A little ventilation…

Posted by Catherine on April 3, 2008

…and a little acknowledgement is NOT too much to ask.

I have an issue today. Not the usual shopping/mental issues that are normal for me…but an actual issue with an actual person about an actual situation.

I don’t want to post it on The Board as it seems there has been enough drama there lately (of which I knew nothing about – and I thought I was all caught up!).

SoOoOo…I participated in a RAK earlier last month and I was very excited as it would have been the first time I’d be RAK-ing anything for anyone on the board.

I sent a card and I thought, since the person I was sending to was a lot younger, I would include a couple little things. They were only from the dollar store, but I thought if the kid was like me, a WHOLE bunch of things from the dollar store always looks more fun than just one thing from somewhere else. So I sent the package and was hoping that the person would like it.

I was told that it would arrive at a certain date and checked the tracking number to ensure. All I see is that it was delivered. I asked a couple times if my package was received yet…no answer. I SPECIFICALLY PM’d this person asking if she could just let me know if it was received because I don’t want to be thought of as someone who didn’t follow through, and still up until now this person has NOT responded either way. And I see them creating new posts, so I’m wondering if they even received my PM (as I’ve heard that PM’s have been going a little weird) or if she’s just ignoring it, which is TOTALLY irking me. I don’t want to ask again because even though she may not have received the PM, I had asked on two other separate occasions and threads if my package had been received.

*sighs* I’ve just been having a bad day here at work too…

I just hate how straightforward things get all complicated and twisted because people just don’t think. Ay-yay-yay…

To reiterate about the RAK, it’s not even like I’m looking for a thank you, I don’t really care all that much, I just want to know if the package that I sent was sent to the place and the person that I meant to send it to. Simple enough. From dollar store items, I ended paying more for shipping and I don’t want the money I spent to just go to some random garbage can because it was sent to the wrong place.


*deep breaths*

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…”



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