Some dragon loves you…

Posted by Catherine on March 31, 2009

…yeah, it doesn’t really work the same as the word ‘bunny’ does it?  But by now, I’m thinking that bunnies are overrated anyway.  I mean, they’ve got Easter and then they’ve also got batteries too!?  I really think it’s time to ease up on the franchising, now they just look greedy.  Is it Easter or batteries…they should just pick one and settle down.  Leave some things for other animals…especially dragons.  I think dragons are too often forgotten and they’re just as cute as bunnies – well, at least this one is.

Dragon by Dustin Pike

Dragon by Dustin Pike

So if you’ve been living under a stamping rock, you may not recognize this oh-so-cute dragon.  But he is a free digi stamp from Dustin Pike; who has been garnering a lot of attention across many stamping forums and boards.  Basically he has a bunch of things he doodles, that he’s just lately started offering as free downloads to the stamping community.  First things first, free is always good, but the BEST part about it being free, they are REALLY good.  I think at this time, I’ve pretty much downloaded everything he’s got to offer on his blogs.  I only hope that he keeps this up – even if he starts charging, I’d definitely say they were worth it!

Anywho, there’s another Easter card.  I’ve always admired those rare but lucky individuals who can take patterned and design paper and mix and match them and make them look GOOD.  I tried my hand at it, and somewhere between the polkadot paper and the 3D tag sticker, I lost it.  *sighs* Ah well, it was a first go at it, so hopefully the more I try the better it will turnout.

I coloured in the dragon – I’m going to name him Henry – with Copics and tried my hand out at some techniques I learned from the Copic Certification class.  I’ve definitely still got a lot to learn, but I’m definitely more comfortable with trying to blend highlights and lowlights and shadows.  I textured Henry’s scales using a Colorless Blender pen.  I used my copics to create a grassy hillock kind of scene (courtesy of a tutorial by Suzanne!)  I created the clouds and sky using a technique that I picked up from fabulous Copic Certificate classmate Crissy Armstrong!  Papers are from a Wal-Mart paper pack.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I really appreciate that you take a little time to stop by and see what I’ve been up to! *LOL*  Please let me know if you have any thoughts and constructive criticisms on the card!




7 Responses to “Some dragon loves you…”

  1. Michelle said

    You have turned on the bunny – UNBELIEVABLE! Um, HELLO – when was the last time you saw a fluffy pink or white bunny on a country flag? I’m thinking NEVER. Dragons are on flags, and they are on BEER too! Bunnies get associated with hard-boiled eggs and baskets with stringy plastic grass….and batteries; LONG LIVE THE BUNNY!

    {cute card though – heh}

  2. This is super uber sweet Catherine.

    As for the bunnies, Here in Saskatchewan we’ve got a bunch of white bunnies on our Pilsner beer! lol

  3. OMG what a cute card, I LOVE the dragon. I need him 🙂

  4. Tammy said

    Wow Catherine, I’ve been away for a bit and i missed this blog so much! The work you have done since i was last on….is Amazing! I love this little dragon 🙂 Coloring technique is amazing too!!!!!!

  5. Anita said

    Cute card!

  6. pezadoodle said

    love the dragon – all your copic techniques – class paid off me thinks!

  7. Robin McK said

    Catherine – this card is soooo cute!

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