Of movies, tacos and everything else…

Posted by Catherine on March 9, 2009

…hellooooo there!  I’m sorry that I’ve been a bit behind on my posting, I promise, I’m not about to go MIA again, but if I’m also behind on my projects, that would explain why I have nothing to post…because I have nothing to share! *cries*

It’s been a pretty hectic week and it’s about to get crazier.  My oldest best friend is getting married this year and as part of her wedding party, we are throwing her a Stag & Doe and that’ll be going down on the 21st, as well there’s planning her bridal shower and doing all the matron of honour duties that is typically required of me.  With that, there’s about 4 people in my family who’s pregnant right now (there used to be 6 but my aunt and my sister-in-law have just had their babies!) and so of course there’s a lot of new babies, baby showers and baptisms going on, as well as everyone’ s birthdays coming up as well as my mom and I have a business that we run on the side – we do weddings as in we do flowers, decorations, giveaways  and my mom also sews bridesmaids dresses.  So far we’ve got two weddings coming up but we were already interviewed for hire a few more times than that, so that takes appointments and me as the manager of the business (ie. my mom just wants to create pretty things so I have to do all the paperwork, number crunching, etc.) I had to prepare quotes, etc.  With that my husband’s truck died three months ago so he has been using my car to make the hour and a half long commute to his job and I have been car-less for a while and relying on people to drive me around which drove me UP THE WALL CRAZY so we had to set aside time for truck hunting and try to figure out where we were going to get the money to actually pay for the darn thing once we find it (which we finally did over the weekend and I will be getting my car back this Tuesday!  *breathes*.  I totally forgot the point of this post….*LOL*

Oh right!  So with this week, I also got into a HUUUUUGE confrontation with the manager of a nearby Taco Bell who THOUGHT he could go up against me (he’s certainly learning now that he was absolutely NO MATCH *diabolical laughter here* MUAHAHAHAHAAAAA….) and that’s taken up quite a bit of my time speaking with the head of customer service in this devision, plus I’ve also been speaking with the CEO and some members of the board of directors for the company who actually OWNS Taco Bell and KFC locations in Canada – it helped (me, not the manager of that store) that Bart did ALL the electrical wiring of that particular location so he knew ALL the people I could contact).  Anywho….enough about that, let’s just say that nobody should EVER be treated the way that I was treated by anybody! 

So all these loco situations has got me very busy and I’ve had NO time to play in my scraproom! *pouts*  To keep me sane and to keep Taco Bell managers on my good side, I need a certain amount of time in my scraproom!  *LOL*  Bart took me to see Watchmen yesterday and I am livid that that’s about two and a half hours of my life that I’ll never get back! UGH – that was the worst movie ever!  So from that moment, I’ve got 2.5 hours of banked scraproom time where he MUST take over the house and take care of Chewy and keep both him and Chewy out of my hair!

But I did get a little bit of crafty time in, even though it wasn’t paper crafting.  Feast your eyes on THESE babies:

I know you’re probably thinking, “big whoop, crochet flowers,” but these are a HUGE DEAL to me.  I started trying to learn how to make these about three weeks ago.  The first week, I threw the needles across the room and last week, I came dangerously close to tying a slipknot around my OWN throat and PULLING!  *LOL* Yes, I had that much of a hard time with them!  And in non-crafting news, I also got these:

*SQUEALS* They look exactly like the KaiserCraft pearls and rhinestones (probably made by the same manufacturer, I’d wager) but I got mine at my dollar store for $1! *BIG GOOFY GRIN*  I don’t know what I’ll use them for or, but they look so cute in their packaging!

It looks like that’s it for me today.  Thanks for letting me vent, I could go on about that confrontation forever, but well…eventually I’ll get over it, hopefully! *LOL*  I will be claiming my banked scraproom hours this evening so for sure I’ll have some projects to share with you this week!

If you are still debating about becoming a DT member, don’t forget that the DT call for Pez-a-Doodle Designs is up on Sunday, March 15th!    Scroll down for my previous post for more details or visit Marti’s BLOG for more info!

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8 Responses to “Of movies, tacos and everything else…”

  1. Hey Catherine,
    I wish I could make these gorgeous crochet flowers, you did a fantastic job! 🙂
    Hugs, Christine

  2. lori said

    Awesome job on the flowers!! Good for you!! You stuck it out! 😉

    WOW!! The $ store find is GREAT!! Can you separate them and use them individually??

  3. christina said

    Sooo jealous of the rhinestones and pearls….

  4. Carol said

    Oooohh… Catherine! where did you get those rhinestones? i am drooling! Your crochet flowers are pretty; a nice addition to any card or scrapbook page; nice job! Just got through posting my studio G card and noticed that yours had some pretty nice bling 🙂 and it made a GREAT elegant card! we used the same invite info stamps! LOL!

  5. LOL – haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – you are sooo funny… I’m supposed to be sympathetic to the Taco Bell thing but the way you tell it has me laughing – sorry. But hope you got that situation resolved.
    YOU MADE THOSE LITTLE FLOWERS?? Get OUT! Those are soooo hot and I see them everywhere…just don’t have any *yet* but you MADE YOUR OWN?? Holy hat….that’s some serious talent there; and you can totally make those to match whatever you’re working on….amazing how one can have 1001 Primas and not have the right color to go with your project – how does that happen??

  6. Ginger said

    Wonderful flowers! I like that you can pair them up with the sparkly bead….GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!

  7. Jen said

    Love the crochet flowers – you did a great job on them! I tried to get my mom to teach me to crochet, with little success. Possibly because I’m left-handed and she’s, well, not. So BIG CONGRATS on finishing your flowers!

  8. lisa808 said

    Great job on the flowers!

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