Spring DT sisters a-sprouting…

Posted by Catherine on March 20, 2009

…today is the first day of SPRING!  The flowers are blooming and so is my wonderful Design Team! *squeals* Here’s a little bit of news before I get to the other good stuff…

I’ve been made the DT Leader for Pez-a-Doodle Designs!
*Happy Dance* w00t! *shake shake*
Looks like the new PDD design team is stuck with me!
HAHAHAHAHA…be scared…

As of this point, Marti and I have got the team down, locked and loaded!  It was definitely  a really tough job, not going through the applications, but seeing how much talent there is to choose from!  If you have not heard from us yet, don’t worry, it’s because at this time, we’re only just getting the notifications out!  Marti’s been working overtime cranking out the E-Mails!  A little bonus announcement, because there were so many wonderful submissions, Marti decided to increase the number of spots available!

For everyone who applied and showed their interest and enthusiasm for all things Pez-a-Doodle, thank you SO much for taking the time to send in your appliations and submissions!  I loved getting to “know” so many of you and hearing all the different stories behind how you got into crafting and where your favourite hobby is taking you!  I’m sorry that we weren’t able to choose everyone, but remember, if your application wasn’t chosen this time around, it was only because there just wasn’t enough space to choose everyone, but we will most definitely be keeping your applications and submissions in mind for the next DT call! 

Marti will be announcing the OFFICIAL DT roster later on today once we’ve heard back from the DT’s chosen for this term.  Don’t forget to check it out and hopefully we’ll see you as the term goes…PDD has so much exciting things in store for this Spring!  We’re just getting started!!!



6 Responses to “Spring DT sisters a-sprouting…”

  1. Michelle said

    Congrats on your appointment – how exciting for you. Better go and stamp yourself some business cards!
    It’s the first day of spring….and I’m wearing dark brown and black to the office – nice, eh?
    Have a great FRIDAY!

  2. Katie said

    Wow… I’m wistful that I can’t hang out with you on your design team. It would have truly been a lot of fun working with you and getting to know Marti better. Maybe someday in the future, not that I’m assuming anything (lol) Can’t wait! I’ve loved watching your talent and blog grow this past year.

  3. Renee said


    Looking forward to following along on your blog!

  4. Victoria Smithson said

    So you’re my new “boss” huh? LOL Nice to meet you. I’m really thrilled to be joining this group and excited to get to share my take on the papercrafting we all love.

  5. Jules said

    Congrats on your new position! I can’t wait to get started and also learn new things from the team!

  6. Sandie said

    Congrats on your promotion 😉 Looking forward to working with you all.

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