TOTBF #3 and days go by…

Posted by Catherine on June 26, 2008

…days go by and still I think of you
days when I couldn’t live my life without you…

– Dirty Vegas

…well, I’m not pining away over anyone (both true and not so true…more on that later), but the days are SURE going by.

Just believe me when I say I have no idea which way is up or down any more these days!

Before I get into all the details, here’s my submission for Pez-a-Doodle’s Thinking Outside the Block Friday:

I know it may sound a little excessive of me, but…DON’T YOU LOVE IT?! So that’s my candle holder-type dealyo. I know you can buy things sort of like this, but nothing beats making one all by yourself! So let’s see, I used to square blocks perpendicular to each other. I squished on some Brilliance Dew Drop using a felt tool and then heat set. I then stamped with an Autumn Leaves (I believe…) acrylic stamp using black archival ink. For the tealight, I went all-out and used a PartyLite candle! All materials (except for the candle) can be found at!

So, earlier last week, I joined Marti’s Design Team and we dreamed up a little pet project together and things are totally hopping – of course, throw in other things such as weddings, trips to Jamaica (for SOME people – like I said, more on that later), work and friends and family and breakups…weeeell, that just requires more than twenty-four hours in a day!

So for everyone who is expecting something of and from me – don’t give up on me just yet, I’m raring to make a come-back as soon as weddings are behind me. My cousin’s wedding is coming and I’m practically the matron of honour – though I’m not, the wedding planner – though I’m not, and the florist/decorator – which I half am! Long story short, the REAL matron of honour sucks at her duties, I really would like to be a wedding planner (plus my cousin is working multiple jobs to get this wedding paid without too much debt underway) and my mom and I have an event decorating/planning business we’re trying to get off the ground. So the wedding is a week from this Saturday so don’t send out the search parties on me before then…I’ll be MIA for sure as I think my cousin is trying to run me into the ground!

I also said I wasn’t really pining away for anyone, but I WILL be for one WHOLE week! Like I said, we’ve been bombarded by weddings this year and The Mister and I had to split forces to be able to attend both weddings that we are a part of. The only crummy thing is, his wedding is in Jamaica and my wedding is…here. Ew.

So I’m trying really hard not to begrudge him the trip, but c’mon, this is JAMAICA! I’ve never been there…plus, I’m also kind of begrudging the wedding couple as he had to go into their package plan (so they could get whatever deal for having however many guests come) and it SO was not cheap. Then to top all that off, his wedding clothes (to wear on a BEACH) was in the excess of over $200, which is sadly more than my bridesmaid dress and shoes combined. Tsk, tsk, tsk…then we were invited to the couple’s reception when they return home…I know it sounds really bad, but you bet there won’t be any envelopes or nicely wrapped gifts with the words From: Mr. & Mrs. SillySkittles. In all seriousness, their present is The Mister’s PRESENCE.

HAHAHAHA, do I not sound like the WORST wedding guest ever?! Hey, don’t get me wrong, I just did the wedding thing, I understand what being part of a wedding means and my bank account and efforts and time can attest to that (*coughs* did like a bajillion of those TBBM favor boxes only to have those greedy bums rip them open to get at the delicious jelly beans inside [note to self: fill favor boxes with disgusting things…] without even ONCE commenting on the beautiful PACKAGING of the delicious jelly beans!

Okay, I’m sounding like a very whiiiny person today…so I’m going to have to bring this to a close. I’ve been working like a little house-elf (oh, HP, I MISS YOU!) trying to get some projects done ahead of time so I’ll have some fun things from Marti’s tutorials to show you this coming week! Stay tuned!



2 Responses to “TOTBF #3 and days go by…”

  1. Katie Renz said

    Love the candle holder and whine away girlfriend 🙂 Hey, are those just stamping acrylic blocks or something else?? I’m sure you ‘ve said and I’ve just missed.

  2. Marti - Pez-A-Doodle Design Studios said

    LOVE the candle holderm – too cute!! and oh whine away!! i will so try not to be a slave driver on you til AFTER the wedding!!! hahahahahah!!!

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