Hint, hint, pass…(Round 2)

Posted by Catherine on April 17, 2009

…oh ladies and gentlemen (are there really gentlemen who visit here???) we are NOT even close to being done!  We’re just gettin’ STARTED, baby! w00t!

Now that you’ve seen the first stamp of the first series (the series is all about bugs and picnics…nothing says summer like BOTH!) we are revvin’ up to roar into the first stamp of the SECOND series!!!

If you haven’t had a chance, please check out JULIA’S BLOG for the first hint of the series and make sure to leave a guess so that you can qualify for a chance to win a digital stamp of that release!  If you’ve already seen Julia’s aaaaawesome hint yesterday, you can mosey on over to KELLY’S BLOG and see hers and then guess, guess, guess!  One guess on each hinting blog will give you one entry to win the DIGITAL STAMP! Truuuuust me…you’ll WANT this one!!!  Hmmm…I said that about the last stamp we released…but it’s true!!! You’ll want them BOTH!!! And I’ll say it again for the third release too!

So go on and have a peek at those hints and have yourself a wonderful weekend!  Don’t forget we’ll be blog hoppin’ again on the 19th!  See you back here soon!




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