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I’m jumping!

Posted by Catherine on March 28, 2008

…on the ban-wagon!

Please let me be quick to say that it’s not the shopping ban (HAHAHA, don’t want to hold myself back in case something fabulous comes up!) that I’m going on.

As of 4:30 PM EST today, I will be going on a ban from The Board! Yes, I said it! (Gasp if you must…)

I am behind on pretty much everything else except for The Board and the enabling that has been going on over there. Since started this whole new, and in-depth adventure into the Cricut world, I went from having nothing to pretty much almost everything in less than one month. What have I done with all the new things? Pretty much next to nothing! What does my house look like? Pretty much like a hurricane hit it!

The ban is self-imposed (although I am starting to feel a slight animosity towards the boards from The Mister) and I will be lifting it at 8:30 PM EST Sunday evening. I have made myself accountable by telling all the sisters (and the random brothers out there) on The Board that once my ban is over, I will be posting pictures of my clean house and all the layouts and cards that I was able to make in the plentiful amount of time I had while staying away from The Board.

So, hopefully this will work and I’ll be able to stay strong enough not to wander over there and get sucked back in! I am very much hoping to post some actual work of mine after this weekend is over!

This way I can’t just be known as all shop and no cre-a(c)tion!


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