A year of -isms II…

Posted by Catherine on February 20, 2009

“The stupid sign fooled me and I thought it was 2 for $1 and by the time I was checking out and the girl said it wasn’t, I had already formed a bond with the paper.”

Well, to be honest, I already had this entry all written out and I’m pretty sure it posted at the time I told it to post, but something wonky happened and I ended up losing the whole entry! Eek!

Anywho, last night The Mister and I went out for bubble tea (mmm…bubble tea…) and the girl who runs the place has decided to branch out a little and carry small gift items and other knick-knacks – which is really fun, but really bad for me because I love small gift items and knick-knacks – even if I don’t know what I would do with them! I was looking through everything – The Mister hates it when I do this because I will start from the beginning or top or from one side and sloooooowly go through and make sure I look at EVERY single thing before I move on to the next section. Just don’t want to miss anything, you know! A lot of the things were Sanrio things (HELLO KITTY!) which everyone who’s anyone knows that I used to REALLY like! I have a Hello Kitty alarm clock, a Hello Kitty phone, Hello Kitty T-Shirts, Hello Kitty pens, paper…blah blah blah…but I digress…so there were bags and paper and pens and a bunch of other really cool things and then…there it was…

*SQUEALS* It’s an Angel Hello Kitty organizer…thingy…

I love Angel Hello Kitty…I had her really cute paper and matching pen which I never used because it was just too pretty to write on! Well, I just had to have this set because I already knew what I was going to use it for!

Ta-da!!! Woohoo! My COPIC markers now have a home! Thank goodness I didn’t get anymore from (sale still going on until MARCH 1st!) or else I wouldn’t have been able to fit them all in here! But as of right now with 85 markers, everyone is all nice and snug in their new home! Can you just SEE me walking into my COPIC Certification class with my little Angel Hello Kitty COPIC marker bag? *squeals* I know, I am just too excited, aren’t I? Taking it down a notch…

Speaking of the bag though, I did come up with a solution for my little giveaway problem that I had confessed about the other day. I am now going to employ the one-for-me, one-for-you technique! So up there you see mine…and another one will go to the blogaversary blog candy winner!!! w00t!

DISCLAIMER: Winner of the Angel Hello Kitty organizer bag will win the bag and pouch, minus any CONTENTS pictured above. Meaning, the prize will not include the COPIC markers pictured.

*giggles* Sorry, just had to put it out there before I went further and got more excitable and carried away! HAHAHA, but to be fair, since I DID show the bag with markers, I will be including two COPIC markers in the giveaway as well: R05 and G05.

I think that’s it for me today! I’ll be escaping off to Michael’s this afternoon on my lunch hour to have a peek to see if they have any of the new DCWV stacks in yet (I won’t be holding my breath though, my M’s still thinks that the Cricut only has a George cartridge available with it, with the way they stock…) and maybe I’ll find more fun things to include in my blogaversary giveaway! Make sure to come back and visit on the 1st to enter! With all my crazy shenanigans and TMI confessions and when you still came to visit even when I dropped off the face of the earth, I would definitely say that you DESERVE it!

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. For those of you who can’t wait to win stuff, buying things ON SALE is just as good, isn’t it? Dont’ forget that Marti’s got all her products and items on SALE at Pez-a-Doodle Designs from 15% – 25% OFF to make room for the fun new things coming – and can I just totally drop a little hinty-hint, Marti DEFINITELY has some fun, new things in store for you. You do NOT want to miss it – I’m having an episode just trying not to blurt it all out! *LOL*

The battle is won and I have conquered and vanquished the beast I call Design Studio. This isn’t the end I know…the battle may be over but the war is just beginning. I’m gonna figure the crap out of DS if it’s the last thing I do. *insert maniacal laughter here* But first, I’m going to bed.



3 Responses to “A year of -isms II…”

  1. AShu93 said

    What a great find! I can't wait for the giveaway. I also have the HK alarm clock & I have a toothbrush, lunch bag, robe, slippers, and on and on…

    I just got my first 2 copic markers last night & can't wait to get more.

  2. 4paws said

    LOL!! OMG you crack me up! LOL I love reading your blog. You should write a book if you ever get tired of this hobby, as if! LOL You are a hoot!
    Maian *aka 4paws

  3. Marti - Pez-A-Doodle Design Studios said

    awwww how CUTE is that????

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