Confessions of a CHA Convention-er (Part 1)

Posted by Catherine on January 23, 2009


So after crying like a baby after leaving The Mister at departures, after taking off my shoes a billion times and walking through a bunch of customs people asking me what kind of convention I’m going to and after getting into the taxi in California acting like I owned it (so people wouldn’t be able to tell I’m a completely brand new tourist) and AFTER the taxi driver dropped me off at the WRONG hotel and after walking 15 minutes to get to the ACTUAL hotel and in between that time having a should-have-been-slow-motion-meeting-up-in-the-middle moment with Marti amidst luggage and slick sidewalks *breathes* I. AM. HEEEEERE!

Well, at least the wrong hotel that I got dropped off at will be our hotel in a couple of days. Which is awesome because that hotel is SEXY (and right on the doorstep of the convention center as well!)

So anywho…did I forget to mention that that 15 minute walk was in the RAIN? Okay, I’m not whining….I’m just saying, okay!?

I think we’ll just be taking it easy tonight because our bodies are thinking it’s already 7 pm when I’m pretty sure it’s only 4 pm right now Anaheim time…

…tomorrow…….Tim Holtz….stay tuned!



32 Responses to “Confessions of a CHA Convention-er (Part 1)”

  1. Bethany said

    Sounds exhausting! LOL Glad you arrived safely…you will have SO much fun!

  2. Sharon said

    The trails and tribulations of air travel, but you arrived! Have fun.

  3. Liz Salcido said

    Welcome to California! Like the song says, “It never rainsin Califonia, but man it pours!!” This is our “rainy season” (just a couple of days long) LOL!! Glad you arrived safely!

  4. mommyfink said

    Sounds like a rough start. I hope you got some rest that night! The rest of your trip will be well worth the trouble…I am sure!!!

  5. Debby said

    Is the convention at the Anaheim Convention center? Near Disney? Rain in California. Who knew ‘-)

  6. Shirley said

    Poor Catherine! Well, at least now you are there and can have some great fun:)

  7. Michelle (mla1111) said

    cant believe you had to walk in the rain…. geez. It makes a great beginning story to what I am sure will be an amazing trip!

  8. ~Jenn said

    Oh my goodness, what a rough start!!! On the bright side things can only get better from here right? 😉


  9. Laura said

    OK u all are so lucky to be out there!!! One jealous scrapbooker here!! Have a great tim!

  10. 4paws said

    Wow, that was a rough start. Part of the adventure. LOL Sounds like a good time is in store. Have a blast and I can’t wait to read what happens next!

  11. -Amanda & Tom B. said

    The rain doesn’t sound fun at all, but I bet it is so worth it knowing what you are going to experience! Lucky!!

  12. Mary Jean said

    Have Fun!!!

  13. Rene said

    Oh, what trials! That’s why I hate to travel, but for the chance to go to CHA, I’d risk it! I hope the trip gets better!

    Rene’ Mewes

  14. Anita said

    Sorry to hear that you had a rough start! I will pray that your return will go smoothly.

  15. byondbzr said

    Oh NO, sorry you had to walk in the rain girl!

  16. Kathy Eddy said

    Just have fun while you’re there and fill your head with great ideas for future projects and all the wonderful memories! Kathy Eddy

  17. AShu93 said

    Yuck, no fun to travel in the rain, but I'm sure it's better than the cold & snow you left behind.

  18. StarlightScrapper said

    well at least it wasn’t SNOW or ICE!

  19. Anonymous said

    Ok … you wanted an “adventure”, right? Maybe walking to your hotel wasn’t in the plan … nor was the rain … but you must have been having fun anyway. The anticipation mounts … YOU’RE AT THE CONVENTION!!! YIPPEEEE!!! ♥Carol♥

  20. Nicole said

    Glad you made it safely!


  21. Anonymous said

    Sorry to hear about your rough start…being dropped off at the wrong hotel? What’s w that?
    I’m glad that you’re safe now and I know that you ladies will have a blast…enjoy!


  22. Janice Anello said

    Have a blast!!!!

  23. buglady said

    “They say it never rains in southern California but honey let me warn you it pours, it pours!” Yeah sorry you had to walk in the rain with your gear. NO fun!

  24. Margaret from NY said

    Glad you arrived safely. The next days will make it all worth it!!!

  25. Renee said

    Wow….what a start!

  26. julie z said

    Sorry about the walk in the rain. The meeting is certainly worth it though.

  27. Laurinda said

    Oh, what a start! Hopefully things keep getting better and better.

    Laurinda (Cricut MB)

  28. stacky4204 said

    sounds like a lot of work. have fun

  29. Maria A said

    Now that you’ve been there a few dys it’s totally worth it I bet….I am so jealous. 🙂

  30. kolling143 said

    OH, I have stories like that one!! Glad you made it there!!

  31. Claire said

    I wish I were there

  32. Erin Glee said

    No tip for that dumb Taxi driver that took you to the wrong Hotel! It never rains in California, but it pours, Baby it pours! (name that tune…)
    Glad you made it OK and are ready for the experience of a LIFETIME!

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