Confessions of a CHA Convention-er (Part 10 – Nestabilities)

Posted by Catherine on January 28, 2009

I apologize that there was a lack of posting for my last day, but everything shifted into warp speed (kind fo like my sickening experience on Space Mountain…*LoL..cough* Suzanne…) but more on that later, on to some crafty goodness!

First off, if you missed the announcement, both Marti and I are hosting ULTIMATE CHA giveaways to commemorate our first time attending CHA. Courtesy of the lovely Pez-a-Doodle herself, I am giving away a great portion of Tim Holtz’s Advantis line of grunge-y goodness – you can get the complete 411 on that by clicking >> here <<. The official contest deadline has been extended from the 28th to the 30th to give me some time to catch up with all your comments, suggestions and questions! To double our giveaway fun, Marti is giving away the entire, I repeat the entire, not yet released LIGHTS and BRIGHTS line of alcohol inks.

HOLY MOLY! If I could win them, I would definitely try!

Okay, I am also excited about a couple more things that I’ve got listed for me to chit-chat about (after six days, can I just say how EXHAUSTING all this excitement is???)

Now if you’ve been a visitor for some time now, you’ll kno wjust how much I’ve been COVETING all things nest-like…as in NESTABILITIES! *swoons* so can I just point out that it’s nice that Marti knnows people? And that it’s nicet hat I know Marti???? HAHAHAHA…Iknow that I’m probably the last to know this, but our own Terri (terrikrafts) from The Board is a carrier of the beloved Nestabilities?! Where have I been? I know! so this weekend, missy me has placed an order for her own precious sets of nesties…all.For.MEEEE!!! I am already cursing the post for their slowness because I want them NOW! So if you’ve been dying for a set or two, drop me a line and I will! Terri is the BEST! You can never go wrong with her, she took good care of us Cricut board girls this weekend, lemme tell ya!

If you’ve already got Nesties, let me also point out that Terri is already accepting pre-orders for the NEW releases that we were able to see with our own eyes! Even better than that (yes, I know my announcements keep getting better and better – so keep reading!) she will also have IMPRESSABILITIES! If you have not seen these babies in action, let me tell you, they are a must have, not just a must want!

So as you can see, they are nice and pretty AND folder-less! That’s right, anywhere placement without the folder! Plus, as the lovely Wendy from Spellbinders has pointed out, the soft metal and the low retail costs makes it easier to buy TWO – one to keep whole and one to cut up into multiple, smaller portions to use however/whichever you like!

Stay tuned for my CHA wrap-up…I’ll finally be HOME!



29 Responses to “Confessions of a CHA Convention-er (Part 10 – Nestabilities)”

  1. Laurinda said

    Wow, I get to be the first to post this time!!! I have really enjoyed reading your blog, but I do have a question. What is the size of the impressabilities? It’s very hard to tell size in photos. I love that paisley!

  2. stacky4204 said

    wow glad you had fun hope you get home safe thanks for the update

  3. -Amanda &amp; Tom B. said

    I have to say that I never really understood the nestabilities stuff. Wel…haven’t gone out of my way to learn either. Guess it’s time for me to check it out (hope I don’t get enabled too much!)

  4. AShu93 said

    What exciting news! I can’t wait to try those impressabilities.

  5. Justine said

    You girls have been so sweet to keep posting and making us all feel a little part of CHA. What a hoot, would love to have been there.

  6. Anita said

    Wow! I have been enjoying your adventures and all th lovely sneak peeks.

  7. Claire said

    I love it all. The ranger alcoholic inks , the impressibilities. man I wished I lived near the convention. I’d be there everyday. But thanks to you and pezadoodles blog I can be there anyways

  8. Ann said

    Love reading about all the fun you have been having. I can’t wait to see some of the new goodies in person.

  9. Nicole said

    Oh I so want some Nesties! How do I find this Terry? I am so jealous of you!


  10. julie z said

    I hope you arrive home without any delays so you can get rested and ready to play with all your new goodies. I have become a nesties junkie. Don’t know when I will use all of them but I need them. Some of the new ones are just too nice to ignore. And if I would be lucky enough to win the candy I would be able to use them to get grungy.

  11. Shirley said

    I am writing up my list now of all the things I want. Man, too bad this happens after christmas:) I haven’t tried nestabilities but they look really cool and the impressabilities is very cool. I was able to see a video on youtube of it in action. Thank you so very much for all the updates, I really appreciate you for taking the time and bringing me on your journey. It was a blast.

  12. Renee said

    wow…what incredibly generous giveaways.

    Thanks for sharing the CHA experience with us.

    Hope you get home safely!

  13. Becky Sorensen said

    The impressabilities look like mass fun!! lol
    thanks for the updates !!

  14. Anonymous said

    Wow…I think those impressabilities look awesome! I want to see something done w them. I hope you get your well deserved rest…exhaustion will set in, but give your body time to catch up. Thank you so much for including us in your fun at cha!


  15. Bethany said

    I can’t wait to see the Nesties in actions…very pretty.

  16. Cathy T said

    The new ink colors look great! Im really getting the hang of alcohol inks. hope you’ve arrived home and getting rest!

  17. kolling143 said

    OH, I think I’m going to like the impressabilities!! Thanks for giving us a peek at them.

  18. Chris said

    That’s just such a PRETTY Impressability! Ugh…I get the feeling I need to start embossing….

  19. Linda S. said

    Now really…how will I be able to honor my 60 day self-imposed shopping ban if you keep posting this way!!! lol Thanks for all your posts. Linda lsfouratwindstreamdotnet

  20. Swimmom said

    Ooooh – purty colors!

  21. StarlightScrapper said

    oh yeah, Terri is awesome for sure! And those new nesties – ohboy! ohboy! ohboy!!

  22. Janice Anello said

    Oh, now I am interested in a new thing! Thanks! Off to search for impressabilities!

  23. Michelle (mla1111) said

    I can’t wait for those new nesties!!! The impresssbilities look awesome too!!

  24. Terri said

    Thank you Catherine, you are so sweet! I was told I would have all the new nesties and impressabilities around March 1st.
    If you really want them let me know now so I can be sure to have enough on hand!!

  25. SequoiaLynn said

    OMG I have to have alllll off the brights!!! EEEKKK my budgetis shot!

  26. byondbzr said

    Oh,gotta have all the new alcohol ink colors!

  27. Lisa in MI said

    Those new colors are so YUMMY!!!!!

  28. Magaret from NY said

    I love the Lights and Brights…I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

  29. ~Jenn said

    the new inks are pretty spectacular!

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