Much ado about nothing…

Posted by Catherine on April 1, 2008

…I love blogs that are updated frequently. So it’s kind of funny that I haven’t updated in a while.

Look at me, I get one weekend of work done and I go and think I can slack off. What a lazy bum – at least, in the creating department.

The Mister has classes on Monday as you may or may not know (or care, LOL) and so I was free to go out and about!

I had gotten an E-Mail from my LSS announcing that they had gotten some great organizational items in and a whole bunch of other new things, so of COURSE I had to pop in and see!

I have been wanting one of these for SO LONG! Or at least until the end of February when I saw Mandy from Brushfire Tales had gotten one.

After visiting my LSS, I popped into a few other places and picked up:

I thought these were a great buy and I liked the look of them when I saw people using them for cards and layouts as water droplets and so on. I couldn’t believe that my LSS was selling them for $5.75 for a small little case of them. I moved them into the small plastic baggies so that I can have them with me in my supply basket for my all-day crop coming up. I punched holes in the top of the bag because when not in my basket, they’re hanging on hooks on my supply cart.

One more cool little buy that I made yesterday.

I looove these little containers! I have no idea why I’m doing it so early, but I started getting ready for my all-day crop on the 19th and these were perfect for all my brads! I have a lot of my embellies stored in jars (from previous pictures) and I knew I wouldn’t be able to take them all with me, so I thought this was a fabulous option instead! It’s like mini Tic Tac containers! Will have to make sure I pick up more of these!

So that’s that with yesterday’s fabulous finds!



3 Responses to “Much ado about nothing…”

  1. Robyn said

    What a FABULOUS tote!! It doesn’t hurt that it’s pink. 🙂

    Great buys!!

  2. okie_ladybug said

    OH I LOVE THE TOTE!! And all the brads…..I am so a brads and eyelets gal!!

  3. michelle said

    Thats a great tote you had to have got it from two scrapbook friends !! am i right lol !!

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