You’ve got mail…

Posted by Catherine on April 6, 2009

…although I wasn’t a big fan of it à la Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, I sure like the REAL thing!

Good mail day?

Mail Delivery

Mail Delivery

YEAH, I’D SAY!!! w00t!

Can you BELIEVE that these sat in the mail box for two days before I even found them! *GASP* I know!  Fridays are always a bit funny with Bart off for the day since he works 4 twelves instead of regular shifts.  So this past Friday I didn’t run to the mailbox like I normally do since I know that he’s been home.  For some reason he thought that I checked for the mail, so when neither of us brought anything in, we both just assumed we didn’t have any.  Oh good grief!

Anywho, Bart decided to check for some weekend fliers yesterday and he foooound my goodies!

I don’t have a project for you today, as this weekend was pretty busy for me with no quality time in my scraproom.  I was able to pack up most of my scraproom stuff and haul it over to the all-day scrap retreat, but unfortunately, unlike previous years, I found this one to be kind of…*wrinkles nose* I don’t know…I didn’t get much done!  I’m thinking I didn’t get as much done as I would have had I just stayed home.  Aaaah well, quality time with my mom and my aunt sure made up for it.  Plus I won a door prize which was a pack of cardstock worth $45!  Which was EXCELLENT since I came in there thinking that if I was going to be buying something, it would be cardstock! YAY!  I also came out of there with my friend’s bridal shower gift in two weeks!

When I got home, hubby and I unloaded the truck (well, more hubby than me this time because I practically gave myself a back injury trying to get everything into the truck!) and we pretty much dropped everything inside the door and took off for a wonderful dinner and a movie double date!  A steak and crème brulée later, we were seated in our awesome seats and settled in ready to enjoy Fast and Furious 4 (which was AWESOME) how much do I want to trick out my little Honda  right now and jack an ice cream truck? HAHAHA!

Yesterday, the BFF and I took off for the motorcycle show.  I tried to convince her to leave a little earlier so that we could visit Stamping Bella, but she wasn’t having none of that! *LOL* She’s already promised to come to the craft convention that’s going on in three weeks, so today was her day!  I did end up having a great time and I found my wonderful scooter that I will TOTALLY own one day! I *want* it!  After, I went to food heaven at a Korean BBQ place.  Excellent weekend, but I really missed my Chewy and our quality time in the scraproom.  Back at it and in full force tomorrow…


In the meantime, I’m not TOTALLY empty craft-handed!  Today is the FIRST week of the APRIL SPOTLIGHT!  I didn’t forget!  Marti’s got the low-down on some product comparisons on her blog if you didn’t get a chance to check it out!  I’ve got the first of the technically increasing tutorials up in the APRIL SPOTLIGHT section.  So if you’ve got a couple minutes and have been curious about PERFECT PEARLS, please do stop by and have a read through!

That’s it for me today folks, thanks so much for stopping by *HUGS*

Here’s a couple pictures from yesterday’s adventures!

Oh, hello...fancy meeting you here...

Oh, hello...fancy meeting you here...


This ones just sexy...

Just 'cause it's sexy...


My would-be bike if I really wanted one...

My would-be bike if I really wanted one...

My schnazzy hat I got for $5!

My schnazzy hat I got for $5!

Speed demon on a Scooter - watch out! w00t!

Speed demon on a Scooter - watch out! w00t!

Oh my, my, my Korean BBQ!

Oh my, my, my Korean BBQ!




7 Responses to “You’ve got mail…”

  1. Robin McK said

    I love the one of you in the helmet! Looks like you had fun! I’m so jealous of your mail! That is my favourite thing.


  2. Sandie said

    Woohoo.. that is definitely a GREAT mail day 🙂 Have fun!!!!

  3. first what a great mail day wooohooo!!! and looks like fun was had at the motorcycle show.
    i have to add i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the lamb card.

  4. Michelle said

    Hey missy – had a question for ya…didn’t have your e-mail…so I left you a message at PCP – hit me back….now I’ll go back and look at your post – LOL

  5. pezadoodle said

    ROTFL at you and the helmet and the scooter. and oh creme brulee – YUM YUM YUM!!!!!!

  6. You look like you’d be fun to hang out with! 😉

  7. Michelle said

    What kinda girl makes pretty cards and rides a big ol’ motorcycle?! Not at all what I pictured you doing on your weekend – but it looks like you had a good time! LOOK AT ALL THOSE GOODIES!!! – fun fun and more fun!

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