Confessions of a CHA Convention-er (Part 7 – Hotel Hopping)

Posted by Catherine on January 26, 2009

…goooood MORNING! The sun is FINALLY shining here and it looks like it’s going to shape up to be very nice out! Perfect for a nice walk over to the convention!

I think we’re going to attempt to do a Disney Land twilight outing this evening so I’ll be taking in the sights and stalking Mini and Mickey and friends later on!

I feel like I’m a little bit behind in my CHA updates as yesterday evening we had to deal with a little hotel hopping fiasco. The plan was that we were to be spending two nights at the Residence Inn (one and a quarter mile away from the convention) and then the rest of our time here would be at the sexy Anaheim Marriott right on the doorstep of the convention center. Well we go to check in and they proceed to change the room charge on Marti due to some booking error on their part! They said that Marti failed to inform them that we would be a triple-occupancy booking and that she did not register our names – which of course she HAD. So all of a sudden, the price in the room (which is already ridiculous enough) went up even more! Already I was like, no way josE – we want the price you quoted at the time of booking! Anyway, there was more charges for parking and then we get up to our room…and it is TEENY TINY! I mean, it was large enough to fit two beds and a microwave on the floor and NOTHING ELSE! I’m like…where’s our luggage going to go and then once we figure that out, where will WE go? I’m looking around for a pull-out which of course there isn’t and I’m like, how dare they even charge us for triple-occupancy and then not have triple-occupancy accomodation. Marti and I would be sharin’ a bed! *LOL*…now, now…

I rush to the desk so I can get blogging and I can’t get on…I call down to the front desk and ask for a little bit of help getting online and she was like, you need help with the phone? Already, catty (and hungry, so please excuse little me) was thinking…I am on the phone talking to you already, why would I ask for help with that? So I ask how to get on and she proceeds to tell me it’s $12.95 to connect and that’s for a 24 hour noon-to-noon connection. So I’m looking at my watch and I’m like..but it’s 5 pm right now…and she goes, so we would connect you now and it will expire noon tomorrow. So, can you already imagine my forehead vein by now? So we go back and forth some more and I ask more questions and she’s like, well you can try this or try that to which I reply why are you suggesting I try it? Do you not know how I can go about this? And she says, well no, not really! So I told her to transfer me to someone who knew and she transferred me to the concierge’s VOICEMAIL! *screech* Later on I found out that the $12.95 connection was PER computer…so over two days, Marti and I would have had to pay about $24 to get online each! I was NOT havin’ that!

In the end, we ended up being so unhappy with everything (breakfast was $12) that we called the Residence Inn and asked if we could come back. Ten minutes later we were marching our cute little selves and our luggage back down to the front desk and Marti told them what’s what! So here we are at the Residence Inn with our free internet (albeit slow, but I will never complain about it again!), free breakfast and nice pull-out bed for me!

I’m realizing this post is getting pretty long and I haven’t said anything CHA related – but don’t you worry my pretties! There is SO many things to talk about and for me to reveal and drop hints on and tease about, I’m just trying to draw the excitement out just that much longer!

Since this isn’t a really craft-y related kind of post, here are some not really craft-y related kind of pictures!

So if you ask me what Star Wars was doing there, I have no idea what to tell you. They just were…Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader were hanging around somewhere there – as well as more storm troopers…and the other picture I think is a kind of take on the comfy couch girl because she was sitting on some comfy tush thing…I didn’t get it, but I did get some cute pink pigtails!

Have a good day everyone, more to come in a bit!



33 Responses to “Confessions of a CHA Convention-er (Part 7 – Hotel Hopping)”

  1. Michelle (mla1111) said

    More stories to telll…first walking in the rain now the mariott fiasco…well, happy to hear you are safe & sound & happy back at the residence inn… Cute pics!

  2. Rene said

    What trials you are having! But I’m sure it is all worth it when you’re out on the big CHA floor and all that creativity is swirling around! Oh, how I wish i was there too. Keep the news coming in!

    Rene’ Mewes

  3. AShu93 said

    Wow, what a rough time! Glad you at least got back to a hotel that better suited you.

  4. Janice Anello said

    Get ’em girlfriend! The hotel obviously didnt know that we crafters are serious women! Love your candids from the show!

  5. -Amanda & Tom B. said

    Well now, those are some interesting pictures. I’m glad you went back to the Residence instead of settling. Being closer obviously isn’t worth it!!!

  6. buglady said

    Looks like you are having a good time! I would love to attend and go to all the freebie classes!

  7. Anonymous said

    I’m glad you ladies got a decent room…even if the walk is farther, enough space is very on the priority list. Way to go letting them have their little room back.


  8. Swimmom said

    Wow! What a pain! Residence Inns are nice – I hope the rest of your week is hassle – free!

  9. Anita said

    Sorry to hear about your hotel problems. Enjoying your updates on all that is going on.

  10. SequoiaLynn said

    uggg so sorry about your hotel troubles! Stash this info away for next CHA!

  11. Chris said

    I don’t envy you ladies ONE BIT on the hotel fiasco. Wow…just wow.

  12. Renee said

    OUCH!!!! They definitely forgot their customer service skills when they got to you guys.

    Glad you are someplace more service oriented….and that it stopped raining for your walk!

  13. Cathy T said

    Quite the adventure you are all having. Sorry the Marriot didn’t work out. I think Star Wars was there because of the paper line with Star Wars theme Keep those updates coming….I LOVE hearing all about it!

  14. Anonymous said

    Just have to be comfortable when we’re away from home, I say..happy you found your landing spot. Now, get those pics coming our way!!

  15. Kathy Eddy said

    i enjoyed reading your blow-by-blow of unsatisfactory accomodations and how you took things into your own hands and fixed it. loved the way you told the story even if not cha related, still funny and you’re not letting it ruin your great times together! Kathy Eddy

  16. Shirley said

    oh my goodness! I always go to the conventions with my two daughters and have never been charged extra for them. That is something. Well, I am glad you are back at the reasonable hotel. Your pictures are very cute. I was wondering about that first one, I peaked at the pictures before I started reading. Have fun at disney and I cannot wait to read the next chapter…

  17. Becky Sorensen said

    Oh my, good thing the Residence inn was there still – Will have to remember that for next time we go to Disneyland – We usually stay at the Tropicana!!
    Have fun tomorrow!!

  18. julie z said

    Typical Mariott. Pretty soon they will charge for the air you breathe while in the room. Glad you were able to get back in the RI.

  19. StarlightScrapper said

    OMG! I would have been fuming if all that happened to me too! And also laughing out loud in total disbelief! So glad you finally worked out a good arrangement!

  20. Sharon said

    That’s too bad about the hotel hopping, and terrible customer services.Probably figured they could charge an “arm and leg” since the convention was in town.
    Glad you are settled once again.

  21. Laurinda said

    Why do hotels do that to their customers? I guess they just didn’t care if you stayed with them. Please email corporate (from your free internet connection)!

    Laurinda (Cricut MB)

  22. Nicole said

    Glad to hear you got the hotel thing worked out! I saw some pics of the new Star Wars scrapbook line! Awesome for my boys! That’s why they are there.


  23. Bethany said

    How funny! And CHA and Disney? Does it get any better than that?

  24. ~Jenn said

    Oh my goodness…first the rain and now this!?!?! You gals did good in leaving and going back to the other place, if it were me that vien in my head would have exploded…..sheesh. Glad you were able to work things out.

  25. byondbzr said

    Sorry about all the difficulties you’re having!

  26. stacky4204 said

    ok i would have had a complete fit over the hotels. man has no one ever heard of customer service anymore

  27. Ann said

    Hotels know when they have “got” you. Luckily Residence Inn was able to help you out. Hope you are documenting it for a fun scrap page!

  28. Lisa in MI said

    I’m loving your commentary! Your pictures are awesome as well. Hope you enjoy your new hotel! What a pain!

  29. kolling143 said

    Keep the news coming!! Love all the news on the new products….:)

  30. Maria A said

    I stayed at the Anaheim Marriot for a CKU 2 years ago and didn’t have any of those problems! I am so sorry to hear that you did. You would think with the economy the way it is they would be more grateful to have convention goers stay there, but I guess not!

  31. 4paws said

    OH wow! I’m sorry to hear about the bad experience! I’m glad RI got you all back in. I know it’s farther to the convention, but can you imagine having that type of custermer service for the rest of your stay? I’d double check the credit card and make sure they did not put in any misc. charges. Whew!! What an adventure you are having!

  32. Margaret from NY said

    Glad you finally got back to a hotel that you could blog from….gotta see all those goodies!

  33. Claire said

    Looks like fun . 🙂

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