A little of this and that…

Posted by Catherine on March 30, 2008

…so I think I would say that my ban was quite good! For crafting anyway, I have no idea what I’m going to do about cleaning!

I saw this on the boards on someone’s signature:
“I understand the concepts of cooking and cleaning,
just not how they apply to me.”

BWAHAHAHAHA, so true! Anyway, not too much chit-chat at the moment since I’ve got a lot to show you! Please forgive the ugly pictures as I was very excited to post…


I did this first to get started. I had to make a card for my parents for their 26th wedding anniversary. I was a TINY bit irritated with the smudge my fingers got on the front of the card. That’s stamping for you. Can’t be too careful!

I used black cardstock and embossed white cardstock with…oh darn, I forget the name and I’m too lazy to get up and find out. Sorry, I know you know the name of it anyway. Let’s see…I used my brand new Scor-it to make the horizontal lines and some metal monogram brads (dollar store, of course!) with my parents initials. A paper flower and a little mini brad for the center. I didn’t have any colours to go with the scheme I wanted, so I was able to try out this new technique that I saw in my one of my idea books.

I rubbed the brad in my embossing pad and then dipped it in my embossing powder (I wanted a little silver brad). I used my heat gun to melt it and did this several times until I had a nice thick coating! Look at me go!

I also did a few just simple little note cards as well. I used some textured cardstock I got from the dollar store – okay, NOT so fab purchase as Bazzil cardstock I know I could get for like, $0.65 each or something. The stupid sign fooled me and I thought it was 2 for $1 and by the time I was checking out and the girl said it wasn’t, I had already formed a bond with the paper.

So those are my cards for the weekend! I was also able to do a couple layouts as well!

I won’t even lie, these are what took up most of my scrapping time. For a while, I pretty much sat staring at the wall trying to come up with something. For me, I think I have to work first with the photos I want and then the paper and then embellishments. I have to start out with those things first before anything really starts to take form. So here we go:

I only had one sheet of this and I knew I wanted to use this as the border and the mats behind the picture, so I cut out the middle and ended up with this:

I had also found this really nice vellum paper in my stash and tore it up to put it on top of my patterned paper. Just gave a nice two-tone thing with the layout – made it less confusing after I put the stickers and other embellishments on. There’s also some rub-ons as well.

The other thing I’ve got to get is some adhesive for vellum. I was SO mad that the adhesive I used showed through on the vellum I used on both layouts. I know Creative Memories has a good one, any other suggestions?

And one more! I have to be honest, this one was a half done one from a couple months ago. Ever have one of those times where you’re working on something and then get stuck? I left it and I came back to it again yesterday and this was the end result!

Okay, one more card. I wanted to save this for last as I worked the hardest on this one…

When I showed it to The Mister, I had used plain lavender cardstock and he said that even though the flower was extravagant enough, it looked kind of plain and I agreed. I cut the flower out of the old card and re-did it using embossed cardstock instead. I used the YOU Cuttlebug embossing folder.

Saw something like this on Katie’s blog and just had to do something like it. Thanks Katie for your wonderful blog!

So that’s it! The fruits of my ban – thanks for coming to look! I may have to enforce another ban – this time, just to get the house clean!


4 Responses to “A little of this and that…”

  1. Susie said

    Love everything, TFS!!!

  2. Diane said

    Wow – you sure did a lot! Love the ribbons on the last card – so pretty.

  3. craftaddict said

    WOW love it, will have to go to the blog to see what she did.

  4. Teresa said

    WOW Im sure the person who receives this card would just love it!!!Beautiful!!

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