It’s a little bumpy…

Posted by Catherine on April 9, 2008

…I had made this card a while ago but was debating whether or not I should even post it.

My Goddaughter’s 1st Communion was coming up, so of COURSE her crafty Godmother (c’est moi!) would be making her a card! I don’t have very many religious-y type things (yet) so I stuck with something pretty simple like butterflies, because it reminded me of spring and new life, etc.

Have a look:

So there it is…my archnemesis. Don’t let the picture fool you, this thing is UGLY. I am NOT kidding, nor am I being artistically hard on myself. At first when I started, I embossed the paper with D’Vine Swirls Cuttlebug folder (P.S. I just got my snowflake embossing folder from that place that I shall not even refer to lest I advertise for them in any sort of way. I placed my order from them at the END of February, and I got the order three weeks later and was informed that the Snowflake one would come when they get any in. Tsk, tsk…)

Anyways, I digress! After I embossed it, I affixed my butterflies, started with the smaller ones and added the bigger, fluffier butterflies (all of them from the dollar store) only after to cover up an embossing mistake. I also had these see-through irridescent butterflies, I sewed one on top of the middle butterfly and bent up the wings, for whatever effect, I really have no idea.

I thought it would be neat to Stickle the embossed areas and I think I went overboard when I got the idea to clear glaze over the Stickles to give it a smoother finish.

Tedious task, let me tell you! Halfway through, my hand got so tired of squeezing, I was just doing everything all half-effort anyways, and things got blotchy. For some reason, the opposite effect happened with this picture.

Ever have those times where you made an AMAZING card and took a picture of it and it only looked so-so in the picture. This time, I took a picture of it and it kind of makes it look okay in the picture. Trust me though, in real life, this was a D’Vine mess! But, my Goddaughter liked the money that came inside it!



5 Responses to “It’s a little bumpy…”

  1. Katie said

    I really liked looking through your blog, and I will be returning to see what other fun things your making (and buying). I do have a quastion for you though how do you emboss the two lines on your card? Is that a cuttlebug folder? I’ve never seen it in the store.

  2. Miss C said

    Hi Katie, I used a Scor-it (the more popular one is Scor-Pal, though). Basically, it just lets you score straight lines onto your paper. I think is the link…?

  3. Stampin' Meg said

    Wow- it looks like it was worth all the Stickle squeezin’! Definitely a “wowie” of a card!

  4. michelle said

    I think you did a great job on this card !! i am having a little challenge on my blog for hitting 5000 hits so come over and play and you may win some blog candy !!

  5. Katie said

    You made me chuckle with your post. What do I say when I make something that I don’t really care for, but spent to much time making it – “its the thought that counts”, plus the inordinate amount of time to make something ugly – not to say that the card is ugly – UBKWIM? (you better know what i mean)

    BTW – like the new siggie

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