Confessions of a CHA Convention-er (Part 9 – “Wake me up…)

Posted by Catherine on January 27, 2009

…before you go-go, don’t leave me hangin’ on like a yo-yo…” *awkward silence….*

HAHAHAHA…sorry, I heard that song playing somewhere and woke up with it in my head. It’s even funnier because you know how at the beginning of the song it starts off with someone singing “Jitterbug?” I was singin’ d-d-d-Doodlebug! You know you craft too much when…

Okay, to business we go! My Studio G news, etc…first things first…they are the new series releases coming:





Okay, so there’s that and the other exciting news…

Marti has worked it out with her reps and they have been so impressed with working with her that they have offered to sponsor MONTHLY challenges for her! *SQUEALS* Winning something from Studio G MONTHLY??? Sign me up, I would say…except that I was quickly told that being a Design Team member means I am totally disqualified. HAHAHAHA…but that means MORE chances for you to win! So they’re going to be finalizing the details on that, and you will definitely need to stay tuned so you can enter – what better way to put those cutie patooties to some good inky use! *high five*

Another new product that Marti will be carrying over at Pez-a-Doodle Designs….(I’m REALLY excited about this one – oh how I LOOOOVE being a DT member…*giggles*):

Oooooh…sparkly flourishes and swirls – these are just SOME examples…!

Beeeaautiful flowers with a teeny, tiny bit of fluff to make them nice and sploofy! Say it again out loud, it makes me giggly, SPLOOFY!

Fabric (corduroy) covered brads for your prettiful SPLOOFIES!

Ooooh so exciting! Start pinchin’ your pennies people! Although these will be on the inexpensive side, it still adds up when you WANT THEM ALL!!! *insert hysterical fanatical laughter here*

And for a little bit of non-business-y goodness…a couple more randoms from CHA!

Work it Marti, that’s it! Make love to the camera!

I swear this was done with the permission of the booth owner!

Queen Suazanne and her lady in waiting…LOL…


I KNEW it!!! Martha’s glitter grows on trees and she picks them and sells them! I totally knew it!

Royalty still do normal things sometimes…HAHAHAHA…

I almost think that Anaheim will breathe a collective sigh of relief when we three get on our planes….*LOL*…I’m going to cut here folks, I’ve got some packin’ to do! What oh what can I leave behind to make room for all my goodies!



32 Responses to “Confessions of a CHA Convention-er (Part 9 – “Wake me up…)”

  1. Michelle (mla1111) said

    ooohh…like the sparkly bing, glitter & flowers… Not too crazy about the stugio g stamps but may like the $1 chalk… great pics!

  2. Bethany said

    Wow! “Reads” like you are on a scrappin’ high right now. LOL Fun stuff!

  3. Cathy T said

    I”m LOL! Love the pic next to Tim H…I like the chalks…I”m just getting into those.

  4. ~Jenn said

    LOVE those chalks! the bling is too cool and the flowers are nice too! Lots of great goodies!

  5. Anita said

    I love all the new goodies.

  6. Anonymous said

    Can never get enough glitter and blings. Waiting to see what you all selected for the store. Keep smiling. MarilynY

  7. Renee said

    Love the glitter and the bling….and you two playing with the feathers….too funny!

  8. SequoiaLynn said

    I have to have that chalk!!! I need that chalk! Everything is looking grrrrrrrrreeeeeaaaattttttttt!

  9. -Amanda & Tom B. said

    Holy Moly, I need some of that dollar chalk and ink! I love some of the new studio G stamps too. I’m pretty picky, but love anything with flowers and swirls.

  10. Shirley said

    These are really great pictures. I really like the brads and the flowers. The stamps look good to. And of course I LOVE the bling.

  11. byondbzr said

    Oooooh, one can NEVER have too many flowers and blingy flourishes…SERIOUSLY!!

  12. stacky4204 said

    to funny love looking at all the pics thanks for sharing them with us

  13. Becky Sorensen said

    Great pictures – and so much fun.

  14. Janice Anello said

    I love sparkly things! I cant wait!

  15. Swimmom said

    Sploofies and corduroy brads! What more could we want?! Oh! And dollar chalks – I can’t wait!!!
    Ya know – i didn’t think I would, but I’m really loving the studio g dollar inks, so I have high hopes for the chalks!

  16. 4paws said

    LOL ! You girls are a hoot! I love reading the updates! Good job! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Ann said

    Feathers, glitter, bling and flowers! Oh,my!

  18. Lisa in MI said

    Love the glitter…martha makes the best! All those stamps…glad they are only $1 each!

    The picture with Tim is ADORABLE!! you guys are too funny!

  19. julie z said

    Obviously you are having lots of fun. That is so great. And all those new goodies. How to choose…

  20. kolling143 said

    Wow all these new things….I really have a hard time trying to decide what is my favorite…..but did I say embellishments?? Love ’em.

  21. Maria A said

    oh, those sploofy flowers look fabulous! I will have to get me some of those. And I like the Studio G series 32 better than the first one you showed, I think it is 30??? I will have to look at the chalk and ink and check those out.

  22. Maria A said

    ok I have it backwards…I like series 30 better than 32

  23. AShu93 said

    You just crack me up, especially with the caption under Marti’s pic to “make love to the camera.” What a wonderful time you’ve had!

  24. Kathy Eddy said

    You gals look like you sure love a good time! Oh to travel with you! Some great new products coming our way as well. Kathy Eddy

  25. Anonymous said

    Thank you for sharing your pics w us! I’m still jealous that I’m not there, but I get the next best thing w you ladies sharing. How did you manage to get so close to Tim in that demo? You girls are having too much fun…I’m kidding…a girl can never have too much fun. I love the pics my fav is the one with the feathers tossed in the air! What wonderful memories you ladies are making! Enjoy!


  26. StarlightScrapper said

    OMG the pic with Tim is great and the Martha comment is too funny! You are definitely enjoying yourselves!!

  27. Chris said

    SPLOOFIES!!! Woohoo! Not too thrilled about the newest of the Studio Gs though. 😦

  28. Laurinda said

    So long for now. Have a safe trip.

    Laurinda (Cricut MB)

  29. Justy said

    The pictures are great. Love all the new products. Glad it was a successful trip…even with some bumps along the way.

  30. Margaret from NY said

    Love the “SPLOOFY” flowers…they look great especially with the brads.

    Have fun packing and have a safe trip home to the snow….ooh you’re going to miss sunny CA!

  31. Nicole said

    Awesome! Love the pic of you guys with T!M!!! Too Funny!


  32. Emily012473 said

    SPLOOFY! I love those fabric covered brads–adorable! Is Studio G really putting out a stamp that says, “YOUR Invited”–YOUR? Really? hmmm…methinks that should say You’re, as in You are…but, I digress–see what your writing does to me? 🙂 Love your posts–all of them, just catching up NOW!

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