My, Oh, MY…

Posted by Catherine on February 12, 2009

…*YAWN* WOW! I can’t stop yawning…I think things are catching up with me pretty fast and I just can’t get ahead of the game!

If you didn’t already know, I work in an educational setting (post-secondary institution) and they’ve all announced some serious budget cuts over the next few years…and we all know what budget cuts REALLY mean, right? Anywho…to get started on that, everyone’s positions and departments are being “re-evaluated” and esentially it pretty much wants you to describe what you DO in your job and how that contributes to the whole organization. The questionnaire was initially about 25 pages with blanks and spaces to fill in, but when I was done with mine, it came to 60 pages. (It wants us to compare our jobs to when the last “re-evaluation” was done – which was a million years ago, so the job has definitely evolved since then!) Anywho, to really WRACK your brain to think of EVERY SINGLE thing you do and how what you do contributes to the organization and to defend what you do and rationalize why you should stay (without actually saying that) and also to rationalize why the position could possibly go up in grade and pay (since a LOT has been added to the job) is SO exhausting, time-consuming and just…BLAH. By the end of the day, I felt like my evaluation papers grew arms and legs and kicked the living daylights out of me.

So….all that blah blah blah up there pretty much means, is that I didn’t have time to really do up a very fancy sort of card… *sad face* I did end up turning to my Footprints stamp again as first of all, it’s my only religious/inspirational stamp (so far…) and secondly because I really felt like I needed it after the mental wringer that we all went through.

Anywho, there it is…with very little embellishing or detail – with the stamp there, I really don’t think it needs much more anyway! But I did pierce around the edges and add stitching (which took up the majority of time) and then used my Tim Holtz paper distresser to distress the edge. Inked it up a bit with Distress Ink (I can’t even tell you what colour right now, my brain is so fried..) and just embellished with ribbon and that little picture frame charm. It looks cloudy right now, but I glued some paper in it and inserted a heart-shaped pearl heart and filled in the frame with diamond glaze.

P.S. A little bit out of left field, but if you ever wondered where I took my pictures…I use the bathroom sink. *LOL* Just throwin’ it out there…

Off to get some SLEEP – I need to conserve my energy to keep up with Hurricane Marti. Good things coming and some fun announcements!

All hyperlinked products are from Pez-a-Doodle Designs

Stamp: Footprints by Inkadinkado
Ink: Ranger Archival Ink and Distress Ink
Paper: Bo Bunny Back to Basics Black and K&Co.
Embellishments/Tools: Foam ink applicator tool, Vintage Flowers with SwirlyPop centers by Sugar and Scraps, ribbon and metal charm from Dollarama



One Response to “My, Oh, MY…”

  1. 4paws said

    Footprints is one of my favorite stamps. Wonderful card! I hope you got some rest. Evals are a headache when they only come around so often and you realy have to think before you write! I had to retire early because of Lupus and a few other autoimmune diseases. I do miss working until I have a day that I have a hard time getting out of bed, which is too often.

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