Hint, hint…

Posted by Catherine on April 13, 2009

…iiiiiit’s HINT DAY! YAY!

Wow, thanks so much for stopping by, I really hope you’re as excited as I am about Marti’s new stamp release.  SERIOUSLY!  If you’re not excited yet, it’s okay.  It’s not your fault you haven’t had a chance to see it yet and I have.  HAHAHAHA…okay, I’m sorry, I don’t really mean to rub it in. 

I promise that the wait will be worth it though, because Marti has definitely outdone herself!  So like I said yesterday, we’ll be leading up to the release day with a little bit of hinting festivities and then a BLOG HOP!  By hinting we really want you to guess! *LOL*  I’ve seen a few sneak peeks before that pretty much show the whole stamp and well, we want to let the excitement build up a little bit more.  Okay, so my little, eensy, weensy ‘hint’ for today is…

*giggles*  Do I totally suck at hinting?  I feel like I totally just gave away the whole thing.  But who knows…maybe it’s because I already know what I’m hinting about and I feel like it’s just so obvious.  HAHAHAHAHA…okay, no more digs!  In case my hint wasn’t totally right in your face, not to worry, there are still two more hints in the next two days.  Cheryl will be the hostess of your next hint TOMORROW, so you’ll definitely want to stop by her space and have a little peeky-peek!  Don’t forget to have a little guess at what you think it is for a chance to win a Digital Stamp of the stamp that we are releasing for you on release day!  You’ll have to guess once each hint day for one entry to win the stamp!

That’s it for me today!  I have to keep it short because as my Pezzy Playgroup chicky-doodles’ know, I have the tendency to go on and on and on…Right.  So what was I talking about?  Oh yes!  Keeping it short because I’m pretty close to just posting my release project already because I totally want to share these awesome stamps and screech *LOOOOOOOKY*…so before that happens, I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend (especially those who had Easter Monday off!) and we’ll see you back here on the 16th for RELEEEEASE DAY, we’re blog hoppin’ it up!!!



34 Responses to “Hint, hint…”

  1. […] head over to Catherine’s blog today for the first hint!!  one of the girls will give a hint each day and after three hints i will […]

  2. Fran Weinberg said

    Oh my…your “little, eensy, weensy” hint is just that. You’re such a tease, Catherine! The only thing your “hint” conjures up in my mind is summer picnics including everything from ants to watermelon. 🙂

  3. Monica said

    Hello. Stopping by for the first hint. The picture could be lots of things, but the first thing it makes me think of is a picnic. Let’s see if I’m on the right track when the next hints are revealed. teehee.

  4. StampinCathy said

    This hint looks like a pinic table cloth. I wonder if this is right or I’m way off base. Can’t wait til tomorrow to see the next hint. Thanks for a chance.

  5. Shirley Rodriguez said

    hmmm, I am thinking backgrounds

  6. Avra said

    Well, I’d say it has something to do with a picnic, and maybe some ants?

  7. memellie said

    Hmmmm, my first thought was background. It could be a picnic tablecloth background.

  8. sarah said

    must have something to do with summer and picnics–can’t wait to see the rest of the hints!

  9. christina said

    Summer picnics, definitely!

  10. Michelle said

    It’s either tablecloths…or ants…..? ewwww – ants at the picnic!!

  11. Karen Z said

    I thought of picnic right away including the ants and lemon aide.

  12. You did a great job on the subtle hinting! Thanks for helping kick off the festivities!

  13. Rosey said

    I am thinking picnic also. I am visioning a line of ants that are enjoying picnic festivities. lol Maybe an ant eating some watermelon.

  14. Lynette said

    I’m going to guess picinic…or even something to do with cooking?

  15. rhonda zmikly said

    Yeppers, that is what I came up with too-picnic something or other!!

  16. Terri Mouw said

    yeah, definately picnic themed… I’m thinking ants… or should I say “skitter-ants”?! (LOL)

  17. Robin McK said

    I feel like it is a picnic, or something to do with ants. Can’t wait to see!

  18. Heidi said

    Well the first thing that came to mind for me was a picnic theme but I thought to myself- Nah………… and now I see that we are all on the same track. Now what will be really funny is if we are NO WHERE near the real thing!

  19. Karen D. said

    I was hoping for a better hint to what stamps are being released but it definitely looks like it’ll be summery 🙂 I can’t wait!

  20. […] the hints continue – hop on over to Cheryl’s blog and see what she has for you!  if you missed the first hint yesterday you can catch it on Catherine’s blog.  […]

  21. Shelly Schmidt said

    I think of BG’s and kitchen tablecloths….or outside cook-out and mosquito’s, ants and bee’s…and birds…….who knows! I always love guessing and the build up of the……. fun release!

  22. Ellen said

    Checkered table cloth, probably something to do with a picnic?

  23. Susana said

    Hmmmm. I see red checkered tableclothes me thinks pizza (with extra cheese) hee hee.

  24. Ann D said

    Summertime — picnics, bees, and flowers?

  25. Cheryl said

    Love the hint youve used hun!!! Great idea 🙂 cant wait for the big day 🙂

    Hugs to you!!

  26. I’m guessing picnic-related items!

  27. Rebekka said

    I have to guess the same, summer picnics, etsy= bugs, I got it, bugs have a cook out.: )

  28. Darla said

    I’m gonna have to say summer insects??? I can’t help think of insects when I see picnic cloth!!! Can’t wait to see the new set!!!!

  29. Wow, tough hint! I am thinking something to do with summer, picnic, and bugs. O.k…. so I saw Cheryl’s hint today too that helped a little more. hee! hee! Still pretty tough to figure it out.

  30. […] hint on her blog!  Have you figured it out yet??  Wnat to play from the beginning?  Start at Cat’s blog!  The reveal will be tomorrow with a blog hop starting with […]

  31. stampinfranni said

    It’s me again… I apparently have several different blogger accounts set up because I’m forgetful. (I need to start keeping track of things like this for when I suffer from a senior moment.) My original post was the first one posted on this blog thread using a different blogger acct (Fran Weinberg). I want to make sure I don’t lose out on the opportunity to win because I submitted my comments each day using different blogger names. This has been a lot of fun; and, I hope there will be more contests like this!

  32. Ashley said

    Ohhh, fun hint!

  33. ljurecek said

    Yes, picnics popped right into my head when I saw the red checked table cloth. Anyway, can’t wait to see the set. I love digital stamps.

  34. Nicole said

    Picnic? Ants?

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