All that shimmers…

Posted by Catherine on July 29, 2008

…is so PRETTY! So, I am writing this entry from a completely different computer at a completely different desk other than mine (here at work) because my video card is apparently busted (I have no idea how since I’ve been on vacation since Friday and haven’t even been using it!). What makes it worse is this is all the internet time I’ll be getting until tomorrow or Thursday because my wonder Mister was using my laptop and opened that UPS virus that was going around. HE OPENED IT!!! AAAARGH!!! So I was laptop less over the weekend because my lazy bum couldn’t get it in to get fixed until yesterday.

Plus, Tiana’s birthday party was on Sunday, so we were über busy with the little munchkin! She was soooo cute – she was so excited for her birthday party, all she was talking about was SWIMMING and CAKE! Then when she saw the presents, she whispered to her Dad: “Look, Dada…presents!” And her eyes got all big and round!

Anywho…I played some yesterday with all my wonderful DT stuff and got a little bit done…mojo still ain’t running like she used to, but whatevs, I’m still chugging along.

The first card is one done up just like Marti’s on her blog – using alcohol inks and glossy paper!

I know it’s not too exciting, but I didn’t want to do too much more to cover up the nice background. I know it doesn’t look like too much, but there was a lot of things done to this card. Lemme see, lemme see – all material, unless otherwise stated can be found at Marti’s Pezadoodle store.

So first off, I took some glossy cardstock (to reiterate if I haven’t already done so, this isn’t the same as PHOTO paper – glossy cardstock (in white AND black) can be found at Marti’s site, already pre-cut to size).

I used my wonderful, new foam ink tool and my alcohol inks (Denim and Slate) and just dabbed all the ink over the whole piece of cardstock. Then I took my WONDERFUL shimmery Tsukineko inkpad (I don’t have it with me so I don’t remember the colour) and I dabbed it over the cardstock after I Cuttlebugged it with the snowflake folder. After that, I decided it needed some lighter aspects so I took my Adirondack pigment inkpad and WHITE and laid the cardstock over the raised pad and just tapped the cardstock with my finger on certain spots to give it a frosty, white colour on some of the raise, snow flake areas. Once that was all dry, I stickled some of the snowflakes using Crystal and I also covered my white snowflake with the same stickles. I just used some clear mini “Skittles” for the arms of the flakes and generic ribbon from my stash, and VOILA! Wintery flakiness!

This one I actually started a while ago, but I got side-tracked with the other events that were going on – so I finished it up last night. Let’s see…I used my Chinese garden stamp set from Stamp King and I stamped with Perfect Medium so instead of leaving a colour, it left a nice wet area for me to dust over with Perfect Pearls! I used Perfect Pearls in gold, eggplant, and green (I’m not sure what the name of the colour is) and dusted with a dry, fluffy paint brush – all on black cardstock!

So that’s that…I’ve got more pictures to post, but it’ll have to wait until I’m up and running again!



3 Responses to “All that shimmers…”

  1. Marti - Pez-A-Doodle Design Studios said

    oh MY these are wonderful – i am IN LOVE with the chinese perfect pearled one YUMMY!!

  2. Lynn said

    Love the snoflakes! Great card!

    BTW! You’ve been tagged! Please check out my blog for details!

  3. AShu93 said

    Wow! That bamboo almost looks like it glows. So beautiful!

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