope you are feeling better soon!!!!


  11. Michelle said

    Now I’m coming back and it’s the same thing…but I’ve kicked Walk Like An Egyptian out of my head and I see the title of All Around The World and I have that song…do you know it…”been around the world and I I I I can’t find my baby…I don’t know and I don’t know why, why he’s gone away…my babyyyyyyyyy……….” – OK, need to google that…think it’s from like early 90s…heh.

  12. …um…where is Miss Catherine? Did I miss a memo that you were on holiday? Hope all is well, missy!

  13. Very cool, Catherine! Love all the shimmer!

  14. Robin McK said

    Hey Catherine!
    Love that Cleo! Can’t wait to see the princesses from the other regions of the world! TFS


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