Sweets for Easter Treats…

Posted by Catherine on March 29, 2009

…my niece probably won’t even notice the packaging except for the fact that it’s between her and those CHOCOLATES!  If my little Tiana Banana could eat anything for breakfast, lunch and dinner it would for SURE be her “CHOOOOC-LIT!”  *sighs* Writing about her is making me MISS her so much, she’s the sweetest little munchkin ever!  Let me see if I can find a picture of her just ’cause I’m missing her!

Tiana & Uncle Bart

Tiana & Uncle Bart

This was at my father-in-law’s birthday, and she chose the dress herself.  She had gotten that dress from last year’s Easter and it was a bit too big for her at that time.  So she was really excited to wear it.  She looks a bit tired out here since she spent most of the time before this picture was taken walking around the restaurant and twirling around to make her dress go all fluffy and swirly!

Anywho, this Easter Treatholder is for that pretty little girl up there who I am just totally MISSING right now, the more I talk about her!

Studio G Easter Treat Holder

Studio G Easter Treat Holder

Besides being the property of Tiana and a big pile of paper at her feet on Easter, I made this treat holder for the start of the Studio G Treat Holder Challenge (SGC5) on PCP!

If you are still one of those individuals who is more of a Studio G collector and not so much a Studio G user, then please come on over to PCP and join us for the challenges!  Everyone who participates in the weekly challenges are always eligible for prizes and the FIRST challenge of every month, the prize is hosted by none other than HAMPTON ARTS!

I made the treat holder using my fabulous Scor-Pal and a craft knife.  I didn’t really have a template for it, and kind of just eye-balled what I was looking for in a treat holder.  I’m happy to say it worked out pretty well!  I cut out my window with my oval Nestability and used a sheet of acetate to seal up the opening.  Stamps are Studio G, of course!  I had used a plain piece of pink carstock so I used one of the Studio G stamps and some Versamark and kind of randomly just stamped all over the place, not doing anything else with it, just leaving the ink to darken the cardstock.  That FABULOUS crocheted flower is from MARTI! *waves* Super Mommy, I tell you!  What doesn’t she do?

I’m off to kick my husband’s butt at a feisty game of Scrabble! *LOL*

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  I hope you’ve been having a wonderful weekend!  Just a reminder that my April Spotlight will be starting soon and I am pumped to get things up and going!  I’ve been working on some tutorials, write-ups and samples and I’m excited for people to really get to “meet” and know these fabulous products!  I hope you’ll find your way back here in April (well, hopefully sooner than that too!)

All hyperlinked products and materials are from Pez-a-Doodle Designs

Stamps: Studio G
Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black
Medium: Copic Markers
Embellishments: Crochet flower, silk flower, dimensional pearls



8 Responses to “Sweets for Easter Treats…”

  1. Michelle said

    ….awwww – she’s adorable…and she’s gonna love the packaging – but maybe a tad less than what’s on the inside 😉

  2. Michelle said

    …I can’t find the treat holder challenge…I think I can do this tomorrow but not sure where to go….unless you are getting ready before it goes up – hmmm….

  3. Jules said

    She’s a cutie and so is your treat holder. I love that you did it without a template – I’m still a little too scared to try something like that but maybe I should just take the plunge.

  4. Cheryl said

    How sweet she is, and I love the dress that she picked out!!! She is darling and I can see why you miss her 🙂

    Love the treat holder that you made for her too!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!!!


  5. Great chocolate box Catherine. Purdy Purdy

  6. Robin McK said

    Okay…how cute is she? I just want to squeeze her cheeks!

    Thanks for the blog comment!


  7. Carol said

    How adorable is this chocolate baggie 🙂 – great use of those studio G stamps and that crochet flower dresses up the flower nicely…

  8. Tammy said

    Such a pretty creation! I love the crocheted flower. I hear these little flowers are all the hype right now 🙂

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