Excuse me…

Posted by Catherine on May 30, 2008

…have you seen my mojo? Anywhere? Anywhere at all?

So the craproom is half-clean. Well, I wouldn’t even say half…more like a quarter clean and then I kind of lost interest. I have no idea when or how it happened…but I have a LOT of stuff. I have stuff coming out of the wazoo, for crying out loud, and what do I have to show for it? A couple measly cards for my mom for Mother’s Day and they’re not even done! How is it possible that I started the scrapping/cardmaking kick at the beginning of March and I’ve barely gotten ANYTHING done? (My wallet sure feels differently, let me tell you…)

Every time I sit to make something, I seem to kind of just lose momentum halfway through. Then I move on to something else. Yes, most of the time I’m in the ‘Skittles lab’ mentality, but…oh, I don’t know…

Maybe I need to start doing sketches or something. A girl can only come up with so many things on her own, right? I’m kind of irritated with myself today because I did make a transparency card yesterday for my Godfather’s birthday, but of course it was so rush-rush, I didn’t even take a picture of it. It took me all of ten minutes to make, so you can imagine the fabulousness of it. *wrinkles nose*

And now, as I wave goodbye to May (and wonder how the heck it went by so fast…), I’m thinking June has got to be a little bit more creative! I better get down and get dirty with my supplies, and tools, and embellishments and I’m not going to buy one SINGLE thing (okay, buying stuff from Marti SO doesn’t COUNT!). Plus, the money I save not buying scrap things is soooo going towards a Wii Fit.

You Board members can’t leave a girl alone, can you? First it’s, oh buy this scrap thing, buy that scrap thing, and then it’s Wii Fit and you talked it up so good, I WANT IT in the worst way!

Maybe I should mosey back on over to my room and see what can be done…either cleaning or creating…

P.S. I officially know what a chinchilla is, by the way.



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