Not grasping the concept…

Posted by Catherine on April 10, 2008

Definitions of Ban on the Web:
A ban is, generally, any decree that prohibits something. (law)

Hmmm…so by reading that, it SHOULD lead me to the conclusion that a shopping ban would be the prohibition of shopping. I see how the concept can relate to each other, just not how it pertains to me.


I guess I’m just not cut out for bans – it’s totally NO fun! Note to self: remove ban declaration from The Board signature.

And this is what I did with my day off:

I got this at a not-so LSS a couple cities away and had no idea what to do with them. I saw some of her examples hanging up and thought it was kind of cool. They’re peel-offs, which is basically outline stickers and you can leave them as-is, or colour them with permanent markers, and then colour the inside spaces as well. I’m not doing a very good job explaining, but when I got home I had to try it out, so you’ll see something about it a little bit later.

Stopped off at WM to have a peek at their carts…very bad selection (if you can count two of the same cartridges a selection, even…) but I nipped over to the scrapbooking aisle and found these babies. I also read that there is a sealer for glitter, so I’m going to pop into Michaels to see if I can find it.

My Bellas! To be fair, these don’t count against today because I ordered them last week (can’t believe they came so fast!). They are so nice and fit in with the rest of my grab bag stamps in their CD cases. Fabulous!

Now, the showstopper. The number one reason I was trying not to do wriggling happy dances in the Michael’s aisle…

*SQUEALS* Aren’t they so FABULOUS! Let me tell you, I walked into that Michael’s not knowing where anything was. I did THREE laps around the whole store looking for the bin and was just about to leave all pouting, thinking they didn’t have any, when I spotted them – just beside the EXIT! WOOHOO! Twelve packs of stamps that I don’t already have, I must have looked a little psychotic sitting there on the ground giggling to myself. Meh…I took my little preciousessss (if you’ve seen the Lord of the Rings, I think I might remind you a little bit of Gollum right about now)to the register and got in line behind this lady who I think only JUST discovered scrapbooking.

From her cart she was pulling, stacks upon stacks of..well, stacks…and embellishments gallore and TWO cartridges and the request for CDS! She started asking the cashier questions and when she got a sort of blank, panicked kind of look, I thought I would step in and tell her it was FABULOUS and I loved mine, but I also got it for 50% less than what she was about to pay now. And her eyes got all wide and she was like, really? and I asked if she was part of the Cricut Messageboard and she said no, and I think my jaw dropped.

How could she NOT be? Who ISN’T?! Well, she ended up just buying it anyway and I tried not to listen, but her bill was over $400! I was jealous of all her shopping bags though because she had a LOT of goodies! Looked like she was partial to the K&Co. paper stacks. *sighs* Oooh, to just be starting out again..



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