Pretty or plain…

Posted by Catherine on April 10, 2008

…that IS the question! I tried out those silver peel-offs and I’m not really too sure about them – or maybe because I’m not too sure what to do with them.

I thought I had gotten the gist of what to do, so I kind of tuned the LSS lady out when she was going on and on about how great they were…oops.

Oh well, here they are…couldn’t really think of what more I could do with them. Maybe my creative mojo just wasn’t up to par…the snowflake ones looked awesome though..but I didn’t buy them…I’m tired of snow, thank you very much!

So what do we think about them? I was staring and staring at them trying to decide what I think about them…the jury’s still out on this verdict…

Oh right, before I forget, I coloured the inside spaces in with my new (well, not so new, I bought them two weeks ago but had no idea what to do with them) Stardust Sakura Gellyrolls. I was told that they are SPECIAL gelly pens because they are made with pigment, so the colour can be drawn out using water. It wasn’t too bad…not the same as my Prismas and mineral spirit, but it adds a really nice sparkle.



2 Responses to “Pretty or plain…”

  1. Kopperhead said

    That shiny stuff is very pretty! I have blamed most of the stuff in my scrap room on the MB members….LOL. Everytime my family sees me on the MB they start asking what do I have to have now!! And, yes, I make my kits. Write me at serendipityfirefly at yahoo dot com and I’ll give you more details, on the why’s and what nots.

  2. okie_ladybug said

    OKay what are those and where an I get them!! I love the shiny stuff *stars in eyes*

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