"Skittle" Bugs…

Posted by Catherine on June 6, 2008

…I know I shouldn’t be posting this because it’s supposed to be a RAK and I think both the people I’ll be RAKing actually come visit me once in a while…but oh well, I’m just SO not good at keeping secrets or WAITING! I wanna share NOW!

Okie dokie, so I can’t take all the credit, a member had posted these cute little ladybugs that she did with her “Skittle” beads and I thought, ‘Self…well hey! I haven’t done anything like THAT yet!’ So I took it a couple steps further and used my alcohol inks and perfect pearls! Have a peek – these’ll probably release as an official part of my line sometime mid-this-month or early next month, we’ll see how ambitious I get! I’ve got a few more critter/animal ones coming too…*giggles* Okay, PICTURES PUH-LEASE!

I know I TOTALLY went overboard with the pictures…but it’s my blog, so ask me if I really feel all that bad. LOL…I just LOVE those little critters…I’ve got one address and I’m just waiting for ONE more and I can send those babies off with their card. I’m so EXCITED! More in store…I can’t believe how fun these little beads are! And to think, I just grabbed them because they were beside the cash register with a big clearance sign on them and I didn’t even KNOW what I was going to be doing with them yet!

Wouldn’t that make a GREAT interview story in some crafting magazine??? LOL…meh, one can only hope right? In the meantime, I’ll keep playing around in the “Skittles” lab…



5 Responses to “"Skittle" Bugs…”

  1. Marti - Pez-A-Doodle Design Studios said

    OH MY GOD i freakin adore them oh so very much!!!!!!!!!! i MUST possess some skittle bugs – you KNOW i LOVE bugs – like the bug stamp line wasn’t a clue. OHHHHH do i have an idea – i’ll email ya!!!!

  2. Michele said

    Those are so cute! Your cards a GORGEOUS! I love the dimension to them.

  3. Swimmom said

    SOOOOOOO Cute!!!
    Keep on creatin’ Cat!
    They kinda remind me of those thumbprint books. You stamp your thumb (or finger) in ink, stamp it on the paper, and draw in the rest of the details. OK, maybe you don’t know – you don’t have kids! LOL! Anyway these are adorable, and very creative!

  4. Katie Renz said

    Wow, you totally outdid yourself. Those cards are beautiful. You need to teach me… I have never used any alcohol inks evah!!

  5. nelliemaeii said


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