Confessions of a CHA Convention-er (Part 6 – Paris Hilton and more…)

Posted by Catherine on January 25, 2009

…okay, don’t judge…I went and tried to get pictures of Paris Hilton when she came in to represent her new line of scrapbooking stuff. *LOL* Oh my, I think next season, I’m going to try out to be her new BFF. HAHAHAHA…okay, now you can judge me – except I’m only kidding.

Poor Paris must have been very tired…her highness (excuse me while I borrow your royal title, Suzanne) looked very rough around the edges, but sashayed her way down to her booth all the same, no little puppy or tiny animal in hand but her cell phone.

So there she is in all her royal hotel heiress bobble-headed glory. Sorry the pictures are so far away and blurry, I couldn’t bring myself to care enough to go closer. BWAHAHAHAA…

Meanwhile, in another corner o the convention, far away from the Paris hoopla, a loyal subject bows down to the only royalty she chooses to recognize…

Anywho! What, oh what shall I share with my pretties today??? Oh, let’s go with DCWV!

The buzz around here is that DCWV has got twelve – read them, 12 new paper lines coming out! Oh how they so know all ways to creatively extort money from me, but the lines are just so fabulous – I was tempted to commit a little bit of thievery! *gasp* Yes, I said it! Have a peek:

WHIMSY (my FAAAAVOURITE! The inspiration motivating my thieving thoughts!)

LA CREME – so oooh la la!


TAJ MAHAL (reminds me of another stack they already did…)


All together now…ooooooh…aaaaaaah!

Hate to cut it off so abruptly, but I need to get in the shower before they all leave me behind! Talk to you again soon, with more updates and always more pictures!



33 Responses to “Confessions of a CHA Convention-er (Part 6 – Paris Hilton and more…)”

  1. Shirley said

    I really cannot believe that Paris Hilton does any kind of crafts at all. Please. Love your pictures and your blog and EVERYTHING. Thanks again for taking us with you on your CHA adventure:)

  2. -Amanda & Tom B. said

    Those stacks look great. I bet the Tahiti one would be great for those that actually get to go to the beach. I can’t wait to see more.

  3. Nicole said

    I didn’t even know PH knew how to use scissors! HAHA

    I ~heart~ DCWV!


  4. Becky Sorensen said

    Wow, the new stacks look awesome. Sounds like lots of fun.

  5. Sue in Alaska said

    Will have to watch for those new Stacks. Interested in seeing the papers in Tahiti, Taj Mahal, and Whimsey.

  6. Michelle (mla1111) said

    Forget Paris…that Garden Party paper is calling my name! Yummy!!

  7. Rene said

    I’m with you. What the heck is Paris Hilton doing at a craft show and why do we care?! (I know she’s hawking something that she did not design, but they slapped her name in it in order to be in many $$$$) Anyway, it must be fun to just people watch there. Wow!

    Rene’ Mewes

  8. AShu93 said

    I agree with René. Paris just saw an opportunity to make some money & is probably not involved with it in anyway. You'd be a better reason to watch any PH BFF show anyway Catherine.

  9. Janice Anello said

    Thanks for the sneaks…gotta start saving!

  10. 4paws said

    My name is Marian and I’m a paperholic. LOL I can’t wait till the new stacks are available.

  11. buglady said

    Paris Hilton– you must be kidding me! Somehow I cannot see here doing anything like scrapbooking. Unless someone else is making the pages of HER!!!

  12. Swimmom said

    I need the scoop on the stacks from someone who’s seen them in person so I know what to buy or what to pass on1 I cna’t just buy them all, can I? Oh, I can? Thanks, Cat!

  13. Anita said

    Wow! I love the new paper.Whimsy is my favorite.

  14. Margaret from NY said

    Whimsy is definitely my favorite too. Can’t wait to be able to buy it!

  15. SequoiaLynn said

    I cant see Paris Hilton getting crafty at all…wonder how her line will go over!
    OOO Who doesnt go ga-ga for DCWV. Those people know what we HAVE TO HAVE!

  16. Chris said

    Paris Hilton has a scrapbooking line….????? I hate to sound, umm, dumbfounded, but what?! Wow wow wow. As for DCWV — I *heart* them!

  17. Renee said

    I can’t wait to see what Paris’ stuff looks like. Wild stuff!

  18. Cathy T said

    The DCWV stacks look incredible! Sounds like lots of fun and excitement in Anaheim!

  19. Anonymous said

    Oh, gag, won’t be looking for that whiney “that’s hot” products!! Glad your pics didn’t show more ; ) Luv the lines you did share, lots of glitter for my happy soul..thnx!!

  20. julie z said

    Paris Hilton has a scrapbook line? That will be one I won’t be buying. The others look great though.

  21. Sharon said

    Paris has to do something to get attention, whatever….
    Love the new DCWV especially the black ones. Anymore celeb sightings out there?

  22. Laurinda said

    OMG!!! You’re killing me here! I’m so going broke soon.

    Laurinda (Cricut MB)

  23. Bethany said

    I’m not so sure about the Paris stuff…I’ve seen some peeks and it is too cutesy for me. LOVE the DCWV paper pads! Just got the Green stack myself last night! SO cute!!!

  24. ~Jenn said

    Oh no way!!! Paris is getting in to the swing of things now?? AS if Martha wasn’t bad enough (sorry, I shouldn’t poke fun, I do like Marthas glitters….hehehe). Wow-wee!

    Oooooo—aaaaaahh *drool* New DCWV… very cool stacks here!

  25. byondbzr said

    Oooh, I love La Creme!

  26. stacky4204 said

    wow i always love the dcwv stuff

  27. Ann said

    Love the new stacks. But Paris crafting??? Too funny.

  28. lisa in MI said

    Love the new stacks..Paris Hilton & Scrapbooking …hmmmm…that one I'll have to get used to!

  29. kolling143 said

    OMG……..more DCWV papers!! Yippee!! Thanks for the sneak peeks!!

  30. Maria A said

    What does she need all those men to walk around here for? Where does she think she is??

    On to the important stuff – LOVE DCWV! The Whimsy stack looks too cute! I hope they do coordinating cardstock stacks for the lines though! I love that!

  31. StarlightScrapper said

    I have to admit I’m not a Paris fan but I would have taken pics too just because.

    Now all that paper…..
    OMG!!! I can’t breathe!!

  32. Claire said

    OOOOOoooohhhh I just love the whimsy stack.
    love it

  33. jennie said

    Omg i cant believe she scraps but anywho I LOVE the dcwv stacks i must get them all lol

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