I’m Thankful for…

Posted by Catherine on October 12, 2008

…turkey! And potatoes! And GRAVY!

What I’m not thankful for? Lack of MOJO! Where the heck is it?!?!

So The Mister and I are headed over to the in-laws (or his parents, because I guess they wouldn’t be his in-laws) for the day-before Thanksgiving feast and my mother-in-law being the formal and etiquette-ful person that she is, I thought it would be a good idea to bring a card for her, since she was kind enough to host dinner.

Imagine my complete disgust when this is what I come up with:

*wrinkles nose* Oh WOW! BOXES upon BOXES full of goodies and this is all that comes from it?!?!?

I was thinking that honestly, if this is what I was going to come up with using all the FABULOUS things I got, then I better pack everything up and send it back to Marti! LOL…yes, I guess the added pressure that I was putting on myself was kind of stressing me out a bit…but I kind of thought I was a bit capable of more. I mean, look at that…eeew!

But to be fair, the stamp is great. It’s from Inkadinkadoo’s Harvest Expressions line. I stamped it using Adirondack Dye Ink in Espresso. And that’s pretty much it. Pop-dots of course, but apparently, it wasn’t enough to save this monstrosity.

Maybe I work a bit better under pressure…an hour before it was time to leave, I was able to come up with this:

*smiles* Still wasn’t my most favourite piece of work, but it was still better than the cardstock vomit I had earlier, right? I love this one because of the little bits of detail that was added – that no recipient except for a scrapper would really ever truly be able to appreciate.

The Primas are sprayed with a Perfect Pearl Mist (a combination of Perfect Pearls and water in a Mini Mister – no, not a smaller version of The Mister – HAHAHA, I crack myself up). Oh my goooosh the pretty-ness of the glittery sparkles! I layered three Prima flowers and just held them together with a…wow, has it been that long that I can’t remember what that thingamajig is called? Someone tell me!

The BEAUTIFUL curly-cue detail is Tim Holtz’s Grungeboard. I inked it with Studio G inks and then used Cracklepaint to get some nice texture to it. Now that’s a curly-cue with personality, I would say!

The stamp is from Inkadinkadoo’s Harvest Expressions and stamped in Studio G gold ink! Other materials used is K&Co. patterned paper and the threading water punch.



2 Responses to “I’m Thankful for…”

  1. Marti - Pez-A-Doodle Design Studios said

    oh i like the second one alot – perfect use of grungeboard and crackle i must say… the first one….welllllll……

    you crack me up to by the way!!

  2. Katie Renz said

    Love the colors on this one. Its so soft and fallish, but not too fallish (hehe)

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