Simply simple…

Posted by Catherine on March 13, 2009

…is SO fun!  And to be honest, kind of hard for this more-is-more kind of girl!  I keep staring at the card holding my hands behind my back because I want to run it back into my scraproom and embellish all over it!  Hahahaha, sorry….sorry, not the greatest visualization.

I did a two birds with one stone – or two “assignments” with one card project today.  I took part in the Clean and Simple 4 challenge using “dots” on SCS and this project is also for my Friday Pez-a-Doodle Design project.  It may look simple, but it can still be shiiiimmery and pretty!

So there is my clean and simple card!  Clean and simple being that there is an optimal amount of white space and not an overload of embellishments, tools or techniques.

Let me see, let me see…for my “dots” aspect, I did some paper piercing for my butterfly fly trail and at some random areas throughout the card.

To satisfy my inner PDD DT Diva , I hauled out some of my faaavourite PDD goodies.  If you’re trying to keep things clean and simple, there’s still a way to make it faaaab-u-LOUS!  And that would be via Perfect Pearls.  I love Perfect Pearls….a scraproom can NOT exist without jars of beeautiful, shimmerylicious Perfect Pearls.  It’s like…tabasco sauce to a food junkie.  Eggs are fine, but they’re WOW with a hit of tabasco sauce, etc., etc.  I mean, your cards are probably fine, but they could be WOW with a hit of Perfect Pearls!  Anywho…after I had assembled my CAS card using my long rectangle Nestabilities and pop-dots (I stamped and pierced first), I took my wooonderful Versamark fine tip marker (YES! I know!  I didn’t know it existed until just a few weeks ago, but it’s so AWESOME!) and traced my sentiment and brushed some Perfect Pearl over it.  I saw how preeetty it looked and ended up dusting Perfect Pearls over my WHOLE project.  To ensure that the shimmer stays on your project, you’re supposed to spray it with a fine mist of water to set the pigment pearls.  I stepped THAT up a knotch by mixing up a batch of Perfect Pearl mist, taking the same Perfect Pearl pigment powder and mixing it in a mini mister with water!  Yeah, how EASY is that?  Just water!  So really, I didn’t break the CAS rule by using too many things…I’s WATER!  Anywho, to avoid having too much water onto my project (I was worried about the sentiment I had already stamped) so I spritzed it into the air and waved my project into the mist.  Here’s a closer look at the shimmer as best as I could capture it on a photograph:

…I did consider making the project a white on white affair, but I couldn’t resist having it pop a little bit with a soft hint of distressing ink.   And that’s my CAS/PDD project for today!

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit, if you’d like, please feel free to drop me a line – I’d love to hear from you!  See you all tomorrow for this first-timer’s attempt at an Etsy inspired challenge!

P.S. I’ve gotten some more peeks at the new developments to come for PDD and *whistles* ooooooo-weee!  I am over the top, off the wall excited!  I don’t even know how to fully emphasize it properly so that you’ll really get how exciting the news is! *wriggles around excitedly*  I’m pretty confident that what’s to come will definitely set Pez-a-Doodle Designs apart and I am actually feeling kinda smug to be a part of it! *LOL* But hey, don’t let me rub it in too much, get those DT call submissions in and find out EXACTLY what I’m talking about before everyone else!   You will not regret it and more DT sisters and friends for me to blog stalk…er….I mean, visit!  HAHAHA…last call for DT submissions is March 15th!  Check out the DT call announcement on my blog or Marti’s for more information!

All hyperlinked products and materials are from Pez-a-Doodle Designs

Stamps: Studio G stamp sentiment
Ink(s): Studio G ink, Tim Holtz Distress Ink
Embellishments: 3D stickers, Perfect Pearls, Perfect Pearl Mist
Tools: Mini Mister, Paper Piercer, Versamark marker, Foam ink blending tool




8 Responses to “Simply simple…”

  1. Michelle said

    LOL – I’m the same way – if it’s too clean or too simple, it’s almost unnerving….there’s too much open space I want to stitch it or poke holes in it or bling it up….then it ends up being too much…MORE IS MORE is definitely THE WAY; go big or go home, right? This is really pretty though….I love the vintage/spring feel goin’ on.

  2. pezadoodle said

    oh this came out GORGEOUS! man i do love me some perfect pearls!!! glad you are excited on the new developments!! i am too!

  3. Katie said


    Your card turned out perfect – just like you said – simple but still fun 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  4. rebekka said

    It is hard for me to do simple :). But this turned out gorgeous.

  5. Jackie said

    This is beautiful! love those butterflies….tfs!!!

  6. Michelle F said

    I love this and fully understand the urge to add more to those CAS cards. I do the same thing!

  7. Vicky said

    I just found your website….its so awesome!

  8. Jen said

    I love the simple – it’s beautiful! I’m a sucker for pretty much anything with butterflies on it, so I’d love the card even if it wasn’t simple LOL! The butterflies are so pretty and sparkly – love them!

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