Let it Snow…

Posted by Catherine on October 2, 2008

…I can’t believe I’m making cards that encourage solid precipitation. Apparently, I’m behind since everyone and their neighbor’s gardener seem to have TONS of Christmas cards made already.

Anyway, I won’t get too into anything since I’m back-dating these entries anyway, but I really wanted to make a card using Marti’s sent stamp goodies! Originally, I had Marti’s goodies there without the word ‘stamp’ but it didn’t really sound that good and I don’t need people to wonder why Marti’s sending me her goodies…I seem to get sidetracked really easily these days!

I fell in love with this stamp as soon as I saw it at Pez-a-Doodle. Leave it to Fabulous Marti to make sure I end up with it! *squeals* As soon as I saw it in my box, I knew that some way, I was going to be using Stickles with this. I got a little bit anxious and am not really known for patience so instead of just leaving it alone to let dry, I took my heatgun to it and it bubbled up and got all bumpy. (Note to self and to you people: DON’T take a heatgun to your Stickles!)

So anywho…! I stamped the image twice on plain cardstock. One for my base and one to cut out and pop-dot to make all fancy-looking! I swear, you can pop-dot garbage onto your card and it would look special just because it adds dimension. LOVE IT!

Can I tell you how long it took me to make this card? I know I made it a while ago, but I can still remember that I had TROUBLE – with everything! Where to put the image, how to mat it, yada-yada…*sighs* So anyway, I stamped with Archiver’s ink and used Encore metallic ink in Teal to ink the edges of of my angel! I used the same metallic ink to ink up my snowflake embossing folder and ran my background image through the Cuttlebug. I stamped a round Inkadinkadoo sentiment from the Doodle Christmas line and stamped it on a Cricut-cut circle at who-knows what size! Ribbon always seems to finish a card off nicely!

Thanks for looking!



2 Responses to “Let it Snow…”

  1. Marti - Pez-A-Doodle Design Studios said

    isn’t that angel just delish!! i need to use pop dots more often….

  2. Katie Renz said

    Haha, at least in the end your card turned out beautiful! It would really stink if it turned out horrific after all that work and heartache (hmmphh – I don’t speak from experience though) – wink.

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